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2020-04-23 17:15:58

Academic camps in Europe for foreign students

Academic camps in Europe for foreign students

Academic camps in Europe offer short and long-term courses with subjects instead of language in the best European universities and educational centers. Academic camps are held year-round, but most of them are vacation-oriented - so additional programs are easier to integrate into students' lives. Students of secondary and high schools, students and working professionals who want to combine study and leisure, traveling around Europe, can choose from a variety of academic programs in countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy. Programs last from 2 weeks to several months, are carried out on college campuses, participants choose accommodation in families, dormitories, campsites. Some academic programs in Europe offer additional opportunities: engage in community service, immerse yourself in the language and refresh French, Spanish, German or Italian.

Academic camps can be a completely new experience, different from ordinary university life.

Features of academic camps in Europe

Academic camps in Europe are educational courses offered by educational institutions to students from all over the world. Programs take from several weeks to several months, depending on the university and topic.

The main features of academic courses:

  • Sophisticated, rich learning, education in a fun and dynamic setting
  • The ability to communicate with peers from around the world
  • The opportunity to get educational loans (if you are a student of another foreign university and participate in exchange programs, for example, Erasmus).

Studying in the summer months in Europe, young people get the opportunity to explore the continent, get acquainted with different cultures, choose a program to their liking.

Advantages and disadvantages of academic camps in Europe

Academic study programs abroad and in Europe require significantly less time: they have a very busy class schedule that requires complete immersion in the subject studied, often “accelerated courses” in language learning and many cultural events are also offered.


Advantages and disadvantages of academic camps in Europe:



Less time compared to traditional semesters abroad

Learning will not be so deep compared to traditional classes during the semester

Reducing the total cost of the trip by saving costs on accommodation and meals

Higher cost per day, higher expenses for food and accommodation, insurance must be paid

Ability to earn loans in a shorter period of time

Not all courses offer academic credit.

A short academic program is the best way to explore non-traditional educational tourism destinations

Less time for exploring a foreign culture

Wide range of courses available


In general, short-term courses are ideal for people with limited time and ready for an intensive schedule. For potential students studying abroad, it is very important to familiarize themselves with the content of the course before choosing it so that they can be sure that they will receive exactly what they want.

Academic camps in Europe: what to look for when choosing a program

The decision to study abroad, even for a short time, is a serious choice. To make the right choice, you need to consider 5 main points:

  • Where do you want to study abroad: the number of cultural differences, the quality of education, climate, culture play an important role in making this decision.
  • What you want to study: community development and culture are popular topics for short-term study abroad, but some areas may offer unique learning experiences, such as calligraphy courses in China.
  • Academic loan: for those who want to get additional loans while studying abroad, you need to specify in advance whether the college or university guarantees loans.
  • Facilities: almost all short-term study abroad programs provide accommodation, but the type and quality of accommodation can vary significantly. Travelers will have the opportunity to live with local families or in hostels, fully serviced apartments.
  • Events and excursions: most programs offer various types of activities, excursions, which can vary from volunteer events for the needs of the local community to gastronomic tours and wine tastings.

Academic Camps in Europe: Types of Programs

  • Academic camps organized by universities, they guarantee educational loans, focus on the study of specific disciplines more than travel or cultural immersion.
  • Partnerships with universities: a third party, such as IIEPassport and CEA, works with international universities to organize global courses. Classes combine classroom instruction with cultural day or weekend trips.


Academic program


Educational institution, country


Program for Future Business Leaders


UE University of Applied Sciences Europe University of UE University, Germany

From 1,699 € / 2 week

Summer science course


Louisenlund Summer Camp (Summer School in Germany)

From 2,190 € / 2 week

Summer Law Courses (German)

From 16 

Bucerius Law School, Germany

1,900 € / 3 week

History of Italian Art

From 3 

Italy Home Teaching at Home Language International

1,295 € / week

Introduction to the world of culinary

Summer Design Courses

Art courses


Accademia Riaci Florence Riachi Academy of Arts Florence

2,600 € / 2 week

Creative Writing Summer Courses

Archeology Summer Courses

From 18 

John Cabot University - American John Cabot University of Rome

4,381 € / 3 month

Summer courses in design and art

From 18 

NABA Academy of Art of Rome (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Rome)

1,795 € / 2 week

STEM Program


Trinity College Dublin Summer Camp

From 2,560 € / 2 week

Summer School of Music


Alexandra College Dublin Emerald Cultural Institute (Summer Camp Alexandra College Dublin)

From 2,260 € / week

Course fees and scholarships

The cost of academic programs in Europe can be different, and in some cases, students will need to spend additional funds on accommodation, travel, food. If your university takes part in an exchange program with a European educational institution, it may bear the cost of teaching its students. Some universities offer scholarships that cover up to 100% of participants' expenses, but to participate in such courses it is necessary to undergo a rigorous selection and demonstrate a high level of knowledge and motivation.

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