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2020-05-06 00:00:35

TOP-10 preparatory books for IELTS

TOP-10 preparatory books for IELTS

"How do I choose the best textbooks for IELTS?" - is an eternal question for students. Tutors are good, but self-education is not abolished, and for students on a small budget, studying books and study guides will be a substantial help at an affordable price

n the 2000s, those who wanted to prepare for IELTS,  found it difficult because there were very few self-study materials available in those years. Today it's exactly the opposite: there is an overabundance of such literature in bookstores, but many books are of frankly questionable quality. How not to get confused in the range of books and choose the books that will really help? SMAPSE experts will tell you about 10 books recognized as the best self-study textbooks for IELTS.

  1. How to take IELTS

"How to pass IELTS" is suitable at the initial stage of preparing for the exam: you will learn about the structure, types of tasks and strategies for taking the exam. The guide includes a compact vocabulary with narrow and specific words (and academic English in general will not get old).

  • Author: Protasenya
  • Russian
  • Publisher: AST
  • Contents: tips, examples, essay topics, and vocabulary.
  1. Understanding IELTS

The book has proven to be an excellent tool for self-study. All exercises are designed for individual study, so be prepared to learn perseverance and self-discipline.

  • Authors: Vanessa Jakeman and Claire McDowell
  • Publisher: Cambridge
  • English
  • Contents: study materials for all types of testing + answer assignments + listening disks
  1. Longman Exams Dictionary

The Longman Exams Dictionary is considered one of the best study aids for self-preparation for a difficult exam. It is a dictionary of terms and words that are frequently encountered on the exam, but the book is not limited to a dictionary. Here you will find instructions on how to write an essay: the guide will help you learn the difference between speaking and writing and learn the difference between writing and pronunciation. This is a real treasure for the international student who did not attend a prestigious English school and does not know the ins and outs of academic English.

  • Publisher: Pearson, Longman
  • English
  • Contents: glossary of terms and words, narrowly focused sections on essay-writing principles, features of British English, and ways to expand your vocabulary.
  1. 101 helpful tips for IELTS

One of the best self-study guides will tell you the strategies and techniques (legal!) you can use on the exam. It has a clear structure, some test secrets are highlighted, and self-test questions are included, with the level of difficulty gradually increasing.

  • Author: Harry Adams
  • Publisher: Adams and Austin Press
  • English
  • Content: The book includes self-test assignments.
  1. Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 1-9.

The book will help you understand the test assignments from start to finish: numerous study assignments from previous years of testing are included in the manual. An excellent option to get used to the typical tasks, learn to solve them quickly and correctly, determine the timing of the exam (its importance cannot be underestimated).

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • English
  • Content: materials include past exams, correct answers and tips on taking the exam.

  1. IELTS Practice Tests

This publication will explain the most difficult assignments and help students get the highest grades. The book includes tests of increased difficulty: if you can write them for a rating of 4 or 5, you can expect to get the highest grades on the exam. This guide will be a good support for your chosen core course.

Publisher: Pearson, Longman
Content: test assignments of increased difficulty.

  1. ELTS Preparation and Practice

If you want as much practice as possible before the exam, this book is definitely for you: you will find a huge number of test assignments from all parts of the exam.

Publisher: Oxford
Contents: sample test questions from all parts of the exam.

  1. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with answers

This book will help you focus on grammar and adapt to the format of the test questions, but it is more suitable for those who want to improve their knowledge of grammar, and therefore can be used for broad purposes.

Publisher: Cambridge
Contents: sample grammar test questions.

  1. Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS with answers

The guide covers the vocabulary you need to pass the exam: it includes a broad list of required words, specific vocabulary and terms.

Author: Pauline Cullen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Contents: recommendations and vocabulary.

  1. Cambridge Common Errors on the IELTS Intermediate Level

Cambridge Common Mistakes will prove once again how important it is to master the structure of the exam and its features, rather than just being able to do the assignments correctly. The advantage of the book is its emphasis on the pitfalls students face. A good way to build confidence before the test: forewarned is forearmed.

Author: Pauline Cullen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Contents: pitfalls and common mistakes on the exam.

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