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Timanfaya National Park - the main volcanic park in Spain

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Timanfaya National Park - the main volcanic park in Spain

One of the most unusual places on the planet is volcanic parks, which are formed as a result of a volcanic eruption and make the area look like an alien. A striking example of such a park is Timanfaya National Park, which is known as the "Land of Fire-breathing Mountains". Its area is almost 58 sq. Km. If everything related to volcanoes, mountains, fire, unusual landscapes and alien (only outwardly!) Phenomena attracts you, Timanfaya National Park is an excellent choice for an impressive pastime.

National park history

In 1730, the volcano Montagnas del Fuego, known as the "Fire Mountain", erupted on the territory of the future park. The eruption lasted six years. The volcano, justifying its unofficial name, spewed lava, flooding a good part of the island (as it turned out later, a third). Prior to this event, the area was popular with peasants due to its fertile land. When the eruption began, the peasants left their farms and in a hurry left their homes to find shelter in the neighboring valley of Gran Canaria.

In 1824, the eruption was repeated, however, with less force. The famous landscapes that formed the basis of the National Park were created precisely during the second eruption.

The idea to create a natural volcanic park came in 1974: the territory was changed beyond recognition, turning it into a protected natural park Timanfaya of world significance.

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What to see?

In addition to the incredible views, pay attention to:

  • El Diablo restaurant, where food will be cooked for you not on traditional stoves, but on a stove equipped with natural geothermal heat coming from the mouth of the volcano
  • Volcano show, which takes place at the restaurant every 10 minutes
  • The sinkhole of the earth, from which the heat comes: the temperature inside is 600 degrees.

Interesting Facts

  • Moving on your own in the park is strictly prohibited, visiting is possible only as part of an excursion group
  • Most of the information we know about the first eruption of the volcano comes from the notes of the local priest Lorenzo Curbelo, who refused to leave his home in favor of writing a chronicle of the eruption for posterity.
  • In order to visit Timanfaya National Park, one to two months before the date of the intended arrival via the Internet, you need to obtain a special permit
  • Tours start every hour and last approximately 40 minutes
  • You can get to the park by tourist bus or your own car.

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