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10 tips how to enter TOP schools or universities abroad for international students

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10 tips how to enter TOP schools or universities abroad for international students

How to enter TOP universities abroad? SMAPSE article will help you to prepare effectively foradmission. On the example of American schools and the entrance examinations SMAPSE experts will tell you how to make the doors of even the most prestigious Ivy League universities hospitably open.


Improve English proficiency

Undoubtedly, this is the basic requirement among the first and most important. For studying abroad, especially at US universities and Great Britain, the high level of English proficiency is an absolute requirement for each student.

If the level of English leaves much to be desired - welcome to intensive language courses. SMAPSE experts recommend to consider not only international educational centers, but also classical boarding schools and private schools: after immersion in a new language and cultural atmosphere, you will be able to study English much more effectively.

For example, consider the school Phillips Academy Andover, which many consider to be the most prestigious private school in the USA: it was here that both President Bush studied. Its graduates most often enter the legendary Harvard and Yale. On holidays on the campus of the school, effective and intensive courses "English as a foreign language", specially adapted for foreign students are conducted. If you are already confident enough to communicate in English in everyday life, but want to improve academic and written skills - this will be the best option.

At the main sessions all academic skills develop and knowledge gaps are filled, vocabulary is replenished. Additional lessons include active preparation for TOEFL, the study of American traditions and culture, mastering the skill of writing an extended essay. The lessons are constantly using creative games, role-playing tasks, discussions, seminars and discussions - all this helps to increase the intensity and productivity of studying.

Pass the subject course according to the national program

Of course, the basic subjects for all secondary schools around the world are generally the same - but between their composition, intensity and thematic accents, there are serious differences, and if you want to study abroad, you will have to get used to the national educational standard.

Again, studying during the summer trimester is a great way to test your knowledge and skills, an ability to adapt to new conditions and bring existing knowledge to new standards, to the system adopted in the country.

In the United States, excellent academic subject courses are offered at the prestigious Taft School. The program for high school students confident in the English language includes:

  • English
  • Modern foreign languages ​​
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Humanities (social sciences)
  • Natural sciences .

In general, for the curriculum two subjects are selected - basic and additional. Students are also offered such "exotic" options as organic farming, criminology, neuroscience - for anyone there is an option on interests.

Improve academic skills

In foreign schools, much attention is paid to the development of academic skills - the ability to learn. This is the ability to think and concentrate critically and analytically, concentrate and correctly allocate time, work with diverse sources, analyze new information and rank tasks in terms of importance, successfully work in a team - without this it is impossible to study or work abroad.

Effective courses in the development of academic skills can be taken, for example, at the American school Suffield Academy (Connecticut) - in the summer it is open to students from all over the world. Students will not only learn English and some academic areas, but also learn how to conduct research and conduct presentations, prepare personal and team projects, actively use interactive and computer technologies for study, quickly and competently outline it. The academic list of the summer program includes the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • Computer science

There are several fascinating circles by interests (music, acting and theater, painting and drawing, photography, graphic design), sports studios (tennis, swimming, football, volleyball) - no one will get bored!

Prepare for the SAT exam

Graduation exam of the American high school SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) simultaneously works as an entrance exam to universities. Admission commissions of universities in many ways, precisely by the results of SAT, determine the level of abilities and achievement of each student (special attention is paid to Mathematics and English), therefore, foreign students should be prepared seriously for the exam.

Again, it's worth mentioning Phillips Academy Andover: to study and prepare for the exam in a TOP American school is prestigious, and comfortable, and effective. In addition, Phillips Academy Andover is included in the national TOP-15 on the basis of the SAT test: the average score of graduates exceeds 2000 (maximum is 2400 points). The SAT preparation program is conducted during the summer semester: students improve their knowledge in Mathematics, English (especially grammar and vocabulary), learn to write essays and analyze text - in short, they drill all the basic stages of testing.

Different strategies for passing the exam are considered. Vocabulary is supplemented with profile vocabulary, students learn to correctly allocate their time and, of course, cope with stress and anxiety, which often prevents to give correct answers. During the summer preparation course, students undergo two full-scale trial tests, and they also have full access to the online Princeton Review system: self-studying on the materials presented on it is available after the end of the program.

To be self-confident before the admission committee

After a variety of preparatory programs and examinations. a student faces the last obstacle on the way to the coveted university - communication with the admission committee.

Phillips Academy Andover has special school advisors who help graduates prepare for the interview and maximize the profitability of presenting themselves as a successful student. Graduates of Phillips Academy Andover constantly receive invitations from the most top-ranking universities in the USA:

  • UC Berkeley
  • Stanford
  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • Caltech
  • Princeton
  • Yale
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University.

For high-grade orientation of senior students there are:

  • tours and excursions to university campuses
  • meetings with members of the admission committee and representatives of the university administration
  • consultations on the choice of future specialty and subjects
  • interesting master classes (writing essays, writing summaries, writing motivational letters, passing a personal interview)

During the summer courses, students attend many universities (Brown University, Harvard, Yale, Boston College, Tufts, Dartmouth, MIT), make up their personal list of priorities and sympathies, much better understand what lies ahead for them and how best to take the decisive step to get prestigious higher education abroad.

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