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Summer courses to study in New Zealand: top 2 schools for children and international students. List, prices, rankings

Education information

2 best schools in New Zealand during summer vacations - memorable, interesting and effective way of study abroad for international children, students, teenagers. summer courses in New Zealand: descriptions of schools and programs, course prices, rankings and feedbacks from students. Our managers are always hape to help you to make the right choice free of charge. Enrollment is free of charge to our partner institutions. The number of places is limited.
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English courses in New Zealand for foreign students: programs and prices

Course Name

Number of lessons per week

Terms of admission

Cost, in New Zealand dollars per week

Standard areas (focused on learning the language and mastering basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking).

From 15

Suitable for beginners 

From 390


(usually chosen by students who urgently need to improve their language proficiency, especially to remove the communicative barrier).

Not less than 20

From 400

English for summer for children

(vacation programs are a special area where emphasis is put on the academic part (language learning), interesting and effective rest).

From 15 lessons

1190 in 7 days

Preparation for entering a university

(special training is recommended for those who enter foreign educational institutions and intend to take the international language exam).

Not less than 20


From 390 per week

Activities + hobbies or outdoor activities for adults

From 10 lessons

Suitable for beginners to learn English, as well as for students wishing to improve it

From 390

Professional Courses - courses for professionals and businessmen

(in highly specialized areas (English for physicians, engineers, teachers, architects, etc.) - you will have the opportunity to tighten the language to work in an international environment).


From 430

Academic English

(for future university students abroad this is a chance to master the scientific style of presentation, learn to perform written assignments, etc.)

From 25


From 400

Individual courses

The quantity and intensity are negotiated individually.

From 40 per lesson

New Zealand Summer Education - Facts and Perspectives

New Zealand will appear for foreign students as a country with a high standard of living and education. For students, there are excellent prospects for the development and improvement of the English language:

  • General Country Information

New Zealand is located in Polynesia on two large islands, and the state owns about 700 small islands. Amazing nature is one of the main attractions of the country: local authorities make every effort to preserve natural resources in their original form. Students can enjoy pleasant staying conditions as there is warm subtropical climate in the northern part and cool temperate in the south of the country. The hottest months are February and January, and the coldest is July. Average annual temperature: + 10C - + 16C.

The official status is assigned to three languages: Maori, English and New Zealand Sign Language. English is similar to its Scottish and Irish version. Good prospects after the end of long and short-term programs, professional courses are possible due to a developed market economy: a number of areas - tourism, agriculture, food and manufacturing - have high growth rates, and the country itself is export-oriented. The West and the East, the Polynesian peoples and the British Isles had a strong influence on the country, which is why the local culture is so diverse and unique. Unique historical monuments of the indigenous Maori population, developed infrastructure, a wide selection of extreme and active tourism - all this will make studying here unforgettable.

  • Studying in New Zealand

The country has a developed educational system - high-quality long-term programs and effective linguistic courses, excellent conditions. One of the main features of the local educational system is the inheritance of the British principles of education. By choosing summer education in New Zealand, you will receive educational courses in accordance with the latest European methods. But there are a number of fundamental differences in the educational model: the quality of education is strictly controlled by the state, so the difference between private and public institutions is minimal. The protection and quality of life of the child is the main priority of the state: all host families are checked by the school and the police, in addition, the level of corruption and crime in the country is one of the lowest, so parents sending children to study in New Zealand can be completely calm.

Another feature of local education is the flexibility of the curriculum and the simplified univeristy entering procedure. Special attention is paid to the physical development and upbringing of children: the guys spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • Conditions for students

You can choose the location of the school - in the thick of cultural events in large cities (for example, studying in Auckland) or stay in cozy remote villages with views of the Alps - education is everywhere of the same high level. The organizers of summer education carefully select the teaching staff and strive to create harmonious programs that combine a full and interesting rest with effective classes. The intercultural environment in which the student falls into is one of the main keys to success, heterogeneous groups are specially formed, so that children quickly adapt and speak English.

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