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2018-07-30 11:57:04

Language camps in Europe for foreign students

Language camps in Europe for foreign students

Linguistic schools for years in Europe are new friends from all over the world, high-level language learning, development of personal skills, learning in a multicultural environment, increasing interest of students in learning the language, as well as a huge number of impressions and memories received during sports, creative competitions and numerous excursions.

Foreign summer camps for students are gaining popularity every year - and there are reasons for this. For foreign students, a summer school abroad provides a unique opportunity to make an exciting trip, get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country, get practice of the language with its speakers. European summer camps offer a large number of courses for students from around the world, which allows finding an interesting program for each child. Some courses for the summer can not only significantly improve the ability to speak a foreign language, but also do your favorite hobby - music, sports or science! For foreign students dreaming of studying abroad, programs aimed at preparing schoolchildren for entering a foreign university, school or passing international examinations for language proficiency are of particular interest.

Study and rest in a modern European city or suburb with magnificent scenery is a chance for students from abroad to get acquainted with the history of the country, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the chosen city, stroll through the streets of Europe! An important aspect for parents is that learning in foreign language schools is built using modern methods, which allows students to learn the language in a playful way, without tire of constant cramming.

The European language camp is suitable for students with any level of language from around the world due to the variety of programs and their levels, the orientation of learning for children, the high security of European countries and the most interesting programs of leisure and sightseeing activities. A trip to a linguistic school abroad will give your child a lot of impressions and wonderful memories of summer!

The best language schools in Europe: location

Europe includes many countries with different cultures and histories. Here students can take a walk on the world famous red tourist bus to visit Big Ben in the UK, get acquainted with the capital of fashion - France, immerse yourself in the unique culture of Germany or go in search of adventure in Switzerland. The diversity of countries and cultures in Europe guarantees that every student will be able to find an educational program that is interesting to him!

Most of Europe's linguistic schools are located in big cities, which are major political, economic and cultural centers, in which case summer schools are located in quiet areas within walking distance of the city's main attractions. Another option for language schools for the summer is camps that take place on the basis of elite schools, leading colleges and top universities, offering unique adventure programs: such summer schools are located in the suburbs of cities, in places with magnificent nature.

The advantages of studying in European linguistic schools

Education in Europe has a number of advantages:

  • High ranking of educational institutions. It is here that there are world-famous institutes, elite colleges and prestigious schools, graduates of which are appreciated all over the world.
  • A wide range of educational programs and their levels. The variety of countries and cultures allows you to choose the educational program that is right for your child - it can be English language courses in England - a stronghold of ancient teaching traditions, summer French study programs for students in France, built on modern methods of study, or unique adventure programs Switzerland, recognized as one of the best in the world. A large selection of levels makes it possible to make the process of learning a language comfortable even for children with poor language knowledge.
  • Multinational composition of students. Communication of students with peers from different cultures will teach the child to respect the traditions of other countries, to find a common language with students during contests and competitions, and also will allow to receive the practice of language in everyday life. That is why for foreign students it is important to choose summer camps, where a few students from the same country. Communication with foreign students after the lessons will give the child a great practice of language.
  • Highly qualified teachers. Teachers with extensive experience build lessons in accordance with the interests and goals of students, which makes each class interesting and entertaining.
  • A rich leisure and excursion program for foreigners allows you to visit the main cultural, historical and natural attractions of the country. Many summer schools spend sightseeing trips for one or two days to neighboring cities or countries.
  • Great reviews of students and their parents.

Linguistic camps in Europe: the criteria for choosing a school

Choosing the right language school and study abroad program will guarantee a perfect summer for your child. So what should you look for when choosing a summer camp abroad?

  • Educational program. Modern language schools in Europe offer a large selection of vacation programs for foreign students. Traditionally, courses with language learning for the summer include from 25 to 35 lessons of a foreign language a week and a rich program of recreation. For students who dream of becoming athletes, the language learning programs with football, tennis, swimming, basketball, etc. will perfectly suit. For young scientists and researchers, a real discovery will be language courses with lessons in IT programming or robotics. For creative natures, amazing programs for studying a foreign language with musical pursuits, the opportunity to become a member of a musical group, theatrical courses, etc., have been created.
  • Location of the camp. For students interested in studying the history and culture of the country, it is worth choosing language schools located in the city center or within walking distance of the main attractions. For lovers of nature and active recreation, summer camps located in the suburbs will be an ideal option.
  • The program of leisure activities and excursion trips. An important aspect of the summer holiday is a rich program of extra-curricular activities. Please note that some linguistic camps offer unique courses in the context of extracurricular activities. For example, language schools located in Switzerland offer their students hiking under the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • Cost of education. European camps offer a wide range of prices for education depending on the country, the chosen program and its duration, as well as the option of living and a leisure program. The most expensive is education in Switzerland, and the best countries in terms of the cost and quality of education are the United Kingdom and France.
  • Feedback from parents and students helps to choose the right school.

Prestigious children's camps for foreign students in Europe: ranking

TOP-3 best summer schools for foreign students:

  • Abbey DLD College, London ( UK ) is a popular school in Europe, one of the most famous and ancient schools in the UK. She offers the program "Summer Academic English", during which students between the ages of 7 and 18 will be able to significantly improve their knowledge of the English language, as well as get acquainted with the unique culture of England.
  • College Du Leman, Geneva ( Switzerland ) - an elite school, occupying a leading position in Europe. The college is known for its high standards of education, built on ancient traditions and modern teaching methods. Within the summer camp, students are offered vacation programs for studying English and Spanish.
  • St. Georges School, Montreux (Switzerland) offers a wide range of unique summer study programs. Here, students from all over the world can spend an unforgettable vacation in combination with learning English, French, German and even Chinese.
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