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TOP-5 best boarding schools in New York

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TOP-5 best boarding schools in New York

To date, the doors of hundreds of educational institutions have been opened for foreign students in the United States - the diploma of an American school or university is very prestigious and recognized all over the world. The educational institutions of the country are known for their high level of academic preparation and advanced pedagogical programs and methods. New York ranks 9th in the ranking on the quality of school education in the country: school funding is always a priority, local authorities spend more on their maintenance and development than in any another US state! Education in New York , the choice of a suitable school and program is a complex and costly quest, but it opens up wide opportunities and great advantages for students.

Educational programs in New York schools, their features, language and scholarships

  • Before choosing a school, foreign students should take into account that there are different types of schools in which you can get secondary education: public, private and international colleges;
  • In American schools, instruction is conducted in English, so studying at the New York school implies a permanent language practice in the household and scientific fields;
  • Much attention is paid to the development of personal qualities of students - individuality, confidence, independence, as well as the disclosure of creativity and abilities in sports;
  • The most popular among foreign students is the opportunity to get an education in America after grades 8-9 in closed boarding schools. Study abroad before entering the university will allow you to adapt to the international environment and get better preparation for student life in America;
  • There are several types of curricula in schools: the American High School Diploma program is one of the most popular, after which students will receive a diploma of secondary education. Another option is the in-depth study program of International Baccalaureate, or IB Diploma, which specializes in preparing students for admission to higher education. The diploma of the IB Diploma undergraduate program gives certain advantages when entering;
  • For foreign students who graduated from grade 10 at home, the Advanced Placement (AP) program is offered. This two-year course prepares foreign students for the university, and the diploma of this program is recognized in many countries - Canada, Britain, etc.;
  • In most schools, very good scholarships are provided for students with brilliant academic performance, which can reduce the cost of study by several times;
  • Different annual rankings and tops will help to find out which school is better and more suitable for the student's interests.


The best boarding schools in New York

  • In 2018, according to the ranking compiled by US News & World Report, the school of Leman Manhattan Preparatory School ranks first. This is a leading state-of-the-art school with a focus on high-tech education: the school has special courses in computer graphics, digital video, etc. There are many programs for foreign students: Diploma + Advanced Placement, IB program, SAT exam preparation and much more. The cost of education will be from 83,000 $ per year.
  • The private school Ross School invites students from the 7th grade to high-quality educational programs. The school offers extensive sports facilities and a rich entertainment and cultural program for students. In addition to the excellent teaching staff, the school is proud to attract the famous residents of the state to the educational process - artists, designers and professionals from other regions. The cost of education is from 57,900 $ per year.
  • The Knox School - the top private college combines academic education and a strong bias in the study of arts and music. The Diploma + Advanced Placement program is aimed at students aged 16-18. In their spare time students are offered various electives, among which you can especially highlight the arts. The cost of education will be from 29,700 $ per semester (1/2 academic year).
  • Rutgers Preparatory School offers a program for those foreign students who graduated from the 11th grade who have not yet decided on the place of further study. The American College Bridge program is equivalent to the 12th grade of the school and will allow students to tighten up the English language and receive academic education. The cost of education will be from 28,140 $ per semester.
  • The Stony Brook School invites students aged 15-18 years to the programs of the high school Diploma + Advanced Placement. It is an original school that is based on Christian values and combines equal respect for religion and science. The cost of education will be from 56,400 $ per year.


Conditions for admission to courses and prices

  • For admission to foreign schools, it is first necessary to take an exam to determine the level of the language: the language requirements - passing the IELTS exam no lower than 4.5 points, you can also show a TOEFL certificate. Academic requirement for students: a positive average score of a certificate or time sheet with grades
  • As a rule, students are waiting for a personal interview with a representative of the selection committee
  • To submit a package of documents for the year before the receipt, which includes an extract about assessments for 2 years, the recommendations of the class teacher and teachers, the history of vaccinations and an extract from the medical card, letters of commendation and medals, birth certificates and photos.
  • The cost of education varies from 55,000 $ to 80,000 $ per year and depends on various factors: the location of the school, the living conditions, the status of the school, the programs offered. Usually the price includes tuition and accommodation.

Additional paid:

  • Registration fee
  • Educational materials
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Excursion program
  • Laboratory and practical exercises
  • Sports and school uniform.

Note that the portal SMAPSE developed by the British company Smart Products and Services Ltd and the Russian company SMAPSE. The project is based on close interaction with well-established educational institutions and involves direct agreements on cooperation. Services for admission to institutions, consultations of SMAPSE  specialists are free of charge.

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