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2022-06-14 20:55:42

Universities with the most famous graduates

Universities with the most famous graduates

We are used to hearing that the most famous people are graduates of famous universities that they know all over the world, for example, in Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. However, there are many other educational institutions in the world, the graduates of which are no less known to the public than Margaret Thatcher or Oscar Wilde.

University of Helsinki in Finland

The educational institution was opened back in 1640 as the Royal Academy and is the oldest and largest higher education institution in Finland. The number of students at the university exceeds 40 thousand people, and the university itself has never left the top 100 best universities in the world in the entire history of the list.

The University of Helsinki has an impeccable reputation as a research institute, which gives it the right to enter the League of European Research Universities in Europe. The list includes Cambridge and Oxford universities.

The main campus of the educational institution is located in the city center of Helsinki, the other three are located in different cities of Finland. At the disposal of the university there are many research bases, which are scattered around the world, including Madagascar and Kenya.

Among the famous graduates of the University of Helsinki are:

  • Heikki Klemetti is a well-known doctor and composer, the creator of the Finnish school of chorale music;
  • Tarja Halonen is the president of Finland, who became the first woman to occupy the highest post in the country. She spent 12 years in the presidency and went down in the history of the country as one of the most popular statesmen;

Sorbonne in France

The Sorbonne is a complex of 13 universities located throughout Paris. The educational institution received its name in honor of the spiritual name of King Louis IX - its name was Robert de Sorbonne. Louis in the XIII century founded a theological college, which later became part of the University of Paris. The name "Sorbonne" was assigned to the complex of universities despite the fact that the University of Paris appeared almost 100 years earlier than the College of the Sorbonne.

The campuses of the university can be found throughout the capital of France. The main building is specialized in education in the fields of cinematography, communication and linguistics.

11 presidents of France, more than 50 Nobel Prize winners, 2 Popes, a large number of French writers, as well as leaders of other countries - Greece, Canada and Denmark - came out of the Sorbonne with diplomas. Among the most famous graduates are:

  • Emmanuel Macron is the current president of the French Republic, who has held office since 2017 and won the last presidential election, ahead of Marie Le Pen;
  • Francois Hollande – Head of France from 2012 to 2017;
  • Anne Hidalgo is the first woman to hold the post of mayor of Paris, who has been performing her duties for 10 years;
  • Margrethe II – Queen of the Danish Kingdom since 1972;
  • Catherine Samba-Panza was the head of the Central African Republic from 2014 to 2016.

Auburn University in Alabama, United States of America

Auburn University, the state's largest institution of higher education, has more than 25,000 students. The university became the first place in Alabama to work on the system of mixed education. The university constantly graduates students who become NASA scientists and astronauts, which allows it to occupy high lines in the ranking of universities with the best engineering program in the United States. Almost all statesmen of the state are graduates of Auburn University.

The university is located on the auburn campus, which has one of the highest growth rates in the southern States. The educational institution has its own fleet and flight simulators, allowing students to undergo more thorough eduaction and apply knowledge in practice.

The most famous graduates of the university are:

  • Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Corporation;
  • Ken Mattingley is an astronaut who took part in the Apollo space program. Ken is one of 24 astronauts who managed to get to the moon;
  • Kay Helen Ivy is the 54th Governor of Alabama, serving from 2017 to the present day;
  • Octavia Spencer is a famous actress who played in "The Big Bang Theory" and "Secret Files". He has an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

University of the Pacific, California, United States of America

The university is considered one of the oldest in the state, is the first building of joint education in California. The university owns the first music conservatory and medical school in the western United States.

Campuses of the University of the Pacific are located throughout the state, in the cities of San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento. Each of the buildings deals with a separate direction:

  • The Sacramento branch produces lawyers, political scientists, analysts and educators.
  • In San Francisco, future dentists, musicians, specialists in the field of food research study.
  • The Stockton campus specializes in engineering and IT specialists.

The university often becomes a location for Hollywood films. The university played the role of an educational institution in which the adventurer Indiana Jones, whose role was played by the legendary Harrison Ford, taught. The location appeared in two parts of the famous film series.

People who achieve brilliant results in life have graduated and continue to graduate from the university:

  • Jose Hernandez is a NASA astronaut, one of the few Latin Americans who managed to make a space flight;
  • Arif Alvi is the President of Pakistan, who has held the post since 2018;
  • Janet Leigh is a legendary actress and singer nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award winner for her role played in the film Psycho;
  • George Moscone is the mayor of San Francisco from 1976 to 1978.
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