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TOP-10 language schools and centers in the Czech Republic where international students can study high-quality academic English and Czech courses

Education information

Nowadays, the Czech Republic is one of the most popular country among foreign students  wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-10 language schools and centers in the Czech Republic where international students can study academic English and Czech courses. Czech language schools and centers provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

SMAPSE experts have collected for you 10 best Czech language schools and centers that allow to combine effective academic English and Czech courses with exciting experience of studying abroad. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 language schools and centers in the Czech Republic where international students can study high-quality academic English and Czech courses

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Best language courses in the Czech Republic for foreign students

In TOP Czech language schools, various language programs are developed and improved that take into account the needs of modern foreign students. Summer programs for children and adults, intensive Czech courses, languages for academic purposes are in great demand. The main nuances of teaching in language schools:

  • Developed educational system: traditions + innovations

It is worth noting that educational system in the Czech Republic has absorbed all the best from European experience. Traditional characteristics of Czech education can be considered academic rigor and rich programs.

  • Teaching methods

In the lessons - as in all countries with developed educational programs - a communicative approach is used. Due to constant practice and involvement in the learning process, students who choose languages for academic purposes in the Czech Republic can quickly master the material in a short time. This teaching method allows you to make lessons lively, interesting. Students are active participants, and the teacher is a good friend and mentor. Teachers build classes with the involvement of interactive, for this in the language centers have everything you need.

  • Personal approach

An important principle of education at Czech language centers is an individual approach, which means attentive attitude towards students, taking into account their age and personality characteristics, and careful monitoring of their development. In order to provide comfortable conditions for group students, small, maximum ten to fifteen people are formed

  • Follow results

As a rule, in order to enter the language center, passing entrance exams or providing certificates of passing language exams is not required. At the beginning of classes, the students undergo testing, which will allow teachers to know the level of language proficiency, to note gaps that are worth working on. Further, after a week of intensive work in the classroom, the guys perform test assignments that are designed to track progress. At the end of the course, all students are given a prestigious certificate of completion of a particular course.

Academic Czech and English courses in the Czech Republic for foreign students

For foreign students the courses “Languages for Academic Purposes” are an excellent start to a fruitful long-term study in this country. According to the laws of the Czech Republic, foreign students can get free higher education in the Czech Republic and study programs in Czech.

Consider the features of language courses for academic purposes and find out why you can not do without it:

What is Academic English?

Academic language is a special language style that is used in narrow areas, mostly in the world of science and education. 

Requirements to scientific articles

Studying at the university involves use of a scientific and conceptual terms from a narrow specialized field. At the same time, it is important for the student both to understand the academic language and to be able to confidently express it: on the defense of papers and thesis, passing exams and writing various written assignments: essays, term papers, abstracts, etc.

Courses to develop social and communication skills

An important component of the academic style is the observance of a certain etiquette, unspoken rules that can only be learned at special courses: the ability to reasonably express one’s point of view, conduct business letters, write reports, etc.

So, languages for academic purposes is a direction of language programs with special specifics that will suit a large circle of students:

  • University entrants
  • Specialists from various fields for the purpose of continuing education
  • As an additional preparation for students preparing to take language exams
  • Schoolchildren who plan to study abroad
  • Anyone who wants to improve their skills mainly in order to learn a fluent foreign language.

Leading academic English and Czech language courses

  • Bright emotions and a sea of impressions

The pleasure of studying is guaranteed: all lessons are based on the age characteristics and characteristics of students, there is a relaxed and benevolent atmosphere during the lessons. Students experience great joy when they remove the language barrier and observe impressive progress. 

  • Great language experience

Any course involves language immersion and communication with a native speaker - an experience that cannot be obtained in one’s home country. Only in such conditions can you master the skills of easy communication in a foreign language and acquire the most relevant language knowledge.

  • Acquaintance with amazing culture

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with stunning historical and cultural monuments. Living in the Czech Republic, you can visit other countries participating in the Schengen Agreement

  • Reasonable prices and profitable programs

Unlike other European countries, studying and living here will be much cheaper - in any case, studying in the Czech Republic is much more affordable than in the the UK, Switzerland or Germany.

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