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Conditions for enrolling in schools abroad, 5 important details

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Conditions for enrolling in schools abroad, 5 important details

If for you and your children study abroad is the number one goal, it is important to get acquainted with all the nuances, and there are plenty of them for Russian schoolchildren, because the system of education in Russia differs significantly from international educational standards. The conditions for enrollment in schools abroad may vary depending on the chosen country and the type of educational institution, but there are details encountered by any overseas student who has decided to study abroad.

  • Nuance # 1: the leading foreign schools take into account the age of the student. Age is very important for several reasons. Firstly, young boys from all over the border are not accepted everywhere, in some countries they are accepted from 12 or even 16 years. Secondly, a specific curriculum corresponds to age, which can not be "jumped". Thirdly, there will be a question with guardianship - one of the introductory requirements.
  • Nuance # 2: the peculiarity of educational programs and the diversity of schools - how to choose the right one? It is necessary to take into account the abilities and interests of the student, and also to clearly present further perspectives. So, abroad, children begin to study profile subjects early and are identified with specialization, most note priority universities and begin long-term training, so choosing the right school is extremely important.
  • Nuance # 3: competitive selection. Willingness to pay for expensive training and school choice is not a guarantee of income. In prestigious private boarding schools, there are many who want to enroll, and the educational institutions themselves take part in various ratings and take care of the fact that they can be taught by apprentices that they can be proud of. Therefore, the procedure for admission to a foreign school is accompanied by interviews, the passing of tests and careful study of the results of studies from previous places and personal qualities of the student.
  • Nuance # 4: language requirements. It is necessary to demonstrate good knowledge not lower than the average: the learning process will take place in a foreign language, and children with a low level of language skills may face difficulties in the process of adaptation.
  • Nuance # 5: the financial side. The prices for studying at schools can reach fabulous figures equivalent to university education, and upon admission, parents will need to demonstrate solvency and pay a certain training period (often a year, but in some countries it may be necessary to pay for the entire training process).

SMAPSE - the official representative of foreign schools in Russia, the lack of mediation allows you to provide all consultations and assistance in choosing a school for free.

Consider the process of enrolling in a secondary school with the example of the top Abbey DLD College London:

1. Age requirements: from 14 years

  • GCSE program GCSE = 14-16
  • A-level = 16-18.

2. Who will use this school? This private boarding school in the historic center of London is perfect for those interested in the culture and sights of England. Principles of training, followed by qualified teachers, makes the study in college strict and high-intensity. Programs for senior classes are career-oriented.

3. Competitive selection. To confirm the high academic knowledge and abilities of the student, it is necessary to provide:

  • school report card with ratings for two years
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and the class teacher, sometimes a recommendation from the principal
  • testing in mathematics, language and other subjects
  • personal achievements - letters and medals
  • motivation letter
  • to pass an interview with a representative of the school.

4. Language requirements: intermediate or advanced (at least B1)

5. Prices for tuition: from £ 29,000 a year, half-board accommodation - from 4,500 pounds per trimester or on campus - 6,000 pounds per term, registration fee-250 pounds and deposit-2000 pounds + visa fees, transfers, air tickets and guardianship services.

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