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2021-08-24 15:08:41

TOP-7 largest and most luxurious private houses in the world

TOP-7 largest and most luxurious private houses in the world

The fame of the largest private house on earth belongs to a private residence called"Antilia" in Mumbai, India. It was built in 2006 by order of a local billionaire. The total area exceeds 37 thousand square meters, and the number of rooms is close to a thousand: 994 rooms, corridors, halls, pavilions and galleries are at the disposal of the owner.

He can compete with another rich Indian, Mukesh Ambani - he owns a 27-storey skyscraper in the same Mumbai. The height of the building is 194 meters, and the cost exceeds two billion dollars. This is the most expensive house on earth.


It's been that way at all times. The underground Soviet millionaire had to live on one salary and carefully hide the wealth that belonged to him, while abroad (which is under lock and key) the rich sought to clearly demonstrate their superiority over other mortals in everything. Expensive cars, fashionable costumes, jewelry worth the annual income of a small Eastern European country and fortress houses, palaces, fairy-tale castles. The duty is to show the medal from the best side.

In this article, we will deliberately not touch on presidential and royal residences owned by the state. Otherwise, the undoubted leader would be the residence of the chairman of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, the Jurnanhai complex: its construction cost $ 38.85 billion, and an area exceeds 3.5 million square meters.

Antilia, Mumbai, India

Let's talk more about "Antilya". It is the home of a leading Indian businessman engaged in the oil industry, gas and telecommunications business. His fortune exceeds $ 60 billion.

The house was designed by the Perkins & Will Design Bureau from Chicago, and the construction was carried out by Australians from Liuton Holdings. In general, the work was completed by 2010. The building with a height of 190 meters rests on a stylobate, which houses a six-story car park. On the roof there is a helipad, a hangar for three helicopters and a whole floor for the needs of home aviation, from refueling to traffic control.

Fully justifies the saying "my house is my fortress": the structure is able to withstand an earthquake with a capacity of up to 8 points according to Richter, a direct hit of a 150-mm artillery shell, a hundred-kilogram bomb or the fall of a small aircraft. At the same time, the engineering component does not prevail over the design and design component: all floors are planned individually, assembled from various building materials.

In addition to residential areas, the colossal building found a place for a dance hall, several floors of terraced conservatories, a lobby with nine (!) elevators, a personal temple and an entertainment complex that includes a spa area, a dance studio, a yoga center and several hydromassage pools. Serves all this splendor group of six hundred people.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Hotel "Biltmore" was built in the style of the French Renaissance at the end of the XIX century by order of the grandson of the sea magnate and owner of tens of thousands of kilometers of railways Cornelius Vanderbilt George. The total area of ownership is 3200 hectares, on which the largest private residence in North America is located.

The area of the house is almost 17 thousand squares. There are 251 rooms, 35 bedrooms with 44 bathrooms, several kitchens, a two-story library with a reading and smoking room, seven dozen fireplaces and a huge indoor heated pool. All this splendor, designed, by the way, by the author of New York Central Park, stands in the middle of a huge garden surrounded by a winery, stables and fruit trees, open to the public, but still belongs to the Vanderbilt clan.

Whitanhurst, London, United Kingdom

Comparable in area to Her Majesty's Palace and the former possession of Buckingham, this palace was created by the British genius of architecture of the XX century George Hubbard. Construction was completed by 1920, finishing took another three years.

Built in the style of King George. Area — 8400 square meters. meters. Inside there are 65 rooms, 26 bedrooms with appropriate amenities, a dining room, squash and billiards rooms, as well as a Chinese room. Entertainment includes a cinema, a massage room, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a parking complex for 60 seats.

In 2008, he changed his owner: the house with a history was bought by an anonymous rich man, who eventually turned out to be a billionaire of Andrei Guriev.

Villa Leopolda, French Riviera, France

This house on the Mediterranean coast of France was designed by Ogden Coadman Jr. and built in the early 30s by order of the Belgian king Leopold II - the same one that became famous for the barbaric exploitation of the Congo, which led to the death of two million blacks.

The villa stands on a plot of 60 hectares, boasts twenty bedrooms, several kitchens and dining rooms, a huge private theater (almost 8 thousand squares and two stages) and a dozen swimming pools. There are also extensive terraced gardens, a helipad with a hangar and a gas station and a legion of hundreds of gardeners.

In 2008, the house went under the hammer for 750 million: Fiat President Giani Aneli sold it to Swiss banking magnate Edmond Safra. It is currently owned by the banker's widow.

Fairfield, Sagaponak, New York, USA

The mansion of investment magnate Ira Rennerth in Hampton, Longiland, was built despite periodic difficulties with financing the construction and problems with the authorities (for approval, the businessman gave a bribe to the municipal authorities, but the elections and the change of the head of self-government called into question the prospects for the completion of construction, for the settlement it was necessary to attract connections in Congress).

The construction cost 112 million, and the current cost exceeds $ 250 million, so the investment was successful. The area of the main building is 5938 meters, and the total area of all capital structures built on the site exceeds a hectare: 30 bedrooms, a theater for 170 seats, a pair of swimming pools, a garage for 100 cars and a private power plant - exactly as in the Vanderbilt house until 1930.

Taohuayuan, Suzhou, China

The most luxurious residential building in China. 32 bedrooms with south-facing windows (each with a bathroom and a private living room), a wine cellar, Chinese, Japanese and English gardens, a cozy pond - all this on a private island in traditional Chinese style.

The construction took three years. Translated from Chinese, the name means utopia.

Fairiwater, Sydney, Australia

The historic fairfax family estate is located in Points Piper. It was designed by John Hurbury Hunt and built in 1883 by order of the eccentric multimillionaire who owned almost half of east Queensland. In 2018, it was sold to one of the founders of Atlassian, technocrat Mike Cannon-Brooks for some hundred million dollars.

This is the largest private property in Sydney: it has its own mooring front and a covered slipway, and an impressive two-storey house, decorated with sandstone and marble, decorated with stained glass windows and mahogany doors, hiding magnificent fittings and decoration, is an architectural monument.

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