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Where to study in the USA?

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Where to study in the USA?

Getting an education in the US has always been popular with boarding students: every year thousands of students from all over the world come to America to gain academic knowledge abroad and improve their English language skills.

The system of teaching and methods in the United States was formed over the centuries. Graduates of American schools are many outstanding personalities who have achieved great results in life. American educational institutions have high rankings and occupy a leading position in TOP lists all over the world. The education of foreign students in English contributes to a complete immersion in the language environment: students very quickly begin to speak fluent in a foreign language, even if their level of preparation was not very high.

School programs in the United States are allocated quite a lot of time for practical classes and vocational guidance, so that it is easier for students to decide on their future profession.

Organization of education in the USA

The system of school education in the United States looks like this:

  • preschool education - from 3 to 5 years;
  • Primary school from 1st to 5th grades - from 6 to 11 years;
  • Secondary school from 6th to 8th grades - from 11 to 16 years old;
  • Senior classes from 9th to 12 grades- from 16-18 years old.

Graduation of the school is accompanied by the receipt of the diploma of High School Diploma, and for the last 2 years of study, the Advanced Placement program is available for in-depth study of core subjects and obtaining additional educational credits that are taken into account when entering the university. The total duration of studies is 12 years, and this main difference between the US and some other systems does not allow some foreign students immediately after the 11th grade to enter the US university, because they are pre-university courses.

Education in the United States after 6th,7th, 8th, 9th grades

Since 11 years for foreign students enter the American secondary school for school secondary education. The curriculum includes compulsory subjects: mathematics, English, literature. A distinctive feature of schools in the United States is the provision of the choice of school subjects - so the students have the opportunity to make a curriculum, based on personal preferences and interests.

Education in the United States after 10th grade

At the age of 16, students can study in the Advanced Placement program - especially for students who have already decided on their future profession. Advanced Placement allows students to study world history, statistics, chemistry, biology, mathematical analysis, English, French, Chinese, Spanish and other subjects in depth.

Education in the United States after 11th grade

After the end of the 11th grade, students enter the preparatory programs in America, if they have not previously studied at the US school.

  • University Pathway - the duration of 1-3 semesters, depending on the level of student preparation, the price of education is from 6,372 $ / semester. After the termination of the program the student has the right to transfer immediately to the second course of the university
  • Transfer Program - the duration is 2-3 semesters: during this time, students earn educational loans for admission to the university (if the educational center cooperates with the institutes, then it is possible to transfer immediately to the second year of the bachelor's program); the price of education is from 12,500 $ / semester
  • International Foundation - duration of 2 semesters; the main emphasis is on language courses, as well as students studying academic subjects; The price of education is from 22,320 $ / semester.

A feature of education in the United States is the receipt of educational credits (credits) during school and preparatory programs: their number depends on the number of subjects studied and the hours they listened according to the program.

Getting higher education in American universities

Special attention should be paid to higher educational institutions of the USA. In the states of America are located the most popular institutions of the Ivy League - the association of the most prestigious and elite universities (this is the most famous association of scientific centers all over the world!). After graduation and preparatory courses in the US, the chances of enrolling in one of the universities are increasing.

List of Ivy League universities:

Examples of educational institutions and the cost of education

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School (USA, New York) - for full boarding, students can attend primary school, middle school, Advanced Placement, International Foundation. The cost of studying for the academic year is 83,000 $;
  • North Broward Preparatory School (USA, Orlando) - a school on the Pacific coast is one of the TOP-50 prestigious private schools in the United States. A complete school program is available for foreign students, and the cost of studying for the academic year is 53,000 $;
  • The Village School (USA, Texas, Houston) - a private boarding school since 2006 has become part of the network of educational institutions Meritas family. For students, an educational program is available from primary classes to preparatory courses. The price of study for the academic year is 56,000 $.
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