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4 best international colleges in New Zealand for children and students. List of top international colleges in New Zealand, description, ranking, prices

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Top 4 international college in New Zealand. Our company has put together a number of accredited and prestigious institutions for children, pupils, teenagers, international students. You can read a more detailed information about international colleges in New Zealand, ranking and fees by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed info on the prices and description of programs is accessible by pressing on the program. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Studying in New Zealand: facts and perspectives

Consider the main nuances of the local educational system and the benefits for foreign students:

  • New Zealand as an interesting tourist route

This country is full of exotics: located on two large islands, it is famous for its unique nature and cultural identity. Climatic conditions are more than comfortable: thanks to the subtropical and temperate climate, the average annual temperature here is from +10 to + 16C. Local authorities zealously guard the pristine nature, so the state itself is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly. Developed types of active and extreme tourism, historical monuments of the Maori people, excellent infrastructure will not let you get bored and provide a varied vacation.

  • New Zealand as a popular educational route

The country owes its popularity to a number of factors: English has official status - about 80% of the population speaks it. This is a real English-speaking country: naturally, you will not hear a classic British accent here, walking along the malls or sitting in a cafe. New Zealand English has its accentological features, but this will not stop you from practicing the language and mastering the main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The best international colleges in New Zealand for international students

International educational institutions offer a wide range of courses for foreign students: a large number of language courses, preparation courses for admission to a university or for passing language exams.

The prestigious international colleges of New Zealand have proven themselves due to the high academic preparation of their students, many of the educational institutions of this type are in TOP educational institutions of the country. Almost all, with a few exceptions, graduates successfully pass exams and enter top universities. Some of the best options for foreigners are located in the largest city in the country, Auckland, which is in the TOP-5 best places to stay in the world.

The main advantages of international colleges include:

  • Student support from abroad

In institutions of this type, a support system for foreign students has been developed - support services have been opened at colleges, the task of which is to help adapt to the new environment. Encouraging and helping to integrate into society is the task of teachers, deans and local students. A school representative meets new students at the airport and helps to get to know the campus within two weeks.

  • Prestigious certificates and diplomas

College graduation documents are highly regarded and recognized worldwide.

  • Great way to adapt

It will be much easier for students and schoolchildren to adapt to new language and academic conditions. They will be surrounded by peers from other countries, and teachers and staff have experience working with foreign students and know how to provide the necessary support.

  • Small classes

Students study in small groups, so that learning is many times more effective, and teachers can pay more attention to each student.

  • The cost of studying is lower

Compared to studying in private boarding schools, prices for programs are much lower.

  • A wide choice of programs

Students have a lot to choose from: language courses of various target areas, effective preparatory courses for international language exams and pre-university courses.

  • Teaching Staff

Native language teachers with experience working with foreign students work with students. Highly qualified teachers will help you get acquainted with the culture of the country and master the material at an advanced level.

  • Accommodation Option

Most colleges offer a choice of accommodation in a host family, apartment or residence.

  • Great location

The prestigious international colleges of New Zealand are located in a beautiful area near major cities, on the coasts. Thanks to its favourable location, students can enjoy a beach holiday and active sports, not to mention the enchanting nature of these places.

  • Safe stay

The country is in TOP-5 states with a high level of security: there is practically no corruption, crime and dangerous animals.

  • A wide range of leisure activities

Colleges are well equipped and have developed sports infrastructure - students are offered various sections and interest groups.

Leading international colleges in New Zealand - types of programs for foreign students

So, international colleges should not be confused with colleges specializing in higher education programs. The best international colleges have the same structure as private boarding schools: similar large areas, first-class equipment, numerous buildings and sites. The main difference is that students from abroad study at international colleges and usually do not last long, a year or two, since most of these institutions specialize in courses for high school students. Students here are given great freedom: the open territory of the college, the lack of school uniforms, more laid-back relationships with teachers, the freedom to organize their leisure time.

The main directions for foreign students in international colleges:

Course name

Age of students

Required Language Proficiency

Cost, New Zealand dollars (per lesson)

Business English courses 



Check with SMAPSE managers



15250 / semester



15250 / semester




Check with SMAPSE managers

Foundation Program


11125 / semester



13000 / semester

Language courses for academic purposes


430 / week

High school program


9000 / term

Admission to prestigious universities is often impossible immediately after school for foreign students because of the difference in educational systems: schoolchildren in many countries go to school for 12 years, so one year of high school may be missed. In order to equalize certificates, many students decide to go through the Foundation program:

  • Study 3 specialized subjects (depending on specialization)
  • English classes
  • Supporting seminars on the development of academic skills (rules for writing essays, especially examinations, notes, and much more).

Thus, the pre-university course will allow to get a versatile education on the one hand and deepening only in the necessary areas on the other. It is not surprising that students at the end of the course do an excellent job of entering a university and are quite ready to study in a new language environment, to cope with academic workloads.

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