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2023-01-07 14:57:39

Top 10 mysterious and non-standard routes for travel

Top 10 mysterious and non-standard routes for travel

In every country there is a traditional set of well-worn sights and famous places, equally popular and boring not only to travelers - even the authors of guidebooks. But the format remains unchanged, so year after year tourists go along a kind of checklist, while a few steps away from them there may be something amazing and unforgettable - and moreover completely unknown.

We will tell you about several such objects – the deepest canyon, an ancient village and a winery in the middle of a Muslim country.

Colca Canyon, Peru

The Peruvian Colca Canyon is something amazing, although few people know about it, because it hides in the shadow of the more famous Machu Picchu. Located less than two hundred kilometers from the second Peruvian city of Arequipa, twice the depth of the famous Grand Canyon. In addition, it is very picturesque and beautiful, inhabited by giant Andean condors (Jules Verne wrote about them in "Children of Captain Grant").

Margaret River, Australia

This place in Western Australia has everything you need for a modern youth holiday: 312 days of sunshine a year, amazing and amazing beaches, wineries, and even brewing.

Moreover, here not to say, not to push from tourists, who are much more attracted by the inhabited east coast with the Great Barrier Reef and the largest cities.

But Margaret River is the first argument to choose not the east, but the west for outdoor activities! In addition, local wines deserve the right to a chance. You can also go to the mountains and look at the local museums.

Ancient Perithia, Corfu

Amazing location: an ancient, even ancient city among the hills. It dates back to the XIV century, to the decline of the Byzantine Empire. Strictly speaking, not even Byzantine, but Latin, but the Frenchbarons, in vain hopes, tried to flirt with local landowners and even peasants.

There are many small restaurants, grow olives of dozens of different varieties and vegetables. Arriving here, you can feel like Durrell or any other traveler who moved to the island from the UK to live in the protracted Interbellum.

Banaue, Philippines

An amazing world, not very similar to neighboring cities and towns. Sagada and Banaue beckon with prehistoric terraces on which the aborigines grow rice. It is believed that they were broken two millennia ago by hand! Whether this is true or not, it does not matter: the object is unique, deservedly occupying a place in the UNESCO lists.

Blue Spring Park, Florida

It is located half an hour from the town of Orange City, near Orlando. It is famous primarily due to the population of manatees - cute and cute animals, for which the local reserve serves as a reservation (it is forbidden to touch animals with your hands and even dive with a scuba tank where they live). Those interested can take a boat ride on the St. John River; the tour lasts several hours and will allow you to get acquainted with the local fauna and flora.

Wineries in Morocco

This place will allow you to get away from tourist stereotypes. It is believed that in the Muslim countries of the Middle East they do not drink wine, because it is a sin from the point of view of the canons of Islam. In fact, most locals do prefer soft drinks, such as mint tea, traditional for these places (a few dozen recipes!), or sherbet. But winemaking is quite common, and the products of several wineries are in demand. You need to look for factories on the outskirts of Meknes.

Monte Argentario, Italy

A tiny island connected to Tuscany by a narrow street. In fact, there are a couple of villagers - Porti Ercole and Porti San Stefano. These are ancient port cities that received permission to extract seafood from the Pope in the XII century and retained the privilege not to pay taxes for the extracted to this day (traditions in Europe are sacred).

Now it is hard to believe, but at that time the privilege was quite a serious reason for envy: both villages repeatedly became objects of hostile attacks, for the suppression of which it was necessary to build a couple of impressive fortresses (today tourists are pleased with the eye and allow you to enjoy the views from a bird's eye view).

Tasmania, Australia

The Australian island of Tasmania is home to the Tasmanian devil and wombats, kangaroos of several species, not to mention countless birds. It can offer authentic and interesting cuisine, memorable Australian wines (there are vineyards on the island), as well as an amazing history. The fact is that Australia was a resettlement colony of a special type: criminals were exiled here. Tasmania was a second-order colony under her - a place for the incorrigible, worse than which could only be Norfolk or Hell (despite the fact that Norfolk administratively belonged to the same colony).

Of course, now there are no criminals here, as well as prisons, and even zoos - they do not like bars and cages at all. This, apparently, is something at the genetic level laid.

Battambang, Cambodia

A small island near Siem rap is an excellent place to celebrate the New Year, combined with the wedding season. Densely built up with temples and other examples of ancient architecture, all kinds of shrines of Buddhism. Tourists like to ride bamboo trains (in practice - open platforms) or raft along the local river in a kayak or kayak.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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