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TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Ireland where foreign students can study Business English courses for professionals and experts

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Every year a great deal of foreign students choose Irish schools and colleges as they provide various high-quality and effective courses and studying programs. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Ireland where foreign students can study Business English courses for professionals. Studying Business English courses in Ireland allows to get deep knowledge, excellent command of Business English and exciting experience of studying abroad. Due to the list of TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Ireland, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Ireland where foreign students can study Business English courses for professionals and experts

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Language courses in Ireland: key points and benefits for international students

  • Business, vocational courses in Ireland - a great investment in your future, because gained knowledge and experience will certainly be useful in the professional field and will contribute to professional growth
  • Studying in Ireland at language courses will allow to immerse yourself in the language environment: daily language practice with native speakers will give excellent results
  • Living in Ireland or any other country not as a tourist, but as a student is always an acquaintance with a different culture, an interesting experience and broadening horizons
  • The pleasure of the learning process in Ireland is guaranteed: the student will receive a charge of positive emotions from communication in English and satisfaction from the rapid linguistic progress
  • Ireland is one of the most ideal places for staging British English and getting rid of the accent: Irish English is not very different from British, and the local population is fluent in language, hospitable and open to foreigners.

Business courses in Ireland for foreign students

TOP universities and language schools in Ireland offer high-quality business English programs: courses can last from several weeks to months or are organized by modules (2-3 modules per year), some programs are aimed at ensuring that students can combine their studies with work. Business courses cover business, management, economics, and marketing fields.

At business courses in Ireland you will learn:

  • negotiation features
  • can develop business communication skills
  • how to conduct foreign contracts, correspondence 
  • features of doing business abroad

Students over 16 years old with Upper-Intermediate English are invited to business courses in Ireland. Lessons are held in small groups, so the teacher gives students a lot of attention and carefully monitors linguistic progress. Typically, courses include about 20 group lessons, up to 10 interactive lessons, and business English workshops.

Business, professional courses can be organized not only as individual type, but also a corporate one. Employees of large companies attend modern corporate-format courses in order to increase professional and language competence. It is important to note that language lessons at such courses are not limited to: the courses may include studying to unleash the inner potential, time management secrets. In general, there are three main types of courses for business in Ireland:

  • professional development courses
  • programs for organizations
  • courses for those wishing to broaden their horizons and learn new skills in order to improve own personality 

Business courses for international students: features of studying

Modern world makes students think about their future career very early. In Ireland foreign students can choose interesting programs, including business, professional courses, which will help determine their future careers and gain valuable experience. Courses are developed for students of senior school age and provide a large amount of relevant knowledge from the business sector:

  • how to open start-up
  • modern market analysis
  • visiting international companies
  • current economic trends
  • marketing
  • business etiquette
  • business management
  • development of leadership skills
  • decision-making 

Professional English courses in Ireland

Professional English courses in Ireland involve language preparation for specialists in a professional field. The courses are built on the basis of modern approaches - interactive learning and communicative techniques.

The scope of tasks of professional courses for foreign students includes:

  • vocabulary expansion through the development of special terminology
  • study of business etiquette
  • acquisition of presentation skills in a foreign language
  • oratory skills development
  • acquaintance with the features of your profession abroad

So, at the CELT (Certificate in English Language Teaching) course, teachers will be able to take a continuing education program in teaching English as a foreign language. At the end of the program, teachers pass a difficult exam and receive a prestigious certificate. The course includes 120 lessons of high intensity and lasts about two weeks, the studying format implies group lessons and individual lessons with a tutor. Teachers will be able to put their knowledge into practice from the very first day of school due to a practice-oriented teaching approach. Language requirements for students: the level of knowledge of English should not be lower than advanced.

Types of vocational language programs in Ireland:

  • teaching and education
  • cooking
  • the medicine
  • engineering
  • law 
  • finance and banking
  • economy
  • communication
  • administration
  • art
  • programming and etc.
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