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TOP-10 the most popular designer professions

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TOP-10 the most popular designer professions

Rankings of popular professions of the future are headed by software developers, robotics, technologists, ecologists, various studyings and coaches, investment managers and everyone who develops design solutions for everyday life, art, advertising, video games and other fields. Today, a designer of any specialization has a number of career opportunities: creating visual concepts using computer software or manually. In modern marketing, there are both online and offline work options: one industry will require the creation of layouts for printing, while others will need to create wireframes for websites or clothing models. Consider which design professions will be in demand in the labour market in the coming years.

  • Where do designers work?

Design surrounds us everywhere, affects the way we perceive the world: a combination of clothing colours, composition of photographs, fonts of advertising banners, book illustrations. The surrounding objects are created functional and attractive thanks to the work of artists and designers. The designer has many tasks today, each of which requires its own set of special skills: a career varies from Flash / multimedia designer, sports graphic designers, websites to art directors, clothes and shoes designers.

A professional qualification or degree in this field allows you to occupy interesting high-paying positions, be creatively implemented, work abroad and in international projects.

TOP-10 jobs for designers

  • Multimedia designer

If you are looking for a career as a graphic designer, you will need to master the software for creating video, audio, and animated images. Multimedia designers create sketches, plans, scale models, drawings, develop props, decorations and costumes, advise decorators on technical production - lighting, sound. The work of a multimedia designer requires imagination and creativity, combined with technical experience to apply a wide range of software applications. Specialists of this profile find work in television or film production, audio production, set design, animation.

  • Web Designer

Web designers play a key role in website development, creating pages, layouts and graphics for web pages, design and develop navigation, site structure. The web designer decides what content to choose for filling, how the graphics will be placed, ensures a continuous transition from one web page to another. Work requirements include skills in creating computer graphics, graphic design, applying the latest computer and Internet technologies. The growing need for talented web artists in the modern multimedia industry has led to a significant increase in the demand for well-trained professionals. Web design education is preparation for work in:

  • advertising
  • entertainment
  • web development
  • multimedia
  • e-commerce.
  • Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates logos - sketches or graphically designed symbols, designed in a unique way, with various colors, shapes and designs representing a company, product, organization, agency or service. A logo is more than just a graphic symbol; it’s the image of a brand or product, a tangible concept that gives the company a visual image and promotes consumer recognition. Companies spend a lot of money updating and introducing logos to look modern and innovative, so the job opportunities for graphic designers creating logos can be huge.

  • Corporate identity designer

Corporate identity design is a set of visual elements that reflects the company’s self-image, its visual identity. Image defines how business cards, stationery, display advertising, promotions, logo or sign will look. Proper corporate identity design can be the company's most powerful marketing tool, as it translates the values and strategic vision of the company into a consistent image that consumers are familiar with. To maintain consistency of their values and company goals, to develop in accordance with design trends, organizations hire their own designer. The brand designer offers innovative ways to combine images and words to express the main message of the company. This includes regular modernization of the visual image - logo, slogan, typography, color palette, design, while remaining close to the core of the brand and its significance.

  • Flash designer

Flash design professionals use multimedia graphics programs designed specifically for use on the Internet. Flash is a tool for creating interactive, animated websites using vector, bitmap graphics, which allows you to scale graphics to any size without loss of clarity or quality. The description of the requirements for a flash designer may vary from company to company. Education courses teach you how to create, customize dozens of different effects, including text, navigation animations, video, audio.

Today, Flash-programs are becoming popular, widely used, provide a large set of tools for web designers. Becoming a certified Flash designer is a step on the path to a successful career and the ability to include in the resume a useful skill needed to perform a variety of tasks.

  • Creative / Art Director

The creative or art director is responsible for the work of the creative team that creates works of art for display on television, in interest resources, print media, and advertising. The creative team, which is managed by a creative director, usually consists of graphic designers, artists, photographers, copywriters, production staff. Art managers ensure that each member of the group performs their work on time, observing the requirements of the client. The duties of an art director include administrative functions and artwork.

The job opportunities for art directors are wide: they often combine administrative and creative positions, while simultaneously working on several projects.

