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2018-07-30 11:56:53

How to send a child to Switzerland in the summer?

How to send a child to Switzerland in the summer?

Spending a summer vacation in Switzerland sounds great, right? But you can organize such an adventure for your child. The educational summer programs offered in this country deserve special attention of parents, since Switzerland is traditionally considered one of the most developed European countries.

Local schools offer their students well-equipped schools, a high level of teaching and, overall, the magnificent development of the country itself. Without exaggeration, SMAPSE specialists can say that it is in Switzerland that there is an option that will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding parents.

Summer Holidays in Switzerland - Features and Benefits

Perhaps the main advantage of educational institutions in Switzerland is a unique educational program - only in this country students are offered to study simultaneously up to 4 languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and, of course, English. Which of these languages ​​will be the main one in any other educational institution depends on the canton in which the institution is located.

This means that in Switzerland each region has its own language and educational program. At the same time, the overwhelming number of vacation schools offer their students English for study, as the most popular for foreign students.

The daily routine in the summer language school in Switzerland is based on a simple rule that was originally rooted in the US - to plan every day so that the pupil did not have a single free minute. Therefore, immediately after the educational part of the students, a rich pastime is awaited daily, related to participation in sports and entertainment events. Literally every Swiss educational institution offers its students more than a dozen types of physical activity to choose from (team games - football, basketball volleyball, as well as golf, horse riding, swimming, rock climbing, etc.), leisure activities (music, drawing, theater, artistic modeling and others).

In addition, even the evenings are filled with some kind of activities, of course, exclusively entertaining, but at the same time calm, whether it be a concert, quizzes and competitions, watching movies and so on. Such a well-planned day helps, first, to teach students of all ages to a certain discipline, and secondly, to be productive for several hours, which also helps to practise endurance that will be useful in adulthood.

For each age category of students different methods are used: for older students a more rigorous format of classes, and for very young students - games, interactive.

Linguistic camps abroad have a number of advantages that are very important for foreign students:

  • Strong teaching staff. Despite the fact that classes take place in the summer, the same teachers teach the guys who work in a private school or educational center for a year. Therefore, even one week in a Swiss language camp under the guidance of professionals can bring results
  • Immersion in the language environment. This is what every foreign student needs to successfully master the language. In the summer language camps in Switzerland, the students will have the opportunity to practice the chosen language not only on the territory of the school, but also outside it, because the inhabitants of this country can easily support the conversation in each of the state languages
  • Modern equipment and comfortable accommodation. Switzerland is known as a country with a standard of living above the average, which, of course, affects local educational institutions. Almost every campus of the school is surrounded by magnificent nature, students live in a residence with comfortable rooms, and educational groups have the most effective number of students for studying - no more than 15 people
  • Safety and environmental friendliness. The high standard of living of the Swiss also implies good performance in terms of a calm environment, both in terms of domestic policy (low crime level) and external (this is one of the most non-conflict countries in the world). Therefore, parents of foreign students do not have to worry about sending their children abroad.

Thanks to summer language camps, foreign students from all over the world have the opportunity to visit the most prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland, since in summer all educational courses are based in year-round institutions.

It should be noted that in Swiss private schools the conditions sometimes reach the level of five-star hotels of the European standard. In the hostels, the students are arranged for 1-2 people, usually boys separate from the girls. In addition, each school has an excellent infrastructure: there are several fields for sports, its own dining room, library, gym, residence for students and much more.

Swiss summer camps - list, cost, selection criteria

The choice of language courses for the summer is for parents, relying primarily on the abilities and interests of their child - his age, knowledge of foreign languages, sports skills, creative preferences and so on.

For example, the Altitude International Camp with a tourist focus is perfect for younger students: here they will learn one of two languages ​​(English or French) in the morning, and in the second, orientate, learn to build a fire, cook food on it and not only.

If the parents and the student are interested in improving primarily the German language, SMAPSE experts recommend that you pay attention to the International Junior-Teen Camp, located in the area of ​​the Laax resort near Zurich. The curriculum here combines language learning (also English) with a busy extracurricular part - music classes, horseback riding, cooking, football, painting and theater, theme nights and so on.

For students who already have a confident command of one of the state languages, the real Swiss school Village Camps, where students can expect a lot of communication, leadership courses, dance lessons, cinema, private tennis lessons and not only is suitable.

To feel all the splendor and variety of Swiss nature will be available to the students of one of the most popular places of International Camp Montana. Here, young people will practice interaction in English or Spanish, as well as climb mountains, will be able to try extreme and not very kinds of sports on the shores of Lake Geneva and, of course, join numerous excursion trips to local cultural and historical sites.

By the way, an incredibly interesting excursion program - one of the business cards of Switzerland in the tourist aspect. Everyone who finds themselves in this country can visit Lausanne, Geneva, Burn, Montreux, as well as see a number of colorful Swiss places: the Chillon Castle, the Olympic Museum, the cheese and chocolate factory and not only.

As you can see, there are many options for language camps in Switzerland. The same great choice regarding cost. The price of education in the camp is formed on the basis of several basic indicators: accommodation, food, study materials, field activities, and some sports.

In addition, the cost will vary depending on the location of the camp and the chosen curriculum (a more intensive course or academic will cost more). On average, the price range for one week in the summer language camp in Switzerland is in the region of 1,500 Swiss ₣ to 3,000 Swiss ₣.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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