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English Language Schools Abroad

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English Language Schools Abroad

Learning English at English language schools abroad is the best choice for those who want to stay up to date with the latest world events, build a brilliant career in the future, meet new people from around the world or just love English. Today, language courses abroad are available for children, students, students, adults - anyone can find a curriculum to taste.

This article will discuss the best way to learn English - language courses abroad - really, what can be more effective than learning English in places where it is 100% present? Of course, in countries where English is either a state language or is widely spread. Language English courses abroad allow not only to join the rich English-speaking world, but also subsequently facilitate the process of enrolling in an educational institution for studying abroad: it can be a high school in England , a university in the United States , it can be courses Advanced training or master's or doctoral (graduate) program .

Features of studying at language courses of English abroad

Given the latest developments in the world economy and politics, one might think that teaching English abroad is an impossibly expensive venture, accessible only to the powerful of this world. It's true that language courses abroad are by themselves quite accessible, and the full cost of the trip includes both airfare and accommodation. However, we dare to assure you that the cost of language schools and language courses of English abroad is very diverse, and it is quite possible to find a language course abroad that gets into your budget. At the initial stage, you need to remember one thing: such an investment in the education of your child will pay off in full, because the demand for English is growing from year to year, the need for appropriate knowledge is also growing.

Language courses abroad are a unique way to completely immerse themselves in the language environment and allow anyone who wants to receive English language training and to receive quality and effective training that has no analogues in their home country. The fact is that native speakers will give odds to even the most professional teachers from other countries, for whom English is not native. The native speakers live and work among the English-speaking population every day, so only abroad children, schoolchildren, students, adults will be able to learn English and demonstrate significant progress in a relatively short time.

Language courses abroad work throughout the year, but the most popular period is, perhaps, summer and winter vacations in English courses abroad. The cost of different types of language courses abroad will be given later in the article.

In today's world, there are two types of people: those who know English (native speakers and foreigners who have achieved any results in teaching English), and those who are just going to enter the English-speaking world. Such a desire today is not surprising, since English is used almost everywhere: from business negotiations to political debates, from news to education in the world's higher education institutions, from music to films, etc. An adequate level of English proficiency today is a desirable condition (and sometimes obligatory) for companies of different sizes and spheres of activity when hiring new employees. English is a guide to the vast world of a successful career and life.

The advantages of learning English at language courses abroad

Learning English at language courses abroad will open up new opportunities and expand horizons, giving you the following benefits:

  • Full immersion in the language environment - perhaps, the main advantage of language courses abroad. Teachers of language courses, as a rule, widely use the so-called communicative approach, which consists in the constant verbal interaction of teachers and students. This approach to date is considered one of the most productive. Students of language courses abroad on a daily basis communicate in English both in the classrooms of schools and among themselves in their free time from study - all this allows them to quickly and effectively improve the skills of English speech and listening. At the end of the English language courses abroad, your child will be able to better understand English speech by ear, expand his vocabulary, acquire new irreplaceable skills and an unforgettable experience of living in another country - all this will help him to conduct free conversations with native speakers on virtually any subject. Equally important is the overcoming of the language barrier: most children are afraid to speak English because of their lack of knowledge and strength. Well, in English classes children will be forced to speak in English, so that they are understood by people from different countries of the world, for which English is also foreign.
  • Getting a unique and unique cultural experience - a trip abroad will bring not only academic successes, but also allow the child to touch the rich culture of another country, get an interesting cultural experience, broadening the horizons. And this is manifested in several aspects. First, students can choose to live in a student dormitory, in a rented apartment or live with a host family or a teacher's family. The latter option is especially effective in terms of acquaintance with the country, since it will present the child the features of the culture and life of this or that country. But in the residence, students will be able to learn a lot about the cultures of their neighbor countries, and about the country where English language courses take place. Secondly, the vast majority of language schools include a certain cultural program of activities in the language course. Together with the training of English language, various excursions, visits to various attractions are offered to the attention of the course participants, which allows students to get acquainted with the peculiarities of life, culture and life of a foreign state. Such experience favors the development of children in terms of English, because what can be more effective and useful than applying the knowledge gained in the classroom in practice? During these activities and excursions, teachers accompany children, continuing conversational practice and outside classes. In addition, children can attend creative groups organized at language schools or engage in some kind of sport.
  • A lot of new friends and rich communication - even the most modest and shy child at language courses abroad can overcome their fears by getting to know a lot of new friends from different countries of the world. Professional teachers have a wealth of experience working with children, so they know what is needed to "reach out" to everyone. Meeting with native speakers of English, active communication with them and with peers from other countries of the world will present to every child an unforgettable experience of communication, a whole range of positive emotions. Students of English language courses abroad study up to 30 academic hours per week. After studying every day and on weekends they are given free time, which they are free to use at their own discretion: they can go on excursions, meet new friends, visit sights and some places of culture and recreation.
  • Classical (or other) English pronunciation is a pleasant addition to the other weighty advantages. In the UK, your child will be able to learn classical English pronunciation, having received a pleasant ear for accent, and, for example, in Australia - the Australian version. To acquire one or another accent, get rid of your accent, which in your home country is almost impossible to remove, and also learn to think and think at once in English is possible only in English courses abroad. These skills, in turn, allow you to construct phrases and sentences without any hesitation at once in English, without subconscious translation from your native language. In addition, students during the study of the English language, along with native speakers, take some phrases or stable expressions and combinations of words from the latter, integrating them later into their own speech.
  • Competitive advantage in the future . As it was said before, English language proficiency at an adequate level in the modern world is in demand and is in demand among employers from different corners of the world, especially among international corporations and companies. Writing a resume on the successful completion of English language courses abroad will be a significant competitive advantage.
  • A good start for studying abroad . English courses abroad can give motivation to get an education abroad at school or university . Trainees often after the training begin to be interested in further education in the country in which they came to learn English. Language courses abroad are a good opportunity to prepare for the future.

