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2021-08-24 15:15:21

Children's language camps in Russia and abroad: where to study in summer 2021?

Children's language camps in Russia and abroad: where to study in summer 2021?

Knowledge of English is becoming an invaluable skill for studying, working and communicating in today's global world. English is taught from a very early age, continues at school, and in the summer many parents dream of combining for their children a bright and rich holiday with linguistic classes.

The best summer English camps for children and teenagers offer the deepest dive into the subject, regardless of whether the camp is located in the UK or the Moscow region. Popular linguistic shifts for schoolchildren offer to combine language classes and rest at sea - in the Crimea, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory. The cost of summer language shifts abroad is much higher, but the advantages of such programs justify the price: full immersion, the need to constantly speak English with teachers, mentors, children who come from dozens of countries.

English Summer Camp for children: benefits

  • The Summer English Camp for Children offers structured opportunities for growth and language learning. Usually, schoolchildren go from home to lessons, attend extracurricular activities, each environment contributes to their development in its own way, and the summer camp becomes a platform that allows children to focus on language development, acquire speaking, reading, listening, writing, communication skills. The child will have a week or more exclusively for English - it is difficult to provide such a purposeful activity somewhere else.
  • In addition to exciting English lessons with young, energetic, inspiring teachers, the summer camp hosts many other activities: sports, educational, entertaining. Participation in group classes in the classroom, during extracurricular work keeps teenagers from mobile phone screens: real classes require them to constantly overcome minor difficulties. "Pride in achieving something" significantly increases the self-esteem of children, helps to feel better, happier.
  • University admissions committees, human resources departments are looking for applicants who have additional advantages. To enter prestigious universities, students must demonstrate additional academic interests or linguistic skills, experience of successful learning in new, sometimes uncomfortable situations, the ability to cope with difficulties.
  • Staying in a new environment (whether it is a foreign, suburban or urban camp) with unfamiliar children and adults forces teenagers to get out of their comfort zone, actively make new acquaintances. Building friendships helps to become more confident, is a fantastic life skill that cannot be taught, but only helped to master through active practice.
  • Incredibly, studies have shown that learning a foreign language improves understanding of the native language: conscious perception of the structure of the language, improving reading technique.
  • Most children attend the same school year after year with the same peers, which can lead to labeling, "stuck" in a certain way. The child is perceived as diligent/quiet/noisy/restless, when in fact his behavior depends on the situation. This is a good chance for the child to get out of the usual image, to feel less constrained, to reveal new qualities of character.
  • The language camp gives children the opportunity to make independent decisions, teaches them to rely on peers for support, stimulates the development of communication skills.

Types of Summer Language Camps

Camp category



By type of stay

Round-the-clock,boarding houses - children live in the camp: in the afternoon they attend lessons, entertainment activities, are under the supervision of experienced teachers in a closed area around the clock.

Day camps hold classes/activities during the day, and children go home to spend the night. Day camps offer a wide range of programs that will help you gain new knowledge during the summer months.


By location

The city camp is located in the city, most often on the basis of an educational institution (school, language center, children's club). Excursions and activities are mainly urban (cultural leisure, visiting parks).

Country camp can be located in the suburbs, on the sea. Its advantage is accommodation in the fresh air, wellness character, access to water procedures, outdoor activities.

By purpose

Educational - rest is combined with classes (lessons are often held before lunch), in the evenings entertainment events, departures, excursions are organized. The educational component may include linguistic lessons, classes in academic disciplines, preparation for exams, coding, robotics and much more.

Health - emphasis is on active nutrition, gymnastics, air and sunbathing.

Sports - summer recreation programs for fans of a particular sport: children participate in sports (swimming, tennis, football, equestrian sports), entertainment activities.

How are the days organized in summer language camps?

  • The core of the linguistic program consists of morning and afternoon lessons, during which the English teacher (native speaker or experienced teacher with a long teaching experience) actively works with children in classrooms or on open-air playgrounds. Language courses are focused on improving conversational skills, abilities of active perception of the language, pronunciation. The goal is not just to understand a foreign language, but to learn to react spontaneously, to speak it. Grammatical exercises are conducted in an exciting game form, which complements the main goal of the course.
  • In addition to lessons, participants spend time with teachers throughout the day, participating in exciting activities: sports, games, competitions, swimming, boating, excursions, bonfires, discos.
  • Young students learn quickly, easily perceive foreign languages, new expressions, pronunciation - regular English lessons allow them to quickly learn new language skills.
  • At the end of the shift, a holiday is usually held: each squad prepares a performance (fairy tales, sketches, anecdotes, songs in English).
  • Vacationers participate in excursions, outdoor activities, entertainment, games.
  • Educational and entertainment components are combined with the traditional mode of the day, which provides for a general rise, four or five meals a day, charging, a break for a quiet hour, a break.

Prestigious language camps in Moscow are popular among parents due to their proximity to the city, quality programs, qualified teachers. They offer a variety of lessons with Russian teachers, native speakers, visiting and city formats. The youngest participants of shifts are 6 years old, the oldest are 17 years old. Price - from 17 thousand rubles. per week.

