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1 best summer camps for children in Monaco

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Today, Monaco is considered to be one of the most prestigious and beautiful country for studying as an international student. SMAPSE offers 10 best holiday camps where foreign students can get advanced and balanced education: Great variety of language programs combined with interesting entertainment facilities allows foreign students to get excellent command of language proficiency. Studying in Monaco will definitely bring only positive experience.

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Summer camps for foreign students in Monaco

Monaco offers group and individual language programs, including popular Home Language International program. Living in the family of an experienced teacher in full or partial boarding, permanent stay among native speakers, academic studies and entertainment of your choice is a soft and comfortable learning option that combines studies and rest. You can choose a course for students with insufficient language proficiency, as well as for an advanced level of study.

All Home Language International programs require individual tuition and full board accommodation in the teacher's family. The receiving party organizes a rich pastime and comfortable living conditions. You can choose any suitable program for studying in Monaco:

Universal events (without English / French lessons)

You can choose to study in Monaco without textbooks and abstracts: plunging completely into the linguistic and cultural atmosphere, you can quickly improve your language level, learn to communicate without any special difficulties. Events and excursions are negotiated individually in accordance with your tastes and preferences. All future expenses are already included in the program price:

  • 10 hours of events = 1930 €
  • 15 hours of leisure = 2105 €
  • 20 hours of events = 2380 €
  • 25 hours of leisure = 2655 €
  • 30 hours of leisure = 3030 €.

In addition, you can choose additional program options: for example, book only accommodation in the teacher’s house (half board and full are also possible) or only lessons (the teacher will come to you for individual lessons). English programs are also offered online - lessons are held via Skype.

English / French + Sports

Children who are keen on sports or want to learn a new sport get a wide range of sport classes in Monaco. The course usually includes:

  • 10 hours of English / French;
  • 3 sports for the choice of the student.

English / French + culture

Learning a language with rich sightseeing leisure time is one of the options for staying with a teacher in Monaco:

  • 10 hours of English;
  • cultural classes for the student to choose (visiting museums, gardens, the cathedral, the zoo).

English / French + entertainment

The variable course offers several areas of study for students 5-12 years old, adolescents and even guests aged 60+.

Teenage program for children

The teenage option is focused on the interests of the student - sports, hobbies, idols, music, movies, role-playing games. Students develop speaking skills in the process of walking around the city, park, visiting the beach, preparing traditional dishes, table and video games. The course includes:

  • 10 language lessons;
  • 3 events;
  • daily homework / project (independent work).

Program for children 5-12 years old

The option is focused on the formation of basic knowledge: learning the alphabet, spelling in a game form, learning coherent speech, developing memory. Your child will be interested in spending free time, reinforcing his speaking skills while walking in the park / city, visiting the beach / picnic, sightseeing, joint drawing / painting, board games. In your free time, you can watch TV shows / videos together. The course includes:

  • 10 hours of language;
  • 3 events.

Holidays at children camps in Monaco: leisure opportunities

The country is located on the Mediterranean coast on the border with France. Warm and mild climate makes staying in Monaco comfortable all year round. The beach season is by calendar standards comparable to the Crimean one - from mid-June to the end of September. Elite sports are developed: yachting, sailing, the only city stage of Formula 1 racing is held here. The cultural life of the principality is full of events: charity balls, festivals, carnival processions, an exhibition of yachts.

What can this small state offer to foreign students? Excursions to the Oceanographic Museum with a rich collection of skeletons of marine animals, rare fish and one of the most beautiful observation platforms in the old city. There are other popular places in the country:

  • Prince's Palace of Monaco, in one wing of which the museum is located, and in the other, the ruling family lives to this day;
  • Retro car museum;
  • The zoo, which has become a haven for animals who have completed their artistic career in circuses and simply taken from the street
  • Cactus garden;
  • Japanese garden;
  • Cathedral.
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