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TOP-40 language camps in Canada for international students on summer holidays

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Nowadays, Canada is the most popular country for educational tourism. Every year many foreign students visit Canada to spend exciting holidays at language camps. SMAPSE offers TOP-40 summer language camps in Canada where international students can take high-quality and advanced courses. This country is the best choice for those who wish to get new positive experience.

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Main features of studying in Canada: 7 most famous Canadian languge camps

Actually, Canada is a bilingual country, where people speak both English and French. Canada has British educational system that is considered the best in the world. The quality of education in Canada meets the standards of schools in England or Switzerland. At the same time, the cost of studying is much less.

Canada provides very high standards of living and very low crime rate. It is absolutely safe to send children study at Canadian schools and camps. Moreover, teachers and coaches look after students 24/7.

In addition, Canada is famous for best ecology in the world, the cleanest and most beautiful nature, many reserves and national parks, crystal clear air, magnificent lakes. During studying at language camps and schools, foreign students have an opportunity to visit most beautiful and famous places. Language courses in Canada can improve command of foreign languages and broaden horizons!

Just as in language camps in Switzerland, Canadian camps work on the basis of private schools, colleges in major cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and others.

Most famous language camps in Canada are the following:

  • Columbia International College
  • Lakefield Camp
  • International Language Academy of Canada
  • Onondaga Camp
  • Wynchemna
  • Trinity College
  • St. Michael's College

4 types of courses at language camps in Canada for international students

Actually, all foreign students, who have chosen courses at language schools in Canada, have to pass tests before starting their studies. Such tests determine the level of language proficiency. According to the results, students choose corresponding programme and group.

Language camps in Canada provide:

  • Basic course - involves 20 lessons per week
  • Intensive course - involves 30 lessons per week
  • Preparation programs for taking English exam and admission to higher educational institutions
  • The course "English + hobby": language studies plus dancing or fashion, music, movies and much more.

All language courses in Canada are focused on expanding the active vocabulary of students, improving pronunciation and getting skills of confident communication.

It's worth noting that teachers and coaches at Canadian language schools and camps practice individual approach to each student. Language courses in Canada encourage students to study with desire and interest. It helps overcome language barriers and be fully immersed into cultural environment.

Usually, all lessons are finished by lunchtime. After that, students have entertainment time. They have hikes, sports competitions, excursions. Many students for the first time tried to raft down the river on canoe and kayaks, master windsurfing and rafting.


Tuition fees for spending holidays at Canadian language camps

Tuition fees for language courses in Canada include full range of services, like curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers and Insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, type of accommodation, the cost for everything varies on average from 700 to 1200 Canadian dollars a week.

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