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TOP-100 summer schools, colleges and universities in the USA, studying in America during summer for international students

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Education information

Students from all over the world choose summer studies in the USA . This is not only an opportunity to get a quality and full-fledged education, significantly improve language and communication skills, but also a chance to get acquainted with bright and original cities, find new friends or master a new sport. Recreation and study in the USA in the summer allows students to walk through the city streets and squares, visit theaters, museums and galleries, shopping centers and restaurants, go on excursions to historical or cultural attractions. Many foreign students choose summer vacations in the USA and enjoy trips to large amusement parks or national parks.

Many language courses in the USA , especially located in Miami, Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco and New York, provide students with an opportunity for a pleasant beach holiday. Students go in for sports, learn new kinds such as surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball.

SMAPSE specialists are ready to help you choose the best variant of summer school in the USA. Due to the list of TOP-100 summer schools, colleges and universities in the USA, you can find the best option. 

Education in America during summer for international students

Studying in America during summer will give an unforgettable experience and good knowledge base. The US is breathtaking in culture, nature, business and entertainment. In this colourful country, it will be interesting in all 50 states - the most beautiful cities on the planet are spread across America: New York, Boston, Washington, Massachusetts, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle ... Due to the high level of education in every city there is a legend in the field of education: the oldest, most popular and top rated schools, universities and centers are another reason to visit this country.

So, TOP-3 best US cities for students are Boston, San Francisco and New York. Boston is rightfully considered a true student city: there is a huge number of educational institutions, and life is largely subordinated to youth. Another one is San Francisco with its wide capabilities in the study of art, programming, medicine and other sciences. And, of course, no ranking can do without iconic New York, recognized as one of the main capitals of the world.

One of the most important ideas embedded in American culture is minted on coins: E pluribus Unum, or “united in diversity”, which very well reflects American society. People of different nationalities, languages, beliefs live here, and therefore 4 principles become especially important: informality, openness, independence and equality. A similar communication style is reflected in the educational environment. 

US summer education for international students

You can travel around the USA all year round, but summer studies in the USA open up even more opportunities. California, Los Angeles and San Francisco are sunny places washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy an endless holiday. Florida is a no less enviable place washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Many students prefer the world of Miami parties, and students go to Orlando, because here they can plunge into the universes of Harry Potter, Walt Disney and Universal Studios. The list of places to visit in the summer can be continued endlessly, because the cities of the United States have good reasons for visiting them: excellent weather conditions, excellent beaches, interesting culture and an endless number of entertainment.

Climate isquite diverse, since each region has weather features. The north-eastern part of the country is characterized by hot summers and frequent rainfall, in the southeast the temperature is expected to be higher, and in the north-west and west of the country a semi-arid and alpine climate awaits you.

Temperature in major US cities





New York

+ 26 ° C

+ 30 ° C

+ 27 ° C

Los Angeles

+ 19 ° C

+ 22 ° C

+ 21 ° C


+ 32 ° C

+ 32 ° C

+ 31 ° C

San Francisco

+ 16 ° C

+ 16 ° C

+ 16 ° C


+ 20 ° C

+ 24 ° C

+ 24 ° C


+ 24 ° C

+ 26 ° C

+ 22 ° C

Interesting facts about America:

  • The Internet is an American invention and embodiment of the main values of this country. It was created in the States as a new social form and information technology, free of borders and independent of governments.
  • English was introduced to America by the colonists in the 17-18 centuries, and, under the influence of various factors, it acquired peculiar features at all levels of the language: a different climate, environment, life contributed to the emergence of new words. As a result, the American version of the English language has brought thousands of words to the common English and world vocabulary.

Courses, programs and tuition fees for studying in the USA during summer

Summer education in the USA is represented by a variety of programs that have become popular around the world. Holidays in America will be an excellent contribution to a successful future for a student of any age, language proficiency. Courses will help get decent knowledge, experience of living and studying abroad and a prestigious certificate.

Popular summer destinations in the USA:

Type of education

Age of students


Min cost

Average cost

English level


Summer school


From 1 week

From 699$



Language classes


1-16 weeks

From 350$



Preparatory programs for the university, passing language exams


From 6 months

From  16,000$



Summer programs in the USA for foreign students are organized on the basis of prestigious educational institutions - private boarding schools, colleges, universities, so the courses will give a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the academic environment of the legendary American universities.

TOP-5 universities with summer programs for international students:

For a successful studying of language courses, an initial, basic level of language is recommended. Classes are playful in nature, joint activity becomes a universal language of communication. Most programs last from one to two weeks to several months. Foreign students get decent knowledge and effective preparation from 2 weeks in language camps.

The educational institutions presented on SMAPSE website have passed the necessary accreditation. Associations of US camps set high safety requirements - the quality of food, water, the requirements for the teaching staff, the quality and safety of sports and educational infrastructure, emergency precautionary measures and much more.

