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TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Ireland where international students can study high-quality Academic English courses

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Nowadays, Ireland is one of the most popular country among foreign students  wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Ireland where international students can study Academic English courses. Language schools in Ireland provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

SMAPSE experts have collected for you 10 best Irish language schools that allow to combine effective Academic English courses with exciting experience of studying abroad. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Ireland where international students can study high-quality Academic English courses

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What is academic english?

English for Academic Purposes, or English for academic purposes, is a style that is used in a narrow field: in essays, term papers and dissertations, all kinds of control tasks and projects. The course involves the development of writing skills, the ability to express one’s point of view, to give arguments, which is important not only for university students, but also for any person who is studying English and striving to improve it.

The main types of academic texts are: notes, report, draft, essays, scientific articles, letters, correspondence and dissertation. Strict requirements are put forward for writing works: a clear structure (the main part, conclusion, in more complex works there should be a review of studies on a stated topic, example, discussion, etc.), scientific style and uniqueness (all texts are checked for anti-plagiarism).

Academic English in Ireland: course features, benefits for Russians

  • In foreign schools and universities, much attention is paid to writing: students have to write essays in almost all subjects studied, therefore, to successfully study abroad, you must have academic English skills
  • Written speech in English will significantly improve the conversational level, perfect grammar constructions, expand vocabulary and communicate freely with native speakers
  • For students looking to work abroad, academic English is a must. In the courses they will master the basics of business etiquette and scientific vocabulary, learn how to conduct business letters and write structured reports.
  • Studying languages for academic purposes in Ireland is also popular among students preparing for the international exams IELTS , TOEFL , ESL, etc.
  • In Ireland, you can find both short-term (12-24 weeks) and long-term programs (5-6-9 months), which are considered financially more profitable.
  • The courses develop not only linguistic skills, but also social, communicative and professional ones. It is no coincidence that they focus on: it is a complex of diverse skills that underlies effective interaction in the business environment
  • Immersion in the language environment will positively affect the student's confidence in communication in a foreign language
  • Studying in English-speaking Ireland will help defeat your native accent
  • Ireland is attractive in terms of price, where tuition prices are lower by 20-30% than in Britain.
  • Academic English in Ireland for Adults: Nuances and Requirements

    Academic English programs for foreigners in Ireland are designed specifically for those students who are not confident in their knowledge or whose level is insufficient for admission and further study at a university in Ireland . The course is of a high degree of intensity and complexity, includes individual lessons with a teacher and lessons in a group. Experienced teachers set the goal to improve the language skills of students to the proper level, but all this happens in an academic context.

    Courses "Languages for Academic Purposes in Ireland" are in demand among many students with different goals:

    • University entrants - with the aim of developing skills on academic material
    • Employees of international companies to improve the quality of work and increase competitiveness
    • Pupils and adults preparing to take language exams
    • Pupils from abroad who are preparing to go to school abroad.

    In the lessons, students will be able to practice many useful skills: listening, quick grasp of the essence of written texts, eloquence. Emphasis is placed on the ability to quickly formulate their opinions, negotiate and defend their position. The educational process includes a variety of practical activities: participation in trainings, seminars, debates and professional events.

    To study on the course "Academic English for adults" you must meet a number of requirements:

    • Age features: foreigners over 15 years old can enroll in the course (in some private boarding schools they accept from 11)
    • Be prepared for super-intensive programs that require great returns - 20-30 lessons will be required per week
    • Language requirements: high level proficiency, preferably Advanced, C 1.

    Academic English in Ireland for Russian students

    Academic English courses for students aged 11-16 will help prepare for school abroad. The required level for students is Intermediate and above. The program includes the study of a specific list of academic subjects, which may include art, design, computer literacy, mathematics, biology, science, geography, a business course, etc. The objective of the course is to develop the personal qualities of students that they will need during their studies, and to increase the level of language in a short time.

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