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TOP-7 best books to take with you on the road

TOP-7 best books to take with you on the road

The book is an ideal travel companion, counselor and psychotherapist, a motivator for life and, in general, a wonderful thing. And a book from this list can be put with you in a suitcase, going to distant countries and warm lands.

"On the Road" Jack Kerouac - USA

"On the Road" is a cult work by Kerouac and a great travel companion in the USA, because the main character Sal Paradise did exactly that: he crossed America from east to west, from coast to coast, in a campaign with a friend named Dean Moriarty.

Following the example of the characters, you can start in Greenwich Village in the Big Apple. This is the home of the Beat generation, so tradition will be honored. Before leaving, visit the Hudson Park in search of one of the best sunsets in North America.

Next - Chicago. The Green Mile is not only a cult film, but also a cool jazz club where you can listen to a variety of styles, from bebop to avant-garde. Next is New Orleans (you will also have to cross America from north to south, moreover, in very cool places). From the capital of the Creole world, take a ferry to Algiers, a suburb of fabulous Victorian houses with wooden brackets and carvings. Then we make another zigzag and taxi into Colorado. Denver's Larimer Street is another beatnik attraction. True, people come here to pay a debt of memory: on the site of the cult place there are apartment halls, craft beer houses and fashionable restaurants.

Finally, in San Francisco, you need to climb Telegraph Hill (you can ride the cable car, but it's better to walk if the shape allows): you are guaranteed stunning views of the bay, which will be a great ending for your trip.

"Kafka on the Beach", Haruki Murakami - Japan

The work, deservedly recognized by the legendary Murakami, tells the story of the adventures of a strange couple: a grandfather named Nakata and a fifteen-year-old Ridgeback named Kafka. For some reason, they decided to go from prosperous Tokyo to the equally prosperous, but slightly less populated island of Shikoku. The route can be traced through the pages of the atlas, and if you wish, you can find specific establishments where they have been. However, you should not strain: this is not a guide, but a narrative thread that fully corresponds to the name of the creator from the cover.

The author managed to create an amazing mix of modern technologies and national traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun. It is impossible not to fall in love with the country after reading the text.

The journey begins in the capital city of the geek universe - Electric Town, where amid electric bullshit, variety full of gadgets, comics and modern Japanese and Korean pop music, you can find anything - or lose yourself. From here, the train travels west to Osaka, where the heroes find themselves in the oldest Shinto shrine, Sumiyoshi-taisho. Then - pretty Kobe. It should not be too deceived him innocent: for 70 years, then forged the power of the Navy of Japan. The journey is coming to an end, so take a stroll along the Aikashi-Kaikyo, the longest suspension bridge, and pay tribute to the Sakaya and Sakeverni.

The Beach by Alexa Garland - Thailand

"The Beach" is the most famous literary work, whose field of action is Thailand. A significant contribution to the popularization was made by the film of the same name with DiCaprio. The main character, Richard, cannot sleep as he wants to find a virgin island, which is known about a very small and closed international get-together of backpackers.

Thai islands in the author's processing acquire an ominous flair, which does not interfere with the overall realism and accurate depiction, allowing the magic of these places to fill your soul and excite the desire to immerse yourself in reading a little more than completely.

Richard's Great Track kicks off in Bangkok's Khaosan Road, once home to rice traders. Years passed and their place was taken by filthy youth, with whom our character hangs out in search of a personal paradise, at the same time dragging around brothels of various kinds and devouring exotic dishes with fried cockroaches for dessert.

Following in the footsteps of our hero, you will go out to sea, find yourself in the Gulf of Thailand, and begin an exciting journey across the tropical islands - Samet, Tao, Phangan, Rambutan and many others will share their secrets with you.

Midnight Children, Salman Rushdie - India

Rushdie's most famous work is The Satanic Poems, but the focus of our article is on another work called Midnight Children.

The main character Salem Sinai was born at the time of India's independence, and some magical force, either a toxin, or radiation, or some other rubbish, united several thousand other newborns. A Hollywood screenwriter would have a new appeal or a generation of Gotham crime out of that, but we're dealing with an Indian.

The field of action of the work is all of India, from Jammu Kashmir to the infamous Agra, to Bombay, Madras and Mumbai. The latter city - the most populous in India, by the way - will lure you into a whirlpool of emotions and fabulous adventures. The city is home to Bollywood and the tropical jungle, as well as the majestic architecture of the era of British rule.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - England

The heroine of "Pride" Elizabeth Bennett, the second in a large family of five maidens, lives in the old English wilderness on the eve of the Victorian era. Despite the fact that the terrain in the book is fictional, the landscapes of old England undoubtedly had a serious effect on Austin's work: from the pages you can see all kinds of "-shires" with their villages and winding paths under the canopy of thickets, who had seen Robin Hood.

The best place to start your trip is Derbyshire - you can stroll through the heather fields of Pike District National Park and conquer the top of Stanage Age cliff, look at the surroundings of Chautsworth House.

Out of Africa by Karen Blixen - Kenya

Karin Blixen's poetic narrative revives in the imagination the pictures of the vastness of Eastern Africa - virgin, vicious and innocent, spontaneous in its pristine beauty. The book is set far from major cities at the foot of the sacred mountain Ngong. The hero of the novel is Baroness Blixen, a coffee planter from Denmark, a philanthropist and a great friend of the Kenyan people.

Explore Tsavo Park and see first-hand the African Big Five: elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards and black or white (whichever is more appreciated) rhinos.

House of Spirits, Isabel Allende - Chile

The first book of the namesake (or, what the hell is not joking, relatives) of the famous President Salvador Allende, brutally murdered by the Chilean military, tells about several generations of the Truebo family against the background of socio-economic and political upheavals written in broad strokes. It is both an in-depth exploration of national identity and awe-inspiring landscapes: from mountains to Chilean prairies, from rocky or icy deserts to full-fledged jungles on the border with Peru and Bolivia.

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