What is the best age to start learning English abroad?

Language courses abroad are diverse: there are training programs designed specifically for young children, high school students, students, company employees, etc. Especially popular are the curricula designed for preschool children and primary school students. Such courses can be conducted in the form of joint English language courses for children and their parents: the child learns, and parents either just live with him or they also learn. This is a good way for parents to raise their level of English or to learn it from scratch abroad. Such a construction of language courses is very convenient, efficient and effective, but not all families can afford family trips abroad.

However, sending a child at a young age is unreasonable, and the most suitable age for a child for educational trips to English courses abroad is 12-14 years. At this age, children are most likely to perceive new information, are more or less independent. Your child will return home with a unique and rich experience and knowledge, demonstrating a high level of English. In the event that a child who is younger (up to 10 years) travels to a language school abroad , then he will not get any pleasure from the trip: at this age the connection between the child and parents is still high, and the child's dependence on the parents is high. The child will experience stress in unfamiliar surroundings, he will not be up to new acquaintances and learning English. Thus, the best time to go on an exciting educational journey to language courses abroad is adolescence.

Countries offering English language courses abroad

When choosing a country for an educational trip, it is necessary to understand that it is best to go to a country where English is public or highly prevalent. The fact is that learning English at language courses in countries where English is also foreign is not going to bring big and significant results because it will not take that immersion in the language environment, which is followed from around the world. Of course, some knowledge of the English language will be obtained, but it is the conversational practice with native speakers as such will not. In fact, to learn English on language courses in Finland is the same as in Russia: there is no special language in English on the streets, and in language schools, if native speakers work, then such schools are very few.

In addition, before you go abroad for English language courses, you need to decide on the English version, because, as is known, practically in every English-speaking country they speak their own version: thus, everyone has a difference between American English and British English. In many cases, the word in one version has one fixed meaning, and in another it is completely different, the analogous situation with pronunciation. You need to understand your learning goals, and also take into account your future plans: for example, if you plan to enter the UK educational institution in the future, then it's best to teach English on the language courses there. Your attention to the Smapse team presents a list of the main countries where you should go to learn English:

