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Year of study abroad - the cost of studying at schools and universities for foreign students

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Year of study abroad - the cost of studying at schools and universities for foreign students

Today, for foreign students, a year of study abroad can turn into a very useful investment in their future. Year after year, more and more students are inclined to study abroad, more accessible and diverse areas appear, and getting foreign education gradually ceases to be a curiosity for Russian schoolchildren and their parents. Abroad today from the USA and Great Britain to the Czech Republic and Poland - the doors of schools and universities are open to all comers, while the cost of studying in schools and universities abroad for foreign stidents varies greatly.

Foreign education is a prestigious and popular option that does not have age restrictions. Why is the alternative to domestic education so popular? A foreign diploma of a prestigious university will open the doors of international companies, certified specialists with certificates of the American and European standard are very in demand, all because scrupulous study is behind the prestigious document.

For the educational system of top-level educational institutions of the western type, not only academic successes, but also personal qualities are important. The upbringing and development of strong personalities who think critically and make responsible decisions are the qualities without which good entrepreneurs, financiers, architects, etc. cannot be nurtured.

The material and technical form of education, as well as following up with the times, is what the emphasis is on in all educational institutions abroad. The problem of correlation of theoretical knowledge and what awaits students in practice is solved thanks to a practice-oriented approach, as well as high-quality internships.


Year of study abroad for students: bachelor and master

The most popular destinations among foreign students are considered to be educational institutions in the USA and Great Britain: literally in a year of study abroad you will feel the standards of educational programs and a truly elite, aristocratic education. It is predictable that the cost of studying at British and American universities and schools is the highest, and education itself falls into the Luxe category, which is expensive. The pricing in these countries is greatly influenced by rankings and tops, in which universities consistently occupy leading positions. Who has not heard of Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge (and this is only the beginning of the list)? This is one of the reasons education in these countries is considered its own brand.

So, about the prices. In top American universities, the academic year will cost 35,000 $ - 55,000 $. The average cost of education in public universities in the United States is 10,000 $ - 20,000 $. A bachelor in the UK will cost 14,000 - 20,000 £. The average fee for a magistracy is 13,000 £ - 37,000 £.

An equally popular area is study in European countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. In Europe, there are fairly affordable courses for foreign students, but the final amount for payment is affected by various nuances: applicants from countries with which special agreements are in force can count on a minimum fee. For foreign students, as a rule, there are no special benefits and advantages with respect to price, however, universities in the above countries are considered relatively accessible for study. In public institutions, the cost will be slightly lower, and in some countries, higher education is positioned as free (for example, in Germany and Italy) and foreign students will be able to enter the program at the lowest cost (about 1,000 ). Count on the minimum cost is only for courses in the national language - international courses in English are usually more expensive. It is also worth considering that accommodation is most often paid separately. Let us dwell on prices (per year in ) in these countries in more detail: in Austrian state institutions, studies will be about 800 , in Germany - about 10,000 , in France - about 500  in undergraduate studies and 900  in master's programs.

Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal - popular and economical options among foreign students, as well as Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway. In Norway, Luxembourg, Iceland, partly in Finland, studies are free, in Poland - about 8,000  for studies, meals and accommodation, in Greece - 1,000 , in Portugal - 1,500 .

The cost of studying at a school abroad for students

Very often, the educational system consists of educational levels corresponding to a certain age of the student. Foreign students and their parents often give preference to private boarding schools - the cost here is higher than in state ones, but the hassle is less. Foreign students can enter any class, the main requirement is language proficiency + the issue of guardianship is mandatory, which is mandatory in many states: the students are constantly monitored in calm and safe educational institutions. The level of education of students in such schools is the highest - it is no coincidence that schools are very proud of the academic performance of their graduates who enter the top higher educational institutions of the world.

Students can begin to study in a foreign school from the age of 6, and accommodation in a boarding school is possible for older students - from 9-12 years. It is better to start acquaintance with the selected country in advance, on short-term courses. Children leave enthusiastic reviews about holidays in the summer camps of Europe and the USA, where they can enjoy summer vacations and immerse themselves in the environment.

Factors affecting the cost: prestige, location, living conditions and duration of programs. Further, the average prices of educational programs in private boarding schools in Europe and the USA (per year):

  • France - from 35,000
  • Switzerland - from 96,000 Swiss
  • Italy - from 30,000
  • USA - from 22,000 $
  • Great Britain - from 35,000 £.

A year of study of the English language abroad for foreign students

The linguistic programs are also striking in their diversity - classes in language schools are very productive: foreign students quickly master conversational skills, gain relevant vocabulary, put pronunciation and master valuable listening skills.

There are no age restrictions - in language centers they will select a program according to your needs and requirements, whether it is business English, academic language, the development of speaking skills and much more. SMAPSE offer courses of varying intensity, duration and price.

You can study abroad not only English - popular languages are: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese and Japanese. Here you can prepare for international exams: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, DELF, DALF, CAE, etc. The cost of courses starts from 400 per week.

Studying after classes 9,10,11 abroad: opportunities and prices

Due to the difference in educational standards, graduates are faced with additional difficulties when enrolling in foreign educational centers. As a rule, in British, American and European countries, students study at least one grade longer in high school, which causes a mismatch of the certificate with international requirements. This problem is easily removed when choosing a special preparatory program.

Duration of high-intensity programs (GCSE, A-level, International Baccalaureate, Foundation, Oxbridge) can be several semesters. The students acquire a powerful academic and language education and easily enter the chosen place of study. These are quite expensive programs - the cost for them starts from 2,000 for 12 weeks.

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