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TOP longest streets in the world

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TOP longest streets in the world

Would you like to walk the longest streets of this planet? Most likely not, because the time of such a walk can drag on for tens of hours (or even days)! In our TOP there is a rating of the ten longest streets in the world.

Rivadavia Avenue

The length of Rivadavia Avenue in Buenos Aires is 14.6 km . The tenth place in the rating belongs to the Argentine street, named after the first head of state - Bernadino Rivadavia. A unique avenue with an intense traffic intersection, a large number of traffic lights, metro stations and numerous bus routes.

Moscow avenue

The ninth in the TOP was Moskovsky Prospect of Ukrainian Kharkov. The length of the street is 18 km . "Avenue of the Giants" is the popular nickname for the avenue with a long history. Once upon a time, large industrial giants were lined up along the street. It is also considered the longest street in Europe.

Sofiyskaya street

St. Petersburg is rich in beautiful and long streets, but only Sofiyskaya Street stands out among the rest with its length of 18.3 km . This is the longest street in St. Petersburg, and it is planned to extend it.

Broadway street

New York Broadway is famous all over the world. This is a huge street that runs through Manhattan. Broadway is adored by tourists and locals alike: this is the part of New York that lives its own unique life 24 hours a day, is remembered for its bright billboards with advertisements. There are over forty theaters on Broadway, and a huge number of other cultural sites. Formally, the length of Broadway is as much as 53 km, but only 24 km passes directly through the city of New York.

Dinmukhamed Kunaev Street

Kazakhstan is home to the sixth longest street in the world. The length of Dinmukhaemda Kunaev Street is 35 km , it is located in the city of Tekeli. Kunaev was an outstanding statesman.

Second longitudinal track

Volgogradskaya Street, 50 km long, connected the most distant parts of the city from each other. Officially, this street has not received its fixed status, so its individual sections have many different names.


The legendary Moscow MKAD is a 109-kilometer street with futuristic interchanges and endless traffic in all directions.

Primorskoe highway

This is a 170 km long motorway street in St. Petersburg. Along the Primorskoe highway there are wooden and stone cottages, which are more than a hundred years old, and beautiful city landscapes.


The second place in the TOP belongs to Sukhumvit Street in Bangkok. Its length is 491 kilometers , it crosses many Thai settlements. The street owes its name to the head of the road department. Shopping points of Bangkok are concentrated on this street. One of the busiest places in Thailand!

Young Street

The winner of the rating is the Canadian Young Street from Toronto. The length of this beauty is a record 1,896 kilometers . The street divides the capital of the country into two parts. According to historians, Young Street is a repetition of the old Indian path. It owes its name to George Young, an English minister and friend of Toronto founder John Simcoe.

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