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Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

Address: Rue du Château, 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, France

Description Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

  • Established: 2015
  • Location: Ozoir la Ferrier, France
  • Students age: from 18 years.
  • Language of instruction: English, French
  • Type of study: college.

Ecole Ferrieres is a leading school for hospitality, gastronomy and luxury management professionals, which offers students a unique educational experience, including case studies, know-how, practical experience and internships. Education opens the way to future success, allows you to develop soft skills, and teaches the best tools for analyzing information with the integration of positive psychology and the teaching of the humanities. 1st year students get access to offers from partner companies, network institutions, and already at the 2nd year of undergraduate internships are conducted at the international level.

Studies are conducted in an old castle, built in 1829 by Joseph Paxton for Baron Rothschild and discovered by Napoleon II in 1862. This place full of history is surrounded by an English park of 130 hectares.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

Program name

Bachelor - from 18 liters.

  • Year 1, 2 - preparatory cycle.

The main curriculum is designed for two years (semesters 1-4): it allows students to study all professions in the hospitality industry, apply the basic methods common to luxury companies. Professionals from all over the world highly appreciate the quality of this program - it allows students to take internships at major companies in France and abroad at the end of the second year of study.

  • Year 3 - specialization with the possibility of studying parallel courses.

Semesters 5 and 6 are focused on the education of practicing experts in the chosen field. Participants will learn various specialties of their choice, will be able to perform many functions in a team. A diploma from the Ferrieres Bachelor course makes it possible to apply for employment in companies of the highest level.

from 18 400 € / year

International bba

  • Year 1, 2 - preparatory cycle.

A two-year basic curriculum allows students to study all professions in the hospitality industry. Pupils explore the basic techniques common to luxury companies. Professionals from all over the world highly appreciate the quality of this program, which allows students to take an internship in the largest hotels in France, the world at the end of the second year of study.

  • Year 3 - Internationalization.

This international cycle takes place in two stages: 1 semester in Barcelona on the Ferrieres campus, 2 semesters abroad, the format of the student's choice is academic on the partner campus, linguistic - to improve the practical skills of a foreign language, work experience / internship. Training in the 5th semester is conducted on the Ferrieres campus in Barcelona, in the 6th semester - abroad.

  • 4th year

Ferrieres work curriculum promotes alternative contractual employment with a partner company: this format allows you to fully fund two semesters of study. Semester 7 Ferrieres - choice of specialization, 8 - project management.

from 18 400 € / year

MSc Ferrieres - from 20 years old

  • Duration - from 18 to 24 months.
  • MSc Ferrieres are available in parallel for 2 programs.

Holders of a senior diploma, license or equivalent diploma with 180 ECTS, graduate students take a course for 3 semesters. For those who do not have experience in the hospitality industry, a pre-semester internship in Barcelona is mandatory.

All programs in English were developed with the participation of prestigious partner companies, large business schools.

The Master of Ferrieres is available after an IBBA course. MSc Ferrieres strives to prepare future professionals for leadership positions and entrepreneurial careers in international hospitality, gastronomy, event management. Education combines theory, practice, self-realization. Year 5 (9, 10 semester) is dedicated to the implementation of the project as part of the research center or design bureau Ferrieres.

from 6 000 € / 3 months

Cooking - from 18 liters. - 15 000 € / g.

  • Duration - 7 months.
  • The goal is an introduction to French cuisine.


  • Culinary terms and definitions
  • Using professional knives
  • Types of cutting
  • Classical French cuisine
  • The study and preparation of sauces, fillings, pasta
  • Learning different cooking methods
  • Origin of products, influence on regional cuisine
  • Culinary skills development
  • Introduction to various combinations of flavors, colors, textures
  • Accuracy, efficiency in the kitchen (responsibilities, situation)
  • Personal creativity development (individual prescription work)
  • Entrance fees, knife case and uniform are included.

Baking - from 18 l. - 15 000 € / g.

  • Duration - 7 months.
  • The goal is the basics of French baking


  • Macarons (shortbread, sweet, dark dough)
  • Bakery products
  • Creams (cream, custard, pastry cream)
  • Puff pastry
  • Cabbage pies
  • desserts
  • Cupcakes
  • Travel cakes
  • Chocolate.

