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Holidays camps for children in Montreal, Quebec. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

Education information

For you, we have prepared a list of top 35 educational institutions offering holidays camps for children in Montreal, Quebec, where international children, teenagers, adults and students can study. You can choose the course you like (pay attention to the cost, rating and reviews), our consultans are ready to help you to make the right choice. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of plasces is limited.

Summer course of English for children and teenagers

  • Students age: 7-10, 11-13, 14-17 years old
  • Intensity: 15 lessons per week
  • Groups of up to 16 people
  • The minimum level of knowledge: any, from the initial (Beginner / Elementary, A1).

Students of the summer language course are engaged 15 hours a week: from Monday to Friday three hours a day. Lessons are held both in the morning (9-12 hours) and after lunch (14-17 hours): when enrolling to the program, all students are divided into groups according to the results of the entrance test, which makes the training as quick and effective as possible. In one class there are no more than 12-16 people, which gives the teacher the opportunity to practice an individual, personal approach and give each student maximum attention. All the teachers of the program have the necessary accreditations for working with foreign students and international groups, a great experience of teaching English / French as a foreign language.

The program lasts 1-5 weeks and is aimed at a comprehensive improvement of all major. basic language skills:

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Auditing (listening comprehension)
  • Vocabulary (active expansion of vocabulary)
  • Written speech
  • Oral speech (spoken English)
  • Phonetics (correct pronunciation, accent correction)
  • Improve communication skills.

Much attention is paid to verbal and colloquial training, linguaphone apparatus, computers and resources of the university library are actively involved. All excursions and most leisure activities are conducted in English, which intensifies educational progress - the communicative method today is considered one of the most effective and fastest.

A useful supplement to the main language lessons are project lessons: independently or in mini-groups, students create work on a variety of topics, actively using the knowledge gained in grammar or vocabulary. You can write a camp newspaper, create interesting oral presentations and reports, stage dramatic theatrical performances, participate in language contests and competitions, etc.

Summer English and French courses are held from July 2 to August 5 inclusive: the beginning of classes every week, you can book a course at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 weeks at will. The cost of staying in the summer camp is:

  • 1 week = 2700 $ CAD
  • 2 weeks = $ 5700 CAD
  • 3 weeks = 6800 $ CAD
  • 4 weeks = 8400 $ CAD
  • 5 weeks = $ 9900 CAD.

Holidays camps for children in Montreal, Quebec. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

Extract of the description of institutions in currect section:

European Center for European Center EC Montreal is one of the most prestigious language schools in Quebec. European Center Montreal is located in the largest bilingual city in the world. Montreal is part of Europe on the North American continent. In this city with a rich history, culture, almost everything from traditions, to language.

In Montreal they speak English and French. The study of these languages ​​is offered in the most famous in the province specialized school of European Center Montreal. The language school, located in the business district of the city, in the shopping center, offers its students a lot of opportunities for improving French, English. Training takes place in comfortable conditions. The school has modern auditoriums, which are necessary for providing educational services with a number of teaching materials. Teach only English and French speakers in the school. Programs in the school can be adapted to the needs of a particular student or group of students.

The European Center Montreal offers students three options for accommodation.


  • A-Level
  • English for Hospitality
  • higher education
  • IB
  • summer preparation for IELTS
  • Primary school (Spanish)
  • summer spanish course
  • Bachelor (Italian)
  • Intensive English + design
  • german summer courses
  • Business Spanish
  • GCSE
  • summer english
  • language test preparation
  • business courses
  • oxbridge Pre-U
  • High School Diploma
  • primary, secondary education
  • adult language courses

Alternative cities:

  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Miami, Florida
  • Oxford
  • New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Barcelona
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Liaocheng
  • Swansea
  • Cordoba
  • Catania
  • St. Moritz
  • Pool
  • Kumamoto
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Ynii
  • Wildau

Alternative countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Wales
  • Finland
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Malta
  • Macedonia
  • Chile
  • South Africa
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