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TOP-10 prestigious primary and secondary schools in Italy where international students can get high-quality primary and secondary education

Education information

Prestigious primary and secondary school education in Italy is an excellent opportunity to get high-quality knowledge and a certificate that meets international standards, as well as to get acquainted with many attractions and sights in Italy. Due to the list of TOP-10 primary and secondary schools in Italy, you will definitely find the most appropriate option for you. 

TOP-10 prestigious primary and secondary schools in Italy where international students can get high-quality primary and secondary education

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Educational system in Italy

Complete school education includes 3 levels:

  • primary school (5 years);
  • I cycle of secondary school (3 years);
  • II cycle of secondary school (5 years).

Foreign students can get education in private boarding schools and international schools. They can start their education in secondary schools after graduating from 8th, 9th or 10th grade. Also, they can study International baccalaureate programme.

Accommodation facilities in TOP-10 Italian schools

In Italian schools, foreign students have following accommodation: in a host family and in residence. Families are carefully selected by the representatives of educational institutions. The residence accepts students from 11 to 13 years old, it is possible to accommodate in full and half board. The latter provides a 5-day stay at the school and accommodation at the weekend in the family.

Student activities are organized by experienced professionals. Students are always under supervision of teachers and educators, curators help students achieve academic goals. Parents have a great opportunity to regularly get reports on achievements of their children - information is sent via e-mail.

Studying programs in TOP-10 primary and secondary schools in Italy

  • In elementary school for dtudents at the age of 6 to 11 years old (two-level scuola elementare cycle), children learn arithmetic, writing, reading, music and drawing, a foreign language, optional to their attention is offered religion. As a result of the course, examinations are given and issued by the diploma di licenza elementare.
  • Sciola media (11-14 years): studenta study natural sciences, mathematics, geography, history, Italian language, music, art, foreign language.
  • In secondary high school (14-18 years old) students choose the curriculum between the standard, profile and preparatory (pre-university). The profile of education at this stage of education, in essence, determines the future occupation.

Studying in 10 best boarding schools in Italy for foreign students

Private boarding schools in Italy provide developed infrastructure, modern technical equipment. Studying in Italian private and boarding schools is focused on personal development of each student, great attention is paid to improving creative abilities of children and their physical education.

After graduating from Italian boarding school, students receive a certificate (matriculation certificate). The educational institutions do not issue their own documents, all of their students pass standard state examinations for obtaining certificates of the appropriate sample.

4 advantages of studying in Italian schools for foreign students

  • Italy is the best country to study design, fashion, art, history, architecture, etc.
  • There are no annual standard exams for students in secondary schools. Written examinations are given when students get to a new educational level.
  • Education in Italian boarding schools allows to get wide opportunities for further studies, as well as for career development.
  • Studying in Italiam high schools allows to prepare for admission to prestigious higher educational institutions in Italy and in the world.
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