  • Photo Editor / Photoshop Artist

Photo editors have been in demand on the labor market for several years. For large e-commerce companies, product photographers are needed, so a popular area is the creation of photo content for social networks. Photo editing software allows you to take digital photos, edit them, creating a commercial product or art photo. Adobe Photoshop is the most famous and widely used program among photographers, photo editors, interior designers, engineers. Almost every professional photographer, from beginner to experienced, uses Photoshop to edit and improve his work. There are education courses on working with Photoshop and its tools: editing, settings, creating compositions from several layers, high-resolution graphics, color management, scanning old photos, slides, recovering damaged photos.

  • Maker-up designer

Layout designer designs the structure and layout of images, text, observing the format accepted for print media: work in magazines, brochures, leaflets, books, booklets, posters. Layout designers are responsible for ensuring that the images are arranged according to compositional rules and guide the reader in the right direction. Layout designers select the best text for a particular text and post photos. Layout designers work in advertising agencies, online and offline periodicals, and public relations firms.

  • Architect

The study of architecture is the gateway to several career options: the architecture of residential buildings, reconstruction, the creation of office premises, urban spaces, the design of video games, cinematic / television environments. Architecture - teamwork: architects depend on each other, on consultants from other areas. For typical practitioners of medium and large firms, teamwork with a high degree of cooperation and an interactive team is critical to success. 3D printing, sustainable modeling programs, virtual reality are not yet fully implemented by companies, but they will definitely change the industry in the next decade. Automated design processes, criticism of the culture of the profession, DIY-design, broader trends affect the content of the work of the architect, so representatives of the profession take on new roles and experiment with innovative approaches to architecture. In most countries, architects must obtain a bachelor's or master's degree, undergo an internship and obtain a license in order to be entitled to engage in architectural work.

  • Clothes designer

Making a decision about what type of fashion design attracts you and what kind of work you want to do is important: it helps to understand what skills you need to focus on and what education to get in order to achieve your goals. There are many successful designers working in large fashion houses who have degrees at a prestigious university, as well as a large number of business owners, self-taught freelancers who are successful in the industry.

Other popular professions in the field of design:

  • Video and movie editor
  • Product designer
  • Multimedia artist
  • The animator.

Preparation for a design career

There are three main paths to the industry:

  • Most people start with a Bachelor's degree in design from an accredited college or university, collect a portfolio and apply for a job.
  • The second option is to start your own business and do everything from design to product development, design, production, distribution, marketing.
  • The third is to become a freelancer working on projects of different companies.

Best Design Programs

The prestigious higher educational institutions of Europe, the USA and other countries of the world offer education programs for design in various formats:

  • Summer courses in design and art
  • Certificate Design Courses
  • Undergraduate in graphic design, interior design, product (s), clothing (fashion).
  • Master in Advertising and Radio Broadcasting, Design of Shoes, Bags and Leather Products, Fashion, Product Technology, Interior Design, Digital Design and Project Development.

Educational institution



Istituto Marangoni Milano

Milan, Italy


Undergraduate, graduate, diploma programs, pre-masters, university-level courses, design courses in fashion design.

London College of Fashion

London, Great Britain

Bachelor, master, diploma programs in the areas of:

  • visual branding
  • creative director of the fashion industry
  • product design
  • fashion innovation
  • management in the fashion industry
  • fashion business
  • creative fashion management
  • model development
  • menswear design
  • women's clothing design
  • fashion photography
  • design and technology of sportswear
  • 3D effects for fashion shows

University for the Creative Arts

United Kingdom

  • Graphic design and illustration
  • visual communications
  • design for theater
  • cinema and performances
  • computer games
  • theater
  • textile
  • luxury brand management.

IED Florence

Florence, Italy

  • Summer courses in design and art
  • Design course
  • Bachelor in Fashion
  • Master in Design

LISAA School of Art and Design Paris

Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse

Undergraduate, graduate, MBA design in video games, clothing, animation, etc.

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, USA

Bachelor, Master in Design

American heritage school

Florida, USA

Pre-engineering Program (architecture, digital electronics, basic engineering, design and engineering, an introduction to engineering design).

Dublin institute of design

Dublin, Ireland

  • Bachelor in Graphic, Interior Design
  • HNC degree
  • HND degree
  • Design course

LCI Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

  • Summer courses in design and art
  • Design course
  • Bachelor in Fashion
  • Master in Design

Cambridge School Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA)

Cambridge, UK

  • Pre-Masters Art & Design and Industry
  • Bachelor in Fashion
  • Diploma courses in Design

Vancouver film school

Vancouver, Canada

Short university courses in the areas of cinema

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