  • Road of Kindness (Moscow) – 7-17 l. – 43 225₽/2 weeks.
  • SportZania (Moscow) – 6-17 l. – 66 900/11 days
  • Fulcrum (Moscow) – 7-17 l. – 50 300₽/2 weeks.
  • AAA CityCamp (Moscow, city) – 8-14 l. – 9 025₽/2 days
  • IP Russia (Moscow) – 7-17 l. – 50 825₽/2 weeks.
  • Applause. English (Moscow) – 5-18 l. – 61 990₽/2 weeks.
  • Rekaleto (Moscow) – 7-17 l. – 46 360₽/2 weeks.
  • English city camp SUPERHEROES (Moscow, city) – 7-14 l. – 24 225₽/5 days
  • Jey Campus River (Zvenigorod) – 12-17 l. – 75 460₽/2 weeks.
  • Friendsburg (Korolev, Shchelkovo) – 6-16 l. – 17 100₽/week.

The second most popular city destination is children's English camps in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region. Among the popular programs are a city camp in the historical part of the city, located next to the Matveevsky Garden, shifts on the shore of the most beautiful lake in Karelia (350 km from St. Petersburg) or rest for the youngest in the village of Pargolovo (Vyborg district).

  • MJ Club (St. Petersburg, city camp) – 7-12 d. – 25 650₽/6 days
  • English Effect City Leninskiy (St. Petersburg, city camp) – 8-12 l. – 20 520/9 days
  • English Effect City (St. Petersburg, city camp) – 7-14 l. – 33 150₽/9 days
  • Teremok (St. Petersburg) – 2-10 l. – 7600₽/5 days
  • Malina Camp (Olonets) – 12-17 l. – 49 500/15 days
  • English City (St. Petersburg) – 7-17 l. – 44 532₽/21 d.
  • Haglar (St. Petersburg) – 7-17 l.

In the summer, you want to send your child to the sea so that he gets his charge of the sun, salty splashes and impressions. And if you combine this with high-quality linguistic preparation, you get a recipe for a perfect vacation! The choice of language camps in the Crimea is wide, the location is from Kerch to Evpatoria. Programs include language classes with qualified teachers, excursions to the mountains, trips to local attractions, entertainment activities at the camp and free time on the beach.

Popular camps with learning English in the Crimea:

  1. Moscow Innovative Language Centre (Nizhnezamorskoye) – 9-16 l. – 64 600₽/2 weeks.
  2. Jey Campus Crimea (Yalta) – 10-17 l. – 82 184₽/2 weeks.
  3. Step & Level (Kerch) – 6-16 l.
  4. Haglar (Evpatoria) – 7-17 l.
  5. E-Camp. Academy of English (Simferopol) – 6-16 l.
  6. Multi Camp (Alushta) – 7-17 l.
  7. Radiant (Evpatoria) - 7-16 l.
  8. Active Lingua Camp (Yalta) – 7-17 l.
  9. Your Camp (Evpatoria) – 7-17 l.

Another popular destination in the summer is the English camps in Sochi, Krasnodar Territory.

  1. SportZania (Sochi) – 6-17 l. – 97 900₽/12 days
  2. Many seas (Sochi) – 7-17 l. – 54 625₽/17 days
  3. Real adventure (Sochi) – 7-17 l. – 63 175/17 days
  4. Foothold. Lingua (Adler) – 7-17 l. – 44 900₽/9 days
  5. Fulcrum (Sochi) – 7-17 l. – 59 600₽/11 days
  6. Real English Adventure (Sochi) – 7-17 l. – 66 025/17 days
  7. Superheroes (Gelendzhik) – 10-17 l. – 42 750₽/2 weeks.
  8. Step2Speak (Krasnodar) – 9-16 l. – 9 329₽/12 days
  9. BA Camp (Sochi) – 71-7 l. – 84 740/2 weeks.
  10. Most Camp (Tuapse) – 7-17 l.

In the English summer camp abroad, children receive intensive preparation, full immersion in the language - they are forced to speak English not only during classes, but also outside the classroom: solving everyday issues, communicating with peers from around the world. Constant language practice allows you to achieve rapid improvement of skills.

Types of programs in foreign language camps

Types of programs

Intensity (h/week)

Language requirements

Standard courses



Intensive courses



Semi-intensive courses



Conversation courses



Exam preparation courses



Courses for professionals



Private lessons



  1. Summer academic English Abbey DLD 7-17 l. – from 3650 £/2 weeks.
  2. English + rest for the summer students of College Du Leman - 8-18 years. - from 5900CHF / 2 weeks.
  3. Summer academic English Phillips Academy Andover - 13-18 years. - from 12 350 $ / 5 weeks.
  4. Summer academic English Oxford International College - 16-18 years. - from 2250 £ / 2 weeks.
  5. Summer Academic English Cardiff Sixth Form College Wales – 14-18 years. – from 3000£/2 weeks.
  6. English + summer holidays for students of Institut Monte Rosa – 6-18 l. – 4 300CHF/2 weeks.
  7. Summer English for children and schoolchildren Fay private School - 10-14 years. - 2975 $ / 2 weeks.
  8. English + summer holidays for schoolchildren HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy - 10-16 years. - from 3 450CHF / 2 weeks.
  9. English + rest for the summer students of The Harvey School (USA) - 6-14 years. - from $ 1250 / week.
  10. English + summer holidays for schoolchildren English in Cyprus Language School – 7-17 years – 2 125€/2 weeks.
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