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TOP-7 Czech holiday camps for children on holidays

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Studying at summer language camps in the Czech Republic is a great opportunity to improve command of English and Czech, as well as spend interesting holidays. SMAPSE offers 6 best Czech language camps where foreign students can combine effective studies with exciting rest. Vacations in the Czech Republic include a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities, sports games, interesting excursions, walks and trips.

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Main features of studying at holiday camps in the Czech Republic

Czech summer language camps provide high-quality and advanced courses that can meet particularly any student's interests. In addition, foreign students are attracted by low cost of education. Studying in the Czech Republic is much more lower than in the United States, Britain or Switzerland. Moreover, accommodation is also require less expenses.

It's worth noting that studying at Czech language camp or summer school can be an excellent step towards continuing education in the Czech Republic. Students can improve the level of English and Czech languages and adapt to the local educational system.

The Czech Republic is one of the most interesting and distinctive European countries. The history of the state is full of various events, coups, historical battles. A walk through Prague, Karlovy Vary, Moravia will bring unforgettable impressions, acquaint students with rich heritage of the state.

Actually, national crafts are still strong here: the tannery, jewelry, architectural art of the masters is truly amazing. In addition, there is a wide range of famous places such as resorts of Karlovy Vary, Moravian caves with a unique eco-complex, Czech Switzerland with rocky peaks and clean air. Undubtedly, the Czech Republic will surprise even an experienced traveler.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

Tuition fees at Czech camps for holiday courses

The cost of summer courses at Czech camps is lower than in the USA, the UK, Germany or Switzerland. On average, the full cost for 1 week varies 400-900 euros. This cost includes accommodation, meals, leisure activities, studying materials.

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Good afternoon, Maria! Thank you for contacting Smaps! Please indicate your mail and phone number, we will send you the information by mail.
good afternoon! Is it possible to get acquainted with the contract that you conclude with students for summer vacation programs? in particular in the Czech Republic MSM? Thank you!
Maya, good afternoon! Thank you very much for your comment. Of course, all the information we sent you to the post office.
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