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10 best historic pubs in England

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10 best historic pubs in England

Great Britain is famous for a wide rnage of different pubs. A real British pub has a special flavour and unique atmosphere and always attracts tourists and travelers. In various pubs in England, many famous writers and poets created their masterpieces.

In our article you will find a list of TOP-10 pubs in Britain, which are spread all over the United Kingdom:

Bar name


The Philharmonic Dining Rooms


Eagle and child


Olde Cheshire Cheese


Olde Trip to Jerusalem


Crowm posada


Haunch of venison


The eagle


Britons protection


Cafe royal

Edinburgh, Scotland

The white lion

Bartomley Village, Cheshire

Each of these British pubs has its own unique history and special atmosphere:

  • The Philharmonic Dining Rooms

The British call this place “Phil.” The bar was opened in 1858 and has several features in the interior: gilded iron gates at the entrance, marble urinals in men's restrooms, stained-glass windows, mosaic floors. The pub has a pretty good location between two Liverpool cathedrals. No matter how ironic this may sound, such a location is justified, because the pub embodies a sample of Victorian drinking establishments. The famous British singer and musician once said that the main burden of fame for him was the inability to go to Phil to miss a mug in the company of friends.


  • Eagle and child

This pub is widely known for a one story. Several centuries ago, famous people of their time preferred to spend time here: John R.R. Tolkin, K.S. Lewis, Colin Dexter. Today, this bar has remained the place where decent British ales are sold. In Oxford, there are a couple of pubs worthy of visiting - the bar “The Bear” and “Lamb and Flag”.

  • Olde Cheshire Cheese

In the British capital you can find many bars, but there are some that are required to visit, and Olde Cheshire Cheese is one of them. The local atmosphere of corridors and darkened rooms literally takes visitors to the storylines of books by such famous writers as Mark Twain, Alfred Tennyson, Arthur Conan Doyle - at one time they were here among the regular visitors. Dickens also mentions this bar in one of his works. Today, the famous pub invites its visitors to enjoy first-class ale in its small cozy rooms after a busy day in London.

  • Olde Trip to Jerusalem

This pub appeared near the Nottingham Palace in the distant 1189 - then it was a favourite place of the crusaders participating in campaigns on the Holy Land. The pub has a unique feature: underground, it is connected with a system of caves located under the castle, so this place still has an atmosphere of mystery. The cellars of the pub also have their own special story: at one time there were casemates, and at another time there was an arena for cockfights.

  • Crown Posada

The pub is located in the heart of Newcastle - the place is characterized by a unique atmosphere of the Victorian era and fully reflects the traditional spirit of the city. Here, travelers and locals can taste the traditional Newcastle brown ale, sitting in a room with a colourful interior: stained glass windows, mirrors in gilded frames, coffered ceiling. When there are not so many people, you can sit here with a mug to the pleasant music of the gramophone.

  • Haunch of Venison

The history of the pub dates back to the 14th century. The uniqueness of this place is that it is the only bar in England , made entirely of tin, has been preserved here. There was also a “stall” - the so-called bar, in which the landing of troops in Normandy was discussed by Churchill and Eisenhower, enjoying first-class alcohol. Another interesting object of this pub is a mummified hand, located in a prominent place. They say that it belonged to a card sharpie - apparently, he was not particularly successful that day.

  • The Eagle

A real student pub in the best English traditions! It is worth visiting due to the atmosphere: here, Cambridge scientists raised mugs with elem who made a legendary discovery related to the decoding of human DNA. The pub is unofficially considered the site of British troops, so the ceiling here is painted with images on the theme of the Second World War: improvised materials were used as materials in the best traditions of the war - lipstick, candle wax and soot.

  • Britons Protection

This Manchester bar is known for its wide selection of whiskeys. The atmosphere of the pub also has its own peculiarities - the interior has many decor details that have come down to our days directly from the Victorian era. A cozy hearth, massive wooden furniture, frosted glass - all this exactly recreates the unique atmosphere of old England. The walls of this pub also preserved the memory of historical events of its time: the tile depicts the history of the execution of 15 people who fell under the hot hand of justice at the time of the implementation of the new government reform. The event happened near the Britons Protection Pub.

  • Cafe Royal

Another British pub that has become a living embodiment of the Victorian era. The bar was founded in 1863 and since then, hardly anything has changed here: marble, stucco molding and stained-glass windows have remained here today. The bar even has an object of pride, which has a special touch - it’s about ceramic frescoes that depict great scientists such as Watt, Faraday, Kexton. Since the pub is located in Scotland, its visitors will be able to appreciate not only truly British drinks, but also national Scottish cuisine.

  • The White Lion

This bar has a beautiful interior made in the style of the Tudor dynasty: thatched roof, low ceiling beams, old windows. Due to its unique design, the institution received the title “Pub of the Year” as part of the Good Pub Guide's Unspoilt Pub of the Year Award. The village of Bartomli itself is an attractive and picturesque place thanks to pastoral landscapes and the old church, which creates an atmosphere of peace.

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