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2020-08-21 12:19:04

In which countries can you get citizenship by purchasing real estate?

In which countries can you get citizenship by purchasing real estate?

Buying real estate is a very attractive chance for many wealthy people to obtain profitable foreign citizenship. But not all countries are ready to share their passports - there are many more options when a residence permit is given: however, it can be naturalized over time and converted into citizenship. Let's consider with you some attractive options for real estate investment!

Great Britain

The country is developed, the country is rich - for sure it is not so easy to get its citizenship. That's right: even a temporary / permanent residence here is not easy to obtain, but there are ways. Do you have a million or two £? Gut your piggy banks - and go ahead, invest in the kingdom's economy! 250,000 you can invest in real estate, and the rest will need to be sorted by securities. A million £ of infusion into the British economy will be enough for a temporary residence permit, but for the much-desired permanent residence the amount is already several times more - from 6,400,000 £. And you will be allowed to invest this space money in the Empire, where the sun never sets, only after 3 years of law-abiding residence under a residence permit.


The investment program here is unusual and quite attractive for people - key facts:

  • Citizenship is issued in about 6 months, and not only the investor, but also his family (parents, children under 28, husband / wife) can participate in the program
  • Residential real estate will have to spend from 2,000,000 €, on commercial - 2,000,000 €, plus at least half a million for a residential bonus.

But you will have the citizenship of Cyprus, which means that you can study, work and travel in the Schengen area without visas and restrictions!


Another attractive island country: it is not only a part of the European Union, but is still part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, so citizens are entitled to certain "buns" in the UK.

But buying real estate alone is not enough - you will have to invest in the Development Fund and securities. The total amount runs up to 1,000,000 €, but his family (husband / wife, children under 26 years old, parents over 55 years old, if financially independent) can count on citizenship together with the investor applicant. Citizenship is issued in 12-24 months: you will wait a year or two, and will travel to 165 countries without a visa (including the USA)!


Why not? Not everyone is dancing with animators and reveling in a buffet - it's time to think about the Turkish economy. If you have purchased real estate in Turkey for 250,000 $ or more (residential and commercial, choose yourself), then you will be given a residence permit for a period of one year. The bonus is that you can renew it as many times as needed. If you hold out on a residence permit without remarks and crimes for 5 years - get ready to receive a passport of a Turkish citizen!

  • You can not live in the country permanently
  • Citizens live confidentially from the government, interfering in private affairs is prohibited
  • A chance to "register" family members with you
  • And, of course, visa-free travel - for Turkey it is more than 100 states, including Brazil, Hong Kong and distant Japan.


Alas, you can only apply for a residence permit, but not citizenship - but you will need to buy real estate for only half a million €.


A pleasant resort country, which, according to the European Commission, has a bright, bright future: by 2025 they are predicted to enter the EU. In the meantime, Montenegrins can easily apply for a US visa and travel freely in the Schengen area.

The local government is so correct and shy that it did not prescribe the exact minimum amount for obtaining a residence permit through investment, nor does it specify its type - residential or commercial. But here they VERY carefully examine your documents: make sure that they are "clean" - without loans and encumbrances, mortgages, arrests, litigation, alimony and other troubles.


A little-known country in the Caribbean is one of the leaders of the Citizenship by Investment program. To obtain a local passport (both for the applicant himself and for the whole family, including siblings and grandparents), you will need to invest only 220,000 $. Hold the property for 5 years, get a passport and citizenship, and then you can sell it back. But keep in mind that administrative fees and charges will need to be paid in the region of 50,000 $ and they will not be refunded with any decision.

Being a citizen of Grenada in relation to travel means, according to a simplified program, to receive an American visa for 10 years at once and calmly ride around 115 world countries.


Citizenship rarely gives, but a residence permit is easy and happy. The amount spent is not important, but the purchased housing / commercial property must be in good condition and of a decent size. Are you buying a house? Make sure that it is comfortable and suitable for life, and for each person there is at least 12 sq.m. Income for each must be from 350 € / month, and you need to live in Hungary at least half of each calendar year if you want to renew your residence permit.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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