Summer schools offer a wide range of recreational activities: water sports, dancing, creativity, team play, professional sports, fashion, design, theater.

Educational institutions offer several options to choose from, so the cost of living may vary slightly. If we talk about rest for students in summer camps, the most common type of accommodation is school residences, which have all the conditions for a comfortable stay: students are completely immersed in the language environment, live with peers from different countries, are completely absorbed in the learning process, program of events. Schools take full responsibility for the safe quality stay of foreign students. All this affects the cost of training, but is worth the money.

Another option is living in a host environment: here the student finds himself in a natural language environment, will be able to practice English in everyday life.

Students over 18 years old often prefer self-selection of accommodation - they rent apartments, so you can save a lot, but the students take care of their food completely.

English is a complex, rich, beautiful language, it is impossible to learn it in a hurry, in the bustle or because "it is necessary." Simple rules will help you find an approach to effective studying:

  • Law of interest
  • Learn the language like children
  • Become the main teacher for yourself
  • Track your progress, get inspired!

Psychologists recommend not spending time compelling a student to study - it is better to create an environment that will be interesting to him. Language programs abroad is an excellent option!

Every person is able to learn a language from birth, and young children who master their own, and then a foreign language, are a perfect example. At the same time, kids do not delve into the rules of grammar, but simply memorize words and form them into sentences. Collect sentences like constructor blocks, while not paying much attention to grammatical inaccuracies.

In order for the language not to be abandoned, it is important to be able to properly organize the educational process, not to pin all hopes on the teacher.

It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to learn a language. So that one day you do not attack the spleen, set mini-goals, upon reaching which you can track the result. This will definitely give you strength for new achievements.

Top 20 best camps and summer schools in USA 2024

1 Yale University Summer School
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Camp
3 FLS Harvard STEM Camp
4 Princeton University Summer
5 University of California Summer
6 University of California Summer
7 Columbia University Summer
8 Yale University Summer
9 Shattuck St Mary's School
10 UC Berkeley Summer
11 Princeton University Summer
12 Stanford University Summer
13 CATS Academy Boston
14 Harvard Summer School
15 MIT Summer Camp
16 Yale University Summer
17 CATS Academy Boston
18 Georgetown University Summer
20 University of Pennsylvania Summer

Top 35 best UK camps and summer schools 2024

1 Abbey DLD College London
2 Cambridge University Summer
3 Oxford University Summer School
4 Tottenham Football Camp
5 Chelsea Independent College
6 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
7 Brighton College Summer
8 Cambridge University IT Camp
9 Eton College Summer
10 Regent Stowe School
11 Rugby School Summer Camp
12 Royal Holloway Summer
13 Oxford Royal Academy St. Peter's College
14 Charterhouse School Summer
15 Harrow Summer School
16 Royal Hospital School
17 Pilgrims Harrow School Summer
18 Oundle School Summer Camp
19 Nike Football Camp
20 Rossall School
21 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
22 Stonyhurst College Summer
23 d'Overbroeck's College
24 OISE Newbury Hall
25 Bradfield College Summer Camp Pilgrims
26 Imperial College London Summer
27 Downside School
28 Caterham School Our World English Schools
29 Wycombe Abbey School Our World English Schools
30 Dulwich College Summer School
31 Bell Wellington College Summer
32 Imperial College Summer
33 ACS Cobham Summer
34 EC Cambridge
35 Brunel University Summer

Top 9 best camps and summer schools in Scotland 2024

Top 16 best camps and summer schools in Switzerland 2024

1 College Du Leman
2 Institut Monte Rosa Summer Camp
3 Les Elfes Summer camp
4 Junior and Teen Summer Camp
5 Le Rosey Summer Camp
6 Leysin American School
7 Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG High Alpine
8 Institut auf dem Rosenberg Summer
9 Surval School Montreux Summer Camp
10 Juventus Academy Summer Camp
11 Alpadia Engelberg Summer
12 Altitude International Camps
13 Les Elfes Spring camp
14 Pre Fleuri School
15 Alpadia Ascona
16 La Garenne International School Summer

Top 5 best camps and summer schools in Austria 2024

1 Village Сamps Austria
2 Amadeus International School Vienna
3 American International School Salzburg AISS
4 St. Gilgen International School
5 Humboldt-Institut Wien

Top 10 best camps and summer schools in Spain 2024

1 EU Business School Barcelona
2 Sotogrande International School
3 Home Language International
4 ESADE Business School Summer
5 OISE Segovia
6 LCI Barcelona
7 Enforex Barcelona Summer Camp
8 IH Madrid
9 Enforex Malaga
10 Enforex Marbella Chapas

Top 10 best camps and summer schools in Canada 2024

1 ILAC Toronto Summer
2 Toronto University Summer Camp
3 Ashbury College
4 Brentwood College School
5 ILAC Vancouver Summer
6 Columbia International College
7 Pickering College
8 Bodwell High School
9 MWS Toronto English Camps
10 Home Language International
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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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