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2018-07-30 11:57:12

San Francisco High Schools, San Francisco High School Education

San Francisco High Schools, San Francisco High School Education

San Francisco is one of the most suitable places for getting a prestigious education in an American private school . The atmosphere of the city has to life and study. Here all year round there is a clear sunny weather, many people from different countries live, events are constantly taking place. San Francisco boarding schools accept students from all over the world and provide them with individual learning conditions that are comfortable for foreigners.

San Francisco is home to the top universities: the University of California, the Academy of Art University, San Francisco Conservatory, Lowell High School, St. Ignatius College. These elite universities gladly accept graduates of the city's private schools.

Nearby is the computer center of the world - the legendary Silicon Valley with the headquarters of leading IT companies. Thanks to this environment in San Francisco, you can not only successfully finish high school, but also go to a prestigious university and build a career in the top spheres.

Why choose a school in San Francisco?

  • The American system of school education is popular all over the world due to its quality and flexibility: the curriculum is adapted for each child, depending on its academic and extracurricular successes;
  • Prestigious schools in San Francisco offer students the most innovative teaching equipment in the world: from scientific laboratories to powerful computers;
  • In San Francisco, there is a world elite of computer and technology areas: your child will learn in the best surroundings;
  • Schools in San Francisco provide an opportunity for children to fully develop: a lot of circles, sports sections and directions for learning are available to each student;
  • For foreigners, an additional language program is organized, aimed at adapting in a new linguistic environment;
  • Students from private schools in San Francisco are deliberately preparing to enter the elite universities of the United States and the world, including the nearby University of California, Berkeley and Stanford ;
  • Pupils of boarding schools are provided with everything necessary for a comfortable life and effective education: from teaching aids to sports equipment and school uniforms.

Features of teaching in San Francisco schools

A distinctive feature of the prestigious private schools of San Francisco is a huge selection of optional subjects that can be studied in addition to the basic curriculum. In addition to the obligatory disciplines like mathematics, natural sciences, history, literature and sports, each student can choose:

  • Engineering;
  • Programming and information systems;
  • World languages;
  • World religions;
  • Ecology;
  • Economics and finance;
  • Robotics;
  • Architecture;
  • The history of art and much more.

Particular attention in San Francisco, as in any American city, is devoted to various sports. Players from American football, basketball and baseball teams participate in competitions at the state and country level. Successful athletes have the advantage of passing exams and even can get a scholarship from a prestigious university.

For children, keen on creativity, too, organize a large number of extracurricular activities: music and theatrical circles, school newspapers, interest clubs and a variety of creative competitions.

How to enter the prestigious San Francisco school

Despite the high cost of studying in an elite private school , which usually ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 per semester, all entrants must undergo a complex multi-stage selection. A standard set of documents for applying to a boarding school usually includes a student questionnaire, information on academic performance for a couple of years, and letters of recommendation from mentors and teachers - all in English.

The next stage is an interview, for foreigners it is usually conducted via Skype. During the conversation, the representative of the school determines the motivation of the child, his wishes for the curriculum, the absence of a critical language barrier and general communication skills.

Then the child is tested for basic subjects, usually mathematics and English . To confirm the knowledge of the language, foreigners can provide an international TOEFL certificate.

Which school in San Francisco is better

In San Francisco, there are many boarding schools, including the Squaw Valley Academy Private School , which by many ratings is considered one of America's most prestigious private schools. Academic program for this school is developed by specialists of the University of California, and this gives the result: 100% of graduates enter the top universities of the United States and the world.

The campus is located in a surprisingly picturesque place with a view of the ski valley where the 1960 Olympic Games were held. The school opens its doors to foreigners from all over the world. The cost of training in such a school is from $ 52,950 per year.

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