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TOP-5 prestigious language schools in the Czech Republic where foreign students can study effective English and Czech courses

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Nowadays, the Czech Republic becomes more and more popular with international students. SMAPSE offers you TOP-5 Czech language schools where international students can study effective English and Czech courses. Language schools in the Czech Republic provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Leading Czech languaage schools with studying English and Czech

SMAPSE experts have collected information about the best language schools in the Czech Republic for children, schoolchildren and students. The list, description, ranking, tuition fees will help you to find out what language programs and courses for foreign students are offered by educational institutions in Prague and in the whole country. We will tell you which school is best suited for students of different ages, we will dwell on the features of accommodation.

Best language schools in the Czech Republic offer courses of different duration and content for foreign students:

  • annual preparatory course of the Czech language for admission to universities;
  • semester language courses;
  • individual language training;
  • vacation programs in English / Czech, including sports training;
  • doctoral programs for doctors.

Language schools in the Czech Republic for foreign students entering universities

Best Czech language schools for children, schoolchildren and students offer programs for university entrants. In accordance with the Czech Law on Education, free tuition at Czech universities requires knowledge of the state language at the academic level. Leading teachers develop rich programs for the study of linguistic disciplines and subjects necessary for admission to the chosen specialty. The content of the courses is constantly updated in accordance with the requirements of universities.

The program of preparatory courses includes:

  • Czech;
  • English;
  • Maths;
  • Specialized subjects.
  • In total - 860 academic hours.
  • It accepts students from 17 to 28 years old.
  • Duration - 1 year.
  • Cost - from 5500 € / year.

Language courses in the Czech Republic for foreign students entering medical faculties

The program of language schools in the Czech Republic for foreign students entering medical specialties accepts students from the age of 17 to study in the Czech language for an annual language program. The proposed study program prepares for entrance examinations at Charles University and the Czech Technical University - the country's leading universities, consistently included in the rankings of the best universities in the world.

Choosing language courses for future medical students, you turn to top experts in the field of teaching academic Czech. Qualified educators use top-level language programs to achieve students the best results. The high level of the developed courses, constant communication with native speakers, living abroad, applying the acquired knowledge in the process of studying and at home allow students to quickly progress in learning Czech.

  • Courses include 500 hours of Czech + 60 hours of English and specialized subjects.
  • Cost - from 4900 € / year.

Czech preparatory language courses for children and schoolchildren for 1 semester

The standard language course for entering schoolchildren and students in Czech universities lasts 1 year (but there are programs designed for 1 semester). After completing a semester language course, you can expect to enter a private university in the Czech Republic or, having acquired the required number of classes, in a state.

  • A language course lasting 17 weeks (1 semester) includes 25 academic hours per week.
  • Cost - 3399 €.
    The 13-week course also includes 25 language lessons weekly.
  • Cost - 3199 €.

Language courses + sports in the Czech Republic for international students

Modern language schools in the Czech Republic invite children, schoolchildren and students to attend a program combining a rich linguistic course and sports. The tennis school is traditionally strong in the Czech Republic. Sports training is carried out by professional athletes, so students of any level can go through the program - trainers make an individual training program for each student.

The teaching staff of the courses is leading practitioners with extensive experience in teaching foreign languages to schoolchildren / students with a knowledge level of zero. A high level of classroom equipment provides students with comfortable learning.
The program:

  • studying: 4-5 times a week., 2 hours / d. (individual and group courses);
  • academic classes: 50 academic hours, 4-5 times a week.


  • English with native speakers;
  • History of Prague, Czech Republic (in English).

Court coverings - soil / rubber as the most popular for professional tournaments.

  • The duration of the course is from 2 weeks to 1 month.
  • Age - from 14 years old.
  • Cost - from 790 € (for 2 weeks).

Vacation programs in English / Czech + sports courses

Popular Czech linguistic programs accept schoolchildren and students during vacation periods (summer, autumn, winter). These courses allow you to achieve a marked improvement in English / Czech and see European sights.

Leading specialists in the development of effective teaching methods rooted in the national education system teach at schools. Regular surveys among foreign students, performance studies and verification of the effectiveness of training allows you to timely refine and improve training programs. Students are offered accommodation in comfortable conditions - equipped with all the necessary residences in full or partial board.

  • Language courses are accepted for teaching a foreign language during the vacation periods of children from 14 years old.
  • The price of the program is from 599 €.


The best language schools in the Czech Republic offer foreign doctors to undergo a language course and nostrification of a diploma with a view to further employment in the country. Postgraduate programs are designed for experienced doctors and graduates of foreign medical universities with an initial level of knowledge of Czech. The course will result in fluency in the language.

Nostrification of a diploma involves translating into Czech, submitting a package of documents to a university to recognize and establish equivalence.
The language program includes 280 academic hours of the Czech language (teaching the general basics of the language, the formation of communication skills, the study of medical terminology).

The program includes a 5-month internship in Czech clinics.

After passing the theoretical and practical parts of the course, students pass written and oral exams. An oral exam is based on a case from a student's medical practice during a language program.

  • The duration of the course is 2.5-3.5 months.
  • Students age: 18+
    Class size: up to 10 people.
    Cost - 3490 €.

Accommodation and holidays for foreign students in the Czech Republic

During studies in the Czech Republic, students will have time to see the best sights of the country, get acquainted with cultural and everyday realities.

Accommodation for foreign students - in comfortable residences. Meals to choose from: board, half board, breakfast, self-catering.

Cost of living in Czech Republic

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 144 195
Food 127 215
Transportation 18 79
Communications and utilities 58 89
Clothing 20 76
Sports and leisure 17 59
Total 384 713


Accommodation in Czech Republic

Shared room outside of centre 145
Shared room in city centre 197
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 273
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 365


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