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Top-20 best schools in England and Britain

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Top-20 best schools in England and Britain

Education received in the UK , for many years, is considered to be exemplary both from the academic point of view, and with the educational. This is not surprising, because the British system was formed for years, relying on the best traditions of classical education. Today, it harmoniously combines the valuable experience of the past, modern technologies and new educational techniques that make it possible to keep pace with the times.

That is why the equipment of the leading British private schools and the curriculum are often not worse than in the universities . In addition, in modern, frequent schools in England, there is less emphasis on the rigor and obedience of students, as before. Now much more attention is paid to supporting the pupils and creating a comfortable atmosphere for them. Nowadays, the educational program of English boarding schools is designed to raise a personality in schoolchildren and adolescents that will be comprehensively developed, as well as possess all the qualities that are necessary for adulthood.

In total there are about 2,000 private schools in Britain, and one in four of them is a boarding school. Annually, according to the results of GCSE or A-level final examinations, students of each institution compile a national ranking of schools that are leading in academic terms and not only. The successes of graduates are taken into account both among private secondary schools with a full-time form of education, and in educational institutions with boarding.

In this article, we will tell you about the top British schools, which occupy the top positions in the lists of the top 10, -50 and top-100 secondary schools in the United Kingdom.

According to the rating agency Te Telegraph in 2017, the list of prestigious, leading and advanced schools in the UK included the following:

  • Cardiff Sixth Form College ixth Form College (Cardiff Six Form College)
  • The Perse School , Cambridge (private school The Perse School in Cambridge)
  • Westminster School , Westminster (Westminster School Westminster School)
  • King's College School Wimbledon (private day school of King's College School Wimbledon)
  • Queen Ethelburga's College , York (College of Queen Ethelburg in York)
  • Concord College , Shrewsbury (Concord School in Shrewsbury)
  • City of London School For Girls (London School for Girls)
  • Haberdashers' Aske's boys School , Elstree (Haberdechers Asx School for Boys in Elstree)
  • St John's College, Cardiff (St. John's College in Cardiff)
  • King Edward's School , Birmingham (private school King Edward's School)
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford (private school Magdalen College, Oxford)
  • North London Collegiate School (Northern London Collegiate School)
  • Royal Grammar School Guildford (Royal Grammar Guildford School)
  • Alleyn's School, Dulwich (Alins School in London)
  • Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls , Borehamwood (Haberdechers Asx School for Girls in Borhamwood)
  • The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga's (the department of Queen Ethelburga School in York)
  • Brighton College (Brighton College)
  • St Mary's School Ascot (St. Mary's School in Ascot)
  • Hampton School (a school for boys in Hampton).

British schools fall on the first positions in the world lists of the best scientific institutions, because they meet the key requirements for educational institutions of the European level. These are teachers who are graduates of prestigious universities, these are the results of final examinations of students, this is a great infrastructure of school campuses (equipping audiences, various sites for research, as well as sports or creativity, personal library, residence, dining room, medical center, laundry and much more. ), it is a rich extracurricular program and much more.

When choosing an English school, we recommend that you pay attention to a few nuances that will help you make the most accurate choice: these are the indicators of the institution for those disciplines that will be important in the future for your child; the qualifications of the teaching staff (especially the teachers in the relevant subjects), information about the dropping of school graduates to the top universities in Britain and not only, but also the confirmation of these indicators in different ratings. Thus, you can choose for your child the best school, after which he will be able to enter the university in demanded specialties.

How to enroll in an English school: enrollment and tuition fees

Parents who understand all the benefits of studying at school abroad, in particular in England, as a rule, immediately ask themselves how to proceed and what is needed for this. The answer is simple - a foreign student can become a student of one of the British private schools in the event that he meets several criteria. First of all, enrolling in an English school will require the student to pre-linguistic (and sometimes academic) preparation - this is due to some difference between Russian and British educational systems.

For admission, foreign students also must successfully pass attestation exams - usually mathematics and English, but some schools add to this list and natural sciences. Usually, applicants are tested several months before the start of the school year. In addition, all students undergo a personal interview with representatives of the admissions office of the school. Also, a future student of the British school should prepare, translate into English and send to the potential educational institution the following list of documents:

  • A report card with grades that reflects the student's progress in the last 2-3 years of schooling in a secondary school
  • Certificate indicating the level of knowledge of English ( IELTS or TOEFL )
  • letters of recommendation with the characteristics of a student from teachers of mathematics and English
  • motivation letter or essay on behalf of the applicant.

This is the minimum list of required papers, depending on the conditions of a particular school, this one can be expanded or changed.

Usually, British institutions start accepting applications from foreign students in February-March, and the review begins in May-June. After that, the student receives a response - an invitation to the school, or a notice about the inclusion of the student in the reserve list. In order to increase the chances, students abroad send applications not in one educational institution, but immediately in several. We encourage parents and students to follow a similar strategy.

As for the question of financial costs, the cost of studying at a British private school will largely depend on the institution: a boarding school or a day school, location in a large city or suburb, the total number of students and many other factors. On average, for one year of study in a British private school, a foreign student will need about 20,000-25,000 pounds sterling. The cost of studying in England may not be the smallest, but the money invested and time will necessarily pay off in the future, and the child will be grateful to you for the opportunity to have a really high-quality education and get an unforgettable life experience.

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