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2022-04-01 02:00:59

TOP brightest and coziest schools in the world

TOP brightest and coziest schools in the world

Phenomena in the world continue to be divided into good and evil, black and white, no matter how much we are assured of the opposite. And this is normal: people are completely different, they are united only by a species trait. But politicians, scientists, idealists do a lot to make it different: an individual approach, from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs, and so on.

This approach is cultivated from school by teachers who put individualism and a personal approach above corporate interests: some schools can easily be confused with their own home, and teachers with their beloved grandmother. These educational institutions of the future will be the starting point in the construction of a new society – without wars, conflicts, epidemics, where the world is without borders, common projects in space, research in the field of transhumanism and artificial intelligence.

In our material today - a brief overview of the best, most unusual educational institutions on the planet.

Paris Green School

It was built by the architectural bureau of Chartier Dali in 2014 in one of the Paris suburbs and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly schools on Earth. The building is a conglomerate with many floors topped with a green exploited roof. And the most noticeable distinguishing feature is the multi-level wall of precast concrete, the blocks of which differ in weight and size characteristics. Mosses and lichens should soon appear between the crevices of these blocks.

There are 11 classes in the primary school, another 7 are kindergartens. In addition, the school has a universal all-age sports complex and green corners on all floors.

The most important goal for the project is to draw children's attention to the problems of nature and enrich their knowledge about the plant and animal world of the Earth.

Novopechersk School in Kyiv

It was opened in 2014, built by architects from the bureau "Dream Design". It aims to form a program that would help the integration of children into the world educational system – a kind of academy of citizens of the world with a globalist mindset. To do this, it is damn important to get an education in accordance with the best world standards, while not forgetting about the identity of your own state.

Now the school is licensed according to Canadian standards of secondary education, and last year the first eighth and ninth grades were recruited here.

Now school certificates from Ukraine allow you to continue studying in foreign higher educational institutions, but this requires additional exams. In this school, graduates will receive two documents at once: national, Ukrainian, and Canadian, approved by the Ministry of Education of the province of Manitoba, which will allow them to enter foreign universities without additional bureaucratic obstacles.

The design of the school is functional and modern. At the same time, there is a lot of national eclectic specificity: embroidery patterns on the wall, various ornaments from the regions of Ukraine, the wall in the dining room is decorated with a map-scheme indicating the most important sights of the country.

The materials from which the building is built are environmentally friendly and completely safe, and the main idea of the designers was to attract attention, rational use of free space and teach children the laws of rationality and ergonomics, among which we live. Modern exact sciences are studied here in the most real laboratory complexes. A very important place is given to health: there is a swimming pool, a couple of gyms, and various simulators.

Dagenham School in London

In this building, erected in 2012, everything is built around the concept of the most comfortable stay of students within the walls of the institution. Reflecting on the design and designing the building, its creators decided to minimize the external component, making up for the minimalistic appearance with excellent interiors adapted to ensure maximum comfort of students.

One of the tasks is to help children distract from the idea that they are in the strict framework of the educational institution, for which the interiors are diverse and multi-colored. Symmetrical stairs, hinged blocks on the ceiling of the hall, protecting the school spaces from direct sunlight, as well as concrete shutters set an interesting and practical geometry of the school spaces. At the same time, despite the laconism, the interior is very functional and will clearly appeal to perfectionists of all ages.

Orestad gymnasium in Copenhagen

Archbureau 3XN ROLE managed to create something that stands out even in the list of unique objects. The school is made on the principle of open spaces and was opened in 2007, after which it was twice awarded as the best building in the countries of Scandia. It is considered by many to be a work of art and one of the main architectural monuments of modernity in Denmark. It was the first to open in the country as part of the national education reform.

Among the main distinctive features are the actual absence of a functional division of territories, the organization of the internal space around the rod of the spiral staircase. Children who study within these walls are profiled as journalists, so everything here is subordinated to the goal of integrated communication development: from the architectural model to high-speed Internet throughout the school, from lawns to classrooms, canteens and toilets.

The atmosphere is very free, which allows you to feel as cozy and comfortable as possible: for example, during the break, students can relax on colored pillows scattered here and there, contemplating the ceiling in the form of a starry sky.

Terraset in Reston, USA

When we talk about schools, few people will think that such an object can be placed in underground catacombs. And no wonder: this school is so one, there are simply no such things!

There is a version that it was built during the Cold War and was designed to serve as a bomb shelter, but here is only part of the truth. The doors of the educational institution really opened for students in 1977, but the method of construction was due to other reasons. The fact is that at that time an energy crisis raged in the United States and a regime of severe saving of electrical and thermal energy was introduced. Therefore, it was decided to raze a natural hill to the ground, build a school building there and fill it with soil. Such a natural insulation allowed to save energy. True, having solved the problem of heat preservation, engineers also had to face the need to cool, and for this they had to build solar panels and batteries. Children who study within these walls call themselves kobolds, gnomes or underground inhabitants, but this school still attracts travelers to a small Virginia town and is considered the most economical in energy terms.

Rainbow School in Singapore

We are accustomed to the fact that educational institutions show the world a dull gray facade, blue or light green walls from the inside. Probably, that's why children are not in a hurry there. But this school in a small South Asian city-state is another matter entirely!

Bright facades attract students like a magnet, concrete horizontals are painted with an ordinary emulsion in different colors and regularly serve the purpose of visual expansion of the schoolyard space. The educational institution cannot boast of special programs or an elite contingent, but it is still quite cozy and cute.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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