  • Great Britain : a state that has centuries-old traditions, including in the educational sphere, the motherland of the English language, known throughout the world for its prestigious and effective educational institutions. It is here that those who want to speak like a true Brit prefer to go. Language courses in the UK are a recognized worldwide guarantee of quality. In the UK there are thousands of language schools offering a variety of educational language programs for every taste and budget.
  • Malta is an island state where you can also learn the classic, British, English language variant, because historically Malta for several centuries Malta was part of the British Empire (by the way, therefore it turned out that in the world there is a certain number of countries where English is one of the state). Language courses in Malta offer an advantageous combination of moderate prices and high-quality education, the efficiency is not inferior to the British. In addition, Malta is a seaside resort, the center of tourism and recreation, where people like to travel during vacations - so your child will not only learn, but also relax on sunny and hot beaches.
  • Canada - another state, formerly part of the British Empire. Historically, Canada is a country originally inhabited by immigrants from the Old World - mostly French and English. As a result, Canada is a bilingual country where the equality of English and French is formalized, but other languages ​​are also widespread. In short, Canada is a multicultural country where you can attend language courses not only in English, but also in French. It should be remembered that in Canada your child will be taught the Canadian version of the English language, which is a mixture of English and French with predominance, of course, English). Canada's unique expanses, fresh mountain air, friendly atmosphere - all this favors the learning of English.
  • Australia and New Zealand are the countries of the hot South, where you can enjoy the sea, surfing and safari. In Australia and New Zealand, there are more than three hundred language schools, colleges and universities offering English language language courses from all over the world. Here the distribution is Australian English. Of the advantages of studying in this region, the main thing is a reasonable price, much lower than in the US or the UK. In addition, in these countries a variety of interesting and exciting pastimes are widespread: surfing, diving, etc. etc.
  • Ireland will teach your child Irish English. Irish English has its own specifics. Language schools with English language courses in Ireland offer high-quality knowledge, no worse than those that children would get in the UK language schools or in American schools.
  • The USA , a country combining countless cultures and nationalities within its borders, offers one more variant of English - American English, which is the second in the world in terms of prevalence and demand.
  • India , Hong Kong , Singapore - these Asian countries also offer quality and effective language courses in English. It is wrong to believe that in the countries of Asia it is impossible to learn English in a qualitative way, because it is not a state language there. However, well-known and eminent language schools of the world open branches in these countries where professional language teachers work. A pleasant advantage of teaching English in these countries will be great opportunities for travel, recreation and tourism, because Hong Kong, Singapore and India are tourist countries that have the appropriate infrastructure.

Language courses abroad for children, schoolchildren, students, adults: course selection parameters

The main questions that arise for all those who decided to send their child to language courses of English abroad: how to choose a language course? Which country to choose? What should I look for in the selection process? Next, we give several parameters of the trip, which are worth paying special attention to:

  • English variant (country of English language courses). The most important parameter of the trip is, in fact, the destination - which country to go to. Here you need to take into account the interests of the child, his hobbies, as well as his plans for the future in terms of education. In addition to the most common British and American English, between which, probably, every schoolboy knows the difference, there are many other options in the world that exist in certain countries. For example, in Singapore they speak their dialect, called Singlish = Singapore English, and it is quite specific (however, like any English version). Specificity of this or that variant of English can in the future both render a service, and considerably harm. So, those wishing to continue their education in the UK should study English there. Those who generally want to learn English, and at the same time and have a great holiday, vacation or vacation, can choose any country to their liking.
  • Duration of language courses . The vast majority of language courses abroad have a duration from a couple of weeks to a month or even two. The minimum period of study in most language schools is two weeks - a time, on the one hand, sufficient for training, but on the other hand, a two-week trip can be "incomplete", i.e. may seem insufficient for effective teaching of English. For a month the same language courses abroad the child will be able not only to significantly improve the level of English, but also to have a great rest and get a unique experience of living abroad. As a rule, two-week language courses do not bring enough pleasure to the child, however, to prolong the course (yes, it is possible!) During the training will be more expensive than if you immediately ordered a course of longer duration. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to find the possibility of living in the place where the child lives, different bureaucratic work. That is why it is better to decide in advance how long it takes to order language courses.
  • Type of accommodation and catering. The most common types of accommodation offered in language schools are living in a host family or in a student residence. The choice in this case depends on the age of the child: primary school students will most conveniently live in the house of the host family, since in this case he will be given the care and care necessary for him. Students in secondary and senior schools prefer residence in the residence on the territory of the educational institution, because they are already independent enough and prefer to communicate with peers living with their families.
  • The rating of an educational institution, the qualifications of teachers and school staff is of great importance when choosing a language school offering English language courses. It is worthwhile to make sure that the prospective place of education of your child is an effective educational institution in which experienced specialists work in their field. The school must have a state accreditation: for example, in the UK it has been the British Council and the accreditation of schools in the US is engaged in American Education ACE Commission. The presence of state accreditation means that language schools offer the most comfortable conditions for study and living, meeting the latest standards in the field of education. It is also worth paying attention to the professionalism and experience of the teaching staff: certificates of teachers, work history can tell a lot about their qualifications. For example, the most common certificates are diplomas CELTA, TESOL. If these documents are available, you can be completely calm: English language courses abroad will be effective and useful.
  • Specificity of teaching methods of English language and features of educational programs . During the selection of language courses abroad, it is necessary to pay attention to what methods are used by the teaching staff, what aspects of the English language are emphasized: it is important that the curriculum takes into account the development of the child's skills necessary for fluency in English - reading, writing, speech, listening, phonetics, etc. Only in the case of a balanced curriculum, English language courses abroad will benefit the child.
  • Timetable of classes. There are many language courses of English abroad, representing a summer language camp for children on the basis of a school or university. However, there is also the usual training, when in the morning students learn English in classrooms, and after classes they go to explore nearby sights with teachers, communicate with peers, attend various activities and go on fascinating excursions. Abroad in language schools, great attention is paid to the fullness of the curriculum, because there they understand the importance of rest for the child: if you study all the time, it will quickly get bored. The cultural program is designed to ensure that the child not only learns English, but also has a great rest.
  • Cultural and recreational program. It is necessary to understand which activities and excursions are included in the cultural program of a language school offering English language courses. Each institution has its own program of extracurricular activities, so it is necessary to carefully compare what different language schools offer to their students and whether these services are included in the total cost of the language course abroad.
  • Specificity of the process of obtaining a visa . Do not forget about such a formality, as obtaining a visa. In many countries, even for short-term training (in the US - even for transit flights) it is necessary to obtain a visa. The process of issuing this document is different for each of the countries, so it is worthwhile to do this in advance, to learn all the pitfalls. In many cases, students on English language language courses abroad will only need to obtain a tourist visa. However, today many language schools provide comprehensive support for those wishing to learn English from them, including assistance in obtaining a visa.

