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Fay private School

Address: 48 Main St, Southborough, MA 01772, USA

Description Fay private School

  • Year of foundation: 1866
  • Location: Southborough, Massachusetts, USA
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Number of students: 475 people
  • Age of students: 3-14 years
  • Type of studying: mixed.

Established in 1866, Fay School is the first boarding school in the United States. The school is a unique place for growth and learning thanks to the small number of students in a classroom, the support of teachers, mentors, who are committed to a deep understanding of the needs of each student, an individual approach.

The long-term success of Fay lies in teamwork: teachers from different departments work together to support the achievements of students. The curators of the residence consult with academic consultants, monitor the welfare of students-boarders, teachers in the class work together with experts from the department of educational services to help their students with special educational needs. The model of adult collaboration assigns a large role to the family: teachers often communicate with parents for a better understanding of each student.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Fay private School

Program name
from 38 292 $ / year

Primary School (kindergarten - up to 2 classes)

In small classrooms in a chamber setting, students acquire skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and the social sciences. Students meet weekly with subject teachers in science, art, music, and physical education.

In kindergarten, teachers use a request-based approach, in which pupils are taught language and mathematics around topics that interest them: pets, musical instruments, handicrafts. The development of these topics provides the basis for future research, practical projects.

The first and second grades are engaged in a structured program that helps students to develop and consolidate basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics in preparation for the transition to the third grade, elementary school.

Lower School (Grades 3-6)

Students learn a complex curriculum, which provides for the possibility of taking into account the individual interests of the student, the various needs in skill sets, the choice of the format of education. Students improve their reading, writing, reasoning skills, while mastering a body of knowledge appropriate for their age. Pupils of elementary grades discover that learning can be fascinating, that they are capable of solving complex tasks, doing independent research, finding keys for personal, intellectual growth.

from 70 830 $ / year

Upper School (7-9 class)

Fay 7-9 grades students come from all over the United States and twenty countries around the world to participate in an internationally respected educational community thanks to their excellent academic knowledge, commitment to tradition, innovation, and high quality educational programs. Each student works closely with an educational consultant.

Students study according to an exciting program, including mathematics, English, history, science, foreign language, art, music. Some courses are opened to students as electives, some disciplines are only available with a certain level of language proficiency. School children are engaged in athletics and other sports. The program is complemented by a rich selection of activities: from dance, drama to robotics. High school students also participate in social work, social events, travel, and cultural highlights.

12.07.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 975 $ / 2 weeks

Summer School English Immersion

Every summer, students between the ages of 10 and 15 come from all over the world to take part in the FaySummer English Immersion program. As a five-week summer program for international students, the program offers a combination of academic knowledge, cultural interaction, summer camp activities, travel and total immersion in English. FaySummer's English immersion program is an ideal place for students to improve their knowledge, to apply them to to communicate with American students. Students are distributed in groups according to the level of language proficiency. The main focus of the learning process is on improving fluency, pronunciation, reading, writing, and learning grammar.

Accommodation, housing and food

Students live in cozy residences located near the dining room, classrooms, and playgrounds. Dormitories are divided between boys and girls, each student’s house accommodates an apartment for teachers, therefore the boarders are provided with round-the-clock supervision and care.

Events Fay private School

The school is part of the local community and regularly holds events open to students, parents. Year-round, Fay takes on its platforms interesting speakers, organizes Saturday morning programs targeted at young students, the farmers market.

The program of extracurricular activities for students is very rich and combines a variety of trips, educational events, volunteer work.

Weekend at Fay School - time for rest, recuperation, socializing with friends, fun. An important part of the Fay program is off-campus activities: travel, sporting events, creative activities, social events.



Art, Culture

Campus Events

Picking apples, pumpkins

Trip to boston


Laser tag

Local harvest holidays

Shopping Mall Tours

Movie Trips

Science Museum

New England Aquarium

Trips to the restaurant

Roller skating

Musical performances in New York, Boston, Worcester

Basketball, Tennis, Football



Lacrosse games

Student football and soccer games


Baseball Games Stone Wall


Dance class

Mini golf





Canoe construction



Dodgeball Tournament

Basketball tournament Hoop Fest

"Iron Elk" culinary competition


Watching films

The school attaches great importance to the social activities of students, shaping the future responsible generation.

Seventh graders travel around the state, working on practical projects focused on nature conservation, studying the problems of the homeless, caring for the elderly, ensuring food sustainability, volunteering.

Eighth graders spend a week in New York, where they work with a non-profit youth service project (YSOP) to help some of the most needy people in the city:

  • City canteens: cooking, serving meals
  • Public gardens: weeding, harvesting
  • Kindergartens for students whose mothers are imprisoned.

Ninth-graders visit the Dominican Republic, the city of Monte Cristi, where they work with a non-profit organization and teach English to local students.

Fay School daily routine





7:15 am

Breakfast in the dining room

7:50 am

Consultative / morning meeting


Start of classes


Morning break (20 minutes)


Lunch in the dining room


Study Summary


Additional help / advice



4:30 pm

Rest time in residences


Family dinner in the dining room


Evening studying room




Preparation for sleep


Hang up


  1. Fay pays great attention to the development of the educational schedule of each student: students choose subjects and courses in accordance with their educational goals. The program motivates to set ambitious goals, to become strong students, to communicate, to make friends. Fay graduates are ready to enter high school, own a set of tools - social, emotional, organizational - necessary for a full life.
  2. The school offers carefully selected language programs for each age group. Courses for the smallest focus on immersion in English, cultural understanding, the study of descriptive vocabulary, colloquial phrases, songs, games. Primary school students choose one foreign language - French or Spanish - to study from the third to the sixth grade: during this period the foundations of the dictionary are laid, the development of the grammatical structure of the language begins. Students learn about the culture of Latin American and French speaking countries. In high school, students choose one world language - French, Spanish, Chinese, or Latin, which they will study throughout their studies at Fay. Some students may also choose a second language in ninth grade.
  3. Teachers, pupils of the school participate in social projects: from sorting toys, clothes for distribution to low-income communities and ending with collecting food on an organic farm for donations from the local food bank.

Equipment Fay private School

The school is located in Southboro, Massachusetts, 25 miles west of Boston. On the 30-acre site is the main campus, the area of sports fields, facilities is 36 acres. Types of sites:

  • 10 playing fields
  • 8 tennis courts
  • 4 basketball courts
  • 2 heated outdoor pools
  • 2 fitness centers
  • Climbing track.

Fay has its innovative laboratory of 3000 square meters.The laboratory is opened to faculty, staff, students of Fay and offers dedicated facilities for video production, programming, design, and construction.

The school foundation comprise:

  • 2 libraries with over 18,000 books
  • 6 hostels for student boarders.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees



Extra fees:

  • Deposit for a course/programme 500 USD

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Candidates for the fifth to ninth grades should submit:

  • ISEE or SSAT test results
  • TOEFL certificate.

Scholarships Fay private School

The school has committed itself to making the education of the Fay school accessible to as many families as possible: for example, during the 2018-2019 school year, it is planned to allocate US $ 3.2 million as necessary financial assistance.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Fay private School reviews

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