Price includes: entrance tickets, case for knives, uniform.

Baking: advanced level - from 18 l. - 9 500 € / 5 month (+ 750 € for new students)

  • Duration - 5 months.
  • The goal is advanced baking methods.


  • Modern pies
  • Revised French Classic Baking
  • Chocolate montage
  • Ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Creative baking
  • Cake design.

Price includes: entry tickets, knife case and uniform.

Baking skills training - 6,000 € / 3 months.

  • Duration - 3 months.
  • The goal is the basics of baking art.

Practical Training Bakery:

  • Plain bread
  • Traditional bread
  • Rustic bread
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Bread
  • Leaven
  • Rye bread
  • Spice bread
  • Grain bread
  • Ciabatta.

Sweet pastries:

  • Croissant
  • Chocolate bread
  • Grape bread
  • Viennese bread
  • Sliced bread
  • Fallue
  • Buns.

Technological training:

  • The history of baking, its evolution
  • Raw materials used in the industry (wheat, flour, bread)
  • Dictionary and professional dress
  • Workspace layout
  • Bakery Names
  • Wheat (from growing to grinding)
  • Flour (composition, different types, dosages and tests)
  • The main raw materials (water, salt, yeast, sugar, milk, fat, eggs and egg products)
  • Making baking.

The cost of training includes: entrance tickets, case for knives, uniform.

from 9 500 € / 6 months

Validation des Acquis de l'expérience - 1500 € / week.

Ferrieres VAE provides full or partial certification for the following courses:

  1. Bachelor, “Hotel and luxury industry”
  2. Bachelor, "Gastronomy and Events"
  3. Bachelor, Culinary Arts
  4. MSc International Hotel
  5. MSc Gastronomy & Events
  6. Master of Marketing.

Investments include registration fees, support, access to the Ferrieres Coaching alumni network, providing access to:

  • Information and methodological meetings
  • 4 day workshops in small groups.

Workshop 1: description, analysis of activities, determination of mobilized skills

Workshop 2: writing, formalizing skills

Workshop 3: choice, analysis of professional problems

Workshop 4: Preparing for an Interview with the VAE Jury Individual interviews with 1 school teacher and at least 1 working professional.

Chef de Brigade en Réception - 9,500 € / 6 month

  • Duration - 6 months.

The program takes place in the ecosystem of Ferrieres, consisting of 4 restaurants, a hotel, a restaurant service. Training consists of elementary education, training in PAP, 8 weeks of internship. Validation of grades, PAP - an accelerated professionalization program - and internship are required to obtain a certificate.

Training is conducted in French and simultaneously translated into English.

The student must meet professional requirements:

  • Develop effectively in any company in the sector, especially those that occupy leading positions
  • Interact with various company members
  • Master the fundamental practices of targeted trading
  • Integrate top-level management training.

Intensive immersion in the professional world through the PAP program: during training, students encounter real practice in restaurants and hotels, regularly apply the received theory in practice.

Assistant chef - 9,500 € / 6 months.

  • Duration - 6 months.

The program takes place on the basis of Ferrieres companies, including 4 restaurants, a hotel, a restaurant service company. The training consists of initial training followed by an 8 week internship. Validation of grades, PAP (accelerated professionalization program) and internship are required to obtain a certificate.

Training is conducted in French and simultaneously translated into English.

A student who successfully completed a course at the Chef de Rang Hotel will be able to:

  • Meet professional culture requirements
  • Develop effectively in any company in the sector, including leading companies
  • Interact with various company members
  • Master the fundamental practices of targeted trading
  • Integrate top-level management training

Course Outline:

  • Professional culture
  • Commercial Relations
  • Mastery
  • Professional career
  • Intensive immersion in the professional world through PAP.

During training, students are faced with real work in restaurants and hotels in the network, regularly apply the theory in practice.

There are additional fees associated with certification options in French and English.

Training assistant sommelier - from 18 liters. - 15000 € / 6 month

  • Duration - 840 hours (including internship).

The training for an assistant sommelier lasting 6 months includes a 2-month internship. The training consists of lectures, practical exercises, professional culture course + PAP.

