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2022-02-12 14:20:51

TOP largest Christian churches in the world

TOP largest Christian churches in the world

Travelers, tourists and onlookers from all over the world strive to contemplate the majestic monuments of history, embodied in stone masterpieces. Today we will talk about six wonderful and beautiful temples, each of which is worthy of a separate publication, and moreover not one.

Regardless of what faith you profess, these temples should definitely be visited and visited to look at them from the outside and inside.

St. Peter's Basilica

Being the core of the Catholic, and in a broader sense of the entire Christian world, the Vatican is listed among the brightest masterpieces of architectural thought of the Renaissance. Such masters as Gian Lorenzio Bernini, Donato Bramanti and the great Michelangelo himself had a hand in its design.

The construction took more than a hundred years, which is explained not only by the complexity and grandeur of the plan, but also by the huge size and colossal amount of building materials used, plus a series of invasions of foreigners - first the Spaniards, then the French and the Germans, who subjected not only the eternal city, but also the whole of Italy, to plunder time after time.

According to the traditions of the Catholic world, the saint who gave the name to the temple - Peter, one of the first apostles of the Savior, is buried in the basilica.

Temple of our Lady of Aparecida

This temple of Roman Catholics is located in the Brazilian city of Aparecida and is built on the ruins of a wooden predecessor dating back to the middle of the XVIII century.

In 1955, after the "original" church burned down in a fire, architect and engineer Benedict Callixt set about creating a new, shaped Greek church. With a length of 190 meters, it has a width of 182. The height of the dome is 71 meters, and the tower is 101 meters. The temple can take under its arches over seventy thousand people.

The only religious building in Latin America that has two golden rose awards from the Pope – this is how the pontiff notes his favorite temples, for which he has special feelings, tied to respect or sympathy.

Seville Cathedral

The third largest in the world. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1987. 4 facades are equipped with 15 doors, each of which bears its own name. Sculptural compositions are made by the greatest masters of Europe. The length exceeds 130 meters, and the width is a hundred.

There are 80 separate chapels, and the place of the saints is shared with the discoverer of America, the Genoese navigator in the service of their Catholic majesties Ferdinand of Castile and Isabella of Aragon, Christopher Columbus.

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

The largest Anglican church on the planet in terms of area exceeds 11 thousand square meters. meters with a length of more than 180 and a height of 71 meters.

It is located in the largest and most important city of the New World – New York, and the main gate, called the Great Western Gate, overlooks Amsterdam Avenue. They were made in the twenties and early thirties of the XX century. The canvas consists of 48 separate panels, which house scenes from Old Testament and New Testament chronicles, as well as apocalyptic traditions.

There are remarkable acoustic characteristics, which made the cathedral a place for regular concerts of classical and modern music, performances of choral groups.

Milan Cathedral

This magnificent masterpiece of Gothic, to which the Medici family had a hand, was built for almost six centuries. Currently, the church has the status of the largest on the Italian peninsula and the sixth largest on the planet.

On one of the walls there is a pawn plate dated 1386, and inside are hidden countless treasures of European culture and works of painting, sculpture, stone carving. Most important among them are the sarcophagus of Bishop Albert da Inimiano and the magnificent altarpieces of Pellegrino Pelegrini. There is also a nail from the Cross of the Lord and some other Christian relics - both authentic and mystified.

Ulm Minster

The Lutheran Church in Ulm, Germany, does not enjoy a reputation as one of the largest, but rightfully captured the title of the highest: the spire at the highest point reached 162 meters. The building was the tallest on the planet for 11 years - from 1890 to 1901.

The upper level, where the foot of a person unprepared for mountaineering work on the spire can step, is located at a height of 142 meters. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding area, and in clear and sunny weather you can see the Alpine mountains.

Despite the fact that during the Second World War the city was almost completely destroyed in its historical part, the cathedral was almost not damaged: in addition to broken windows and individual fragments that fell into it, it remained intact, which can only be interpreted as a miracle.

In its walls, in addition to stained glass windows restored in the former splendor, dragon gargoyles and a huge number of sculptures belonging to the late or High Middle Ages by German and French masters are hidden.

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