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Requirements for admission to Stanford (Stanford University)

Requirements for admission to Stanford (Stanford University)

Strong English is the key to entering Stanford University. Nevertheless, all the chances are also for those students who were previously trained in a language other than English.

How to apply at Stanford University?

All candidates will need official copies of school report cards with grades (for the last 3 years) and letters of recommendation [ 999.7] from two teachers. They should also be translated into English. Translations may not be made by the applicant, but university management recommends that you contactprofessional translators from English language for help in translation. The university management advises to choose for writing recommendations of teachers of the senior classes who teach such subjects as:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Exact Sciences
  • Foreign Language
  • History / Social Sciences

One additional letter from a teacher who does not meet these requirements is also acceptable, but he is well acquainted with the candidate and his academic progress.

When writing a letter of recommendation , the teacher must indicate the full name of the candidate, the date of birth and the name of the school and send it to the university's e-mail or send it to the applicant for submission of the full package of documents.

Testing for international students

All applicants must apply for SAT with Essay or [ 999.40] ACT with Writing . In the event that these tests are not conducted in the candidate's country, the candidate may request the cancellation of the tests. For this purpose, the application must be sent by the school representative to the e-mail address of the university.

  • Stanford University accepts the results of both - the old and novogo- test SAT.
  • The university also requires the results of all components of the SAT exam: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay.
  • Applicants must send the results of examinations SAT and ACT directly from organizations where testing takes place.

For speakers of languages ​​other than English, it is strongly recommended that you pass the English language testTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) . The test results are allowed IELTS , however, it is worthwhile to note that Stanford University does not consider this test as an indicator of English language knowledge.

In addition, candidates will need to write 3 short essays with a size of 100 to 250 words, which would reflect the experience and ideology of the candidate, which is very important when deciding on the enrollment of a candidate.

The most successful candidates will be asked to pass an interview with a representative of the school following the examination of the documents.

Candidates from educational systems other than the United States

Official documents with grades should be sent directly from The candidate's school as part of the application (with an official translation into English -translate documents into English ). There is no need to translate assessments into the American system.

Dates of submission of documents and passing tests

As a rule, the last dates when you can write tests SAT and ACT are in December, and you can apply until January 3. The decision to enroll is made on April 1 and the student is notified about it on May 1. It should be taken into account that special requirements for dates apply to candidates applying for creative specialties with the provision of the Portfolio. For such applicants, the submission of documents ends on December 1.

Visa formalities

Foreign candidates who will be enrolled at Stanford University will receive furtherInstructions for Student Visa Application in the USA .

Meet the Stanford University: Summer Camp Stanford University (Stanford University)

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