Course Outline:

  • Wine certification training - 1,450 hours (including internship)
  • Certification of culinary training in wine tasting in Paris
  • 8 months of enology training, including 2 months of internship in the Ferrieres system (4 restaurants, a hotel, catering, reception).
  • Training consists of training days at the training laboratory, PAP.


  • Level I - 15,000 €, 6-month training
  • Level II - 9500 euros, 4-month tuition (+ 750 € for new students)
  • Entrance fees for new students - 18500 €
  • Uniform - 350 €
  • Professional case - 100 €.

Accommodation, housing and food

Ferrieres College offers students exceptional professional experience, hands-on experience through several restaurants and their own 4 * hotel.

Around the castle, residential buildings were built. Ferrieres helps students find housing near the school, subject to availability and lessors. It is important that applicants start looking for housing immediately after registration, given the high demand for apartments near the school.

The building has its own Campus cafeteria, a coffee desk with takeaway, and offers lunch from Monday to Friday.

Events Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

Ferrieres encourages the development of social life as a key factor in student development. Associations coordinated by the Student Office (BDE) set the pace of the school in constant motion. Sports, parties, entertainment, charity, business - every young man will find something for himself.


  • Ferrieres helps students quickly master the professional skills that are in demand in the hotel and restaurant sector: students get acquainted with the work of all the company's facilities, communicate with industry professionals, demanding customers, and future colleagues.
  • A castle, a park, a hotel and a restaurant, educational buildings, innovative centers - all this is what students get at Ferrieres, explore the exceptional atmosphere of a small town near Paris.
  • The alternation of training courses and internships at all stages of training allows students to finance education, combine professional, academic experience.
  • Ferrieres integrates digital equipment into the learning process, and the H-Tech Valley Innovation Center is being built on campus.
  • Ferrieres optimizes funding for education through an internal organization that facilitates student loans and a trust fund that provides scholarships, alternating work and study opportunities to secure funding.
  • The training is international: students from France and from abroad study together, undergo internships around the world, all courses are conducted exclusively in English from the 3rd year.
  • Students are faced with the reality in the restaurants and hotels of the company, try themselves in various positions in the kitchen, in the dining room, bar, at the reception, cleaning, selling, booking, servicing, organizing events, as a sommelier. As skills grow, each student gains a unique, diverse professional experience.
  • Learning objectives: immerse yourself in the reality of the hotel and restaurant business, learn from recognized professionals.

Equipment Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

The castle and campus are constantly evolving and offer high-quality facilities:

  • 2000 m² of classrooms, lounges, independent study
  • 2000 m² of kitchens, training laboratories
  • 500 m² cellars, tasting rooms
  • 1 training restaurant
  • 1 educational hotel area
  • 1 student canteen
  • 4500 m² reception
  • 1 vineyard with 2000 vines.

On campus, Human Tech Valley, an innovation center with an area of ​​over 12,000 m², is being built. A training laboratory for hotels and restaurants will be completed in the fall of 2020.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Participants in a full continuing education program and modules lasting 3-4 weeks. pay an additional 500 € for the purchase of equipment, uniforms.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

All applicants are interviewed:

  • Understand the identity of the candidate
  • Identify potential, given experience and ambition
  • Set the degree of personal and professional motivation.

Requirements for applicants:

  • High school diploma or international equivalent.
  • Filled out application online.

Ferrieres motivational interviews include:

  • Assessment of social (motivation, dynamism, adaptability and determination), intellectual (analysis, synthesis, mastery of foreign languages) abilities.

For master's programs, the candidate must undergo at least a 6-month internship.

Scholarships Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe

Ferrieres wants to discover the unique quality of its training to as many people as possible thanks to the Ferrieres Donation Fund, so it provides partial scholarships to worthy candidates.

Getting a scholarship depends on 3 criteria:

  • Applications sent first are more likely
  • The quality of filling out the application file matters
  • Social criteria - income of parents or guardians should not be high.

Ferrieres offers a limited number of students the opportunity to alternate studies with work in one of the operating units of Ferrieres. Heads of departments regularly offer students the opportunity to earn extra money in the hotel and restaurant divisions of the school.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Ecole Ferrières - Hôtellerie Gastronomie Luxe reviews

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