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7 best language schools in China that offer holiday courses for international students

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Nowadays, language camps in China are extremely popular among international students. Chinese becomes more and more popular and nowadays it's one of the leading language in the international labour market. SMAPSE offers 7 best language schools in China that are available for foreign students. As Chinese is quite complicated language, it is better to study it from an early age. That's why Chinese language schools is the best option for students wishing to gain excellent command of Chinese.

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Advantages of studying Chinese at language schools in China

Nowadays, language schools in China provide medium or low academic load for courses. 15-20 academic hours a week is usually enough to intensively improve the level of knowledge. At the same time, there is time for leisure. It's worth noting that Chinese language camps have very diverse and multicultural atmosphere. Students from all over the world come to study Chinese in its homeland. It helps quickly overcome the language barrier, expand active vocabulary and improve communication skills.

Modern Chinese language schools focus on familiarization with Chinese culture. Foreign students have an opportunity to travel around the country and get acquainted with its history and traditions. Chinese schools offer a large number of combined programs. Students can travel and move from city to city, without interrupting studies. There are also courses combining studying and excursions.

Actually, visiting ancient cities and monuments is vety popular among international students. For example, the world famous Forbidden City. Even a simple walk through Beijing is surprising as local culture is so bright and unique. Shoppers will appreciate a wide range of shops - from world brands to local antique shops and folk craftsmen. Art lovers will appreciate the national theater and culture of traditional costume. Aesthetes will be delighted with the classical calligraphy lessons.

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Tuition fees for studying at Chinese language schools as a foreign student

Practically, the cost of summer courses at language schools in China is $800 per week. This price includes accommodation, meals, recreational activities and studying programs. The cost depends on the type of chosen course, prestige and rankings of the institution. In general, studying in China is quite available and investment-worthy.

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