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Bethershtrasse - the shortest street in Bremen

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Bethershtrasse - the shortest street in Bremen

A favorite attraction of German tourists is to roam the streets of cities: large and small, wide and narrow, noisy and quiet, famous and not so. Bethershtrasse is known as the main urban artisan venue - this has been the case since the Middle Ages and continues to this day. This street (or “Strasse” in German) is the shortest in Bremen: its length is only one hundred and ten meters. All seven houses are real architectural monuments built in the style of brick expressionism, next to each you can stop and enjoy.

Street history

Bethershtrasse has been known since the Middle Ages - for a long time it was the place of life and trade of local artisans. Unfortunately, not a single building of that time was preserved.

In the 1920s, seven red brick buildings in the style of expressionism were erected, the project of which was developed by German architect and artist Bernhard Hetger. Ludwig Roselius, a well-known philanthropist, “inventor” of decaffeinated coffee, took over the financing of the construction.

Architecture Bethershtrasse

The street attracts tourists due to:

  • Unusual architectural structures
  • A large number of sculptures
  • Relief masonry.

The bas-relief mounted on the entrance arch greets visitors. The bas-relief depicts the archangel Gabriel conquering darkness. The bas-relief is called "Carrying Light" and was designed by Bernhard Hetger.

Each of the seven street buildings has its own name:

  • Robinson Crusoe's House - named after his beloved book hero Roselius, who was associated with vitality and activity
  • House of St. Peter - a restaurant whose facade is decorated with a statue of St. Peter
  • Atlantis House
  • Paula Moderson-Becker House
  • The house of seven sloths, where Roselius's office used to be located, and now there are shops
  • Carillon house
  • House of Ludwig Roselius.

What to see today?

The seven Bethershtrasse houses today have museums, restaurants, cafes and small shops. The Paula House Moderson-Becker hosts a permanent exhibition of works. Nearby is the Roselius Museum, which houses exhibits from the Hanseatic merchants.

Interesting Facts

  • The length of the street is 110 meters
  • In 1927, a fountain designed by Bernhard Hetger was installed in the courtyard of the House of Seven Sloths
  • In the late 1930s, Hitler visited the street, who did not like it. Later, in 1944, she was bombed and was significantly damaged.
  • In 1954, during the reconstruction of Bethershtrasse, scenes of his life were depicted on the walls of Robinson Crusoe's house
  • The name of the House of Seven Sloths is associated with a legend: once these lazy brothers returned to their native Bremen after long wanderings and brought many benefits - they dug an irrigation canal and built a dam
  • Part of the house of Atlantis was occupied by the Hilton Hotel
  • On the roof of the carillon’s house there is a musical instrument of the same name, the melodious sound of which can be heard 3 times a day.

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