Prices for language courses abroad

We draw your attention that we are sure that under absolutely any budget (of course, adequate for a foreign trip) it is possible to select quality and effective language courses of English abroad. It is necessary to understand that the cost of English language courses abroad depends on a number of points: the type of accommodation for the duration of the English language training, the degree of intensity of the language courses, the total duration of studies, the popularity and popularity of the language school, and, finally, the location of the school. In addition, the number of students in language groups also influences the total cost of language courses abroad. As a rule, the fewer students in a group, the higher the price of training: the most economical option is to send the child to study English in a class of 20-25 students, and the most expensive is tutoring, or individual lessons with the teacher. Here you need to compare your financial capabilities with the goals of training: the fact is that classes in large groups will most likely not yield the same result as you can expect. The teacher is one, and there are a lot of children, so giving each child the same amount of time is physically impossible. However, such group courses are suitable for those who want to learn and to travel, especially during the holidays. As for the most optimal number of students in the classroom, it is about 8-10 people - the best combination of price and effectiveness of language courses abroad. Finally, the lessons of a child with a teacher on an individual basis will be very expensive, but a week of such training can be compared to 2-3 weeks of group sessions.

There is also a graduation of the cost of language courses abroad depending on the country. The most expensive will be an educational trip to English courses in schools in the UK and the US (and there is also a significant cost differentiation within the United States), which are the most popular and prestigious. Interestingly, English courses abroad can break the laws of economics: thus, elite and expensive language courses in the US attract far more people than standard (even similar) courses in Malta, which cost significantly less. It clearly shows the desire of people to be not like everyone else, get only the best for any money. However, our agency is designed to help you not to go crazy about the abundance of various language courses abroad, linking your choice with the available budget. In the world there are many options for almost all English language courses abroad: for example, Malta , whose language schools provide high-quality education and offer an attractive combination of European education and an adequate, affordable price. Other options are studying English in Canada or New Zealand and even Singapore and India: these countries also offer a variety of English language courses (both expensive and absolutely affordable and economical) based on well-known and not very language schools. A little bit of advice: a significant portion of the total cost of a trip abroad to study English can be taken up by plane tickets and other transportation costs - you need to book tickets in advance.

Below you can see the reference table compiled by the specialists of our agency, with the estimated cost of English language courses abroad in different countries of the world. These prices are average and indicative, the specific cost of language courses varies depending on the language school and the specifics of the English language courses themselves: location, type of residence, curricula and methods, extra-curricular activities, etc. The table shows the average price of a two-week language course with accommodation in a student residence located on the territory of the school. Prices are quoted in USD.

A country

Cost of courses for two weeks

Cost of living

Cost of food

Language school fees

Personal expenses








2 050

United Kingdom






2 200







1 250







1 700







1 800







2 030

With a more accurate cost of English language courses abroad, their structure, dates of training, fees and list of services offered, you can find it on the official websites of educational institutions or on the website of our agency.

Specialists of the SMASS agency have a rich experience in the field of language education abroad: that's why you can always rely on us. To your attention, we present a list of training programs for studying English abroad for children, schoolchildren, students, adults in different countries of the world. Our experts will help you choose the right option for teaching English abroad abroad for vacations , studying English in language camps for children in winter and summer periods, as well as language courses of varying duration and intensity. You are open to all directions: Great Britain , Australia , USA , Canada and many other countries are pleased to offer you educational services of the highest quality. Study our site yourself or leave a request for a free consultation right now at the bottom of this page - we will contact you at any time convenient for you.

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