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TOP-5 advantages of studying in Los Angeles for foreign students and children

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TOP-5 advantages of studying in Los Angeles for foreign students and children

There is an uncountable number of programs in American schools. They provide actual knowledge, and diplomas will open great career prospects. Los Angeles is a versatile place: the city of the sun is on the Pacific coast in the state of California, where study and rest will be as comfortable as possible.

TOP-6 advantages of studying in Los Angeles

  • Prestigious education. In the city there is a large number of prestigious educational institutions, diplomas and certificates are valued by employers all over the world
  • High quality of educational programs. The secret of the high quality of American education in orientation to practice and trends in the labour market
  • Firm American hospitality. The city is a place of attraction for students from all over the world: about a third of the urban population is foreign visitors, because of it there is a special multinational environment.
  • Cultural center of the world: there are a lot of cultural heritage and opportunities for recreation and travel
  • Students like Los Angeles as the center of disclosure and successful implementation of creative abilities
  • Developed infrastructure. Young people are attracted to Los Angeles, which is full of cultural life, a lot of entertainment and recreation options.

The US educational system

Pre-school educational level

Preschool institutions


3-6 years old

Secondary education in the USA

Primary School


1-5 class

Middle Classes


6-8 form

Higher classes


9-12 class

Advanced Placement Program


Grade 13

Higher Education in the USA

Two-year programs in colleges



Universities and colleges: Bachelor's program

18-23 years old


Universities and colleges: Master's program



Universities and colleges: doctoral studies



In Los Angeles, pre-school education is not compulsory, but if you want and need it, you can give the child to a paid kindergarten. State gardens accept children from 4 years, and paid - from 3 months.

When entering a high school, foreign children must take the California English Language Development Test, CELDT. Secondary education is available in public and private schools. Typically, foreign students can study in both types of schools, but more attractive and comfortable are boarding schools - in any case for visitors from abroad it will be paid education. For example, Webb Schools invites students to a senior-level program and an in-depth course: the academic success of graduates at the highest level, and the school's pride is a number of celebrities who graduated from school. The average cost of studying in private schools ranges from $ 13,000 per year.

Two-year education can be obtained in community colleges - upon completion of the student will receive incomplete higher education. Before the college community graduate there will be a choice between further studies and work on the acquired specialty.

In California the largest amount of foreign students study - about 150,000 people. Most students choose Stanford or the University of Southern California. Higher education can be obtained in colleges and universities, which in America are not very different: usually in colleges may not have a research laboratory and doctoral studies, and this is one of the main differences of these institutions from universities.

In general, Los Angeles is an important scientific and university center in the state of California. Among the best universities in the state are the universities of Los Angeles: Stanford University (the cost of training in the year 47000 $) and the California Institute of Technology (48000 $). Woodbury University - a popular among foreigners, a California university, preparing the best professionals in the field of business. The university is one of the most cosmopolitan institutions of California.


Opportunities for foreign students

  • Scholarships and grants for foreign students. One of the advantages of studying in American universities is the principle of equal rights: regardless of citizenship, any student can try to get a grant or scholarship. There are programs for the needy and a lot of nominal scholarships, the requirements and special features of which vary depending on the institution.
  • Work while studying. Subject to obtaining a special permit, students can earn extra money, but not more than 20 hours a week: you can work both on campus and outside the university, subject to the established requirements. For example, you can work in the field of research interests - this employment will be credited as part of the curriculum. You can get additional practical education: it is an opportunity to work on your area of expertise and future specialty, but for this you need to get permission from the US Citizenship and Migration Service.
  • Confirmation of the certificate. It is necessary to notarize and translate the certificate into English with the help of a quality translation agency.


List of the best programs and TOP schools in Los Angeles:


Educational establishments

Average price of training

Summer school and camp holidays

  • $ 1900
  • 1915$ (week)
  • from 390 $

Language school

Los Angeles Pacific College

3500 $ (week)

Primary, Secondary Education

Marymount California University

from $ 8640 (semester)

University Preparation (Undergraduate Preparation Program)

Marymount California University

$ 8640 (semester)

Higher education (bachelor, master)

Woodbury University

from 11000 $ (semester)


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