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TOP-9 holiday camps in Cyprus for foreign students on summer, autumn, winter, spring holidays

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Nowadays, many foreign students choose Cyprus as the best country for studying abroad. The island provides excellent studying conditions and comfortable climate all year round. Students from all over the world can take interesting and advanced studying programs and courses combined with exciting entertainment options. In Cyprus students have an opportunity to learn English through active and real-life communication with peers and qualified teachers. Free studying atmosphere at language camps allows to overcome language barriers, become more open in communication with native-speakers and get essential experience of studying abroad.

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Features of studying at holiday camps in Cyprus for foreign students

All public and private camps for children in Cyprus are divided into several types - they belong to schools or universities. The minimum studying period is 1 week, 4 lessons per day. The number of classes and duration of study depends on the program: in the camp you can tighten up English for business communication, practice skills, and start learning the language from scratch. Often, students from 15 years old choose exam programs, during which they prepare for IELTS or TOEFL tests.

All educational institutions that offer language courses in Cyprus for foreign students have international accreditation and accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Cyprus - control over the level of knowledge of teachers and the learning process is carried out from several institutions that guarantee high quality education. Having attended vacation courses in Cyprus, children return home with a good level of English - this is a chance to continue education and to go to university abroad and receive a prestigious education in Europe.

All language programs are divided into:

  • Children's camps for children, where they live and study independently.
  • Family programs when the child and his parents participate.
  • Children attend language programs while parents are relaxing in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a state with an almost zero crime rate: sending a child here alone, there is no reason for concern. Children are constantly monitored by teachers, the local tourist police. Having many years of experience working with foreign children, Cypriot school experts know how to find a common language with each child, even with the most reserved or spoiled. The learning process is built on trust, interest and practice.

Children studying in language camps live in:

  • Dormitories of schools - in them students are accommodated in pairs: boys with boys, girls with girls. The rooms have appliances and furniture necessary for training, relaxation and cooking. The cost of residences is from 50 € per week.
  • The hotel is an option for children with parents. The cost is from 20 € for 1 night in a modest "three", you can rent a room in the "five" from 100 € for 1 night. Plus the hotel - in a large number of free entertainment: swimming pool, animation programs, billiards, tennis courts, etc.
  • Apartment - price from 15 € for 1 night, suitable for adult children and for families.

Many teachers help you find affordable lodging options close to schools. When sending a child alone, you should not worry about a large number of tourists, noisy clubs and restaurants on the coast of Cyprus - all schools in Cyprus are located in places where nothing will interfere with comfortable and effective learning.

The cost of language courses depends on the program, the number of hours per week and the level of knowledge - the initial cost is from 180 € per week. If the program does not include food, it will cost 8-10 € per day per person. Studying in Cyprus is cheaper than in other European countries, and the level of education is no worse!

When applying for studying at language schools in Cyprus, children pass tests that determine the level of language proficiency - this is how they manage to organize groups of students for effective classes. Studying takes place in all camps during the day, and in the evening, excursions, games, hiking and other activities are often held during which children communicate in English. This approach to the practice of acquired knowledge allows you to consolidate the material and enjoy the organization of interesting evenings.

Benefits of studying at holiday camps for international students

Modern camps for children in Cyprus, in addition to the quality of education and maximum safety, have a number of advantages:

A country

Cyprus is a country with a pleasant climate, where it is always sunny and warm in summer: children can relax in good conditions, swim in the clear sea, get acquainted with the country on hiking trips.

A wide range of courses

If your child has insufficient command of English and you just need to practice a little, Cyprus will be a good solution.

International certificates

Having passed the TOEFL or IELTS tests after the examination courses, children get a chance to study at any university in the world.

Communication experience

During studying, children will communicate with representatives of different nations: they will learn their habits and traditions, which will be useful in the future.

Continuing practice after courses

Children who meet foreign peers often continue to communicate with them on social networks and on Skype - this is a constant practice of English, even after returning home.


Learning English in Cyprus is cheaper than in many other European countries.

Sending a child to Cyprus to learn English, you help begin to build a decent future. Language courses in Cyprus are a tool for successfully passing international linguistic exams, opening up many opportunities. Language summer camps are an indispensable experience, important skills and knowledge that a child will never gain at home.

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