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TOP-10 most mysterious and inaccessible places on Earth

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TOP-10 most mysterious and inaccessible places on Earth

Our world is full of desperate and brave people who love to visit the most mysterious and inaccessible places on the planet. Where do they find them? We will tell you in our TOP-10!


Neutrino detector, Super-Kamiokande (Hida, Japan)

Neutrinos are one of the most famous and mysterious particles in our universe that are very difficult to detect. Neutrino detectors are often built in isolated locations where they are shielded from cosmic rays. A huge steel tank containing 50,000 tons of water and surrounded by a stunning array of 11,146 photomultipliers used to detect the light produced when neutrinos interact with surrounding water is another surprise for Japan.

Beer Pools Starkenberger (Tarrens, Austria)

For beer lovers, Starkenberger Castle is one of the few places in the world where you can truly, literally, immerse yourself in beer. These are deep pools, each containing 23,000 liters of warm beer (with a little water).

Sunken Church of Potosi (Uribante, Venezuela)

For more than 30 years, the former town of Potosi lived under water after it was flooded by the construction of a dam. Today, a tall Gothic church stands in the Venezuelan city of Uribante. For more than two decades - from 1985 to 2008 - the Potosi church was almost completely flooded. Severe droughts and water shortages in Venezuela drained the reservoir: by 2010, the water had almost completely receded, revealing a large tract of flat land, and the entire church is now visible.

Devil's Bridge (Ardino, Bulgaria)

Despite the fact that it is the most beautiful of the bridges crossing the Arda River, it has not yet been crossed by any traveler. The reason why some locals hesitate to cross the Devil's Bridge at night lies in dark lore.

Buried remains of Little Compton Street ( London, England)

The buried remains of Little Compton Street are hidden in plain sight under a sewer grid on an unnamed transport island in the middle of one of London busiest streets, Charing Cross Road. Most of the traces of a secret London street are long gone, but you can still see two perfectly preserved road signs if you know where to look.

Margalef, (Spain)

By roshechnaya village in Spain, located in a remote and extremely inaccessible rock formations for climbing conglomerate. The city is literally hidden in the crevices of the surrounding mountain cliffs.

Red Sibich (Ngari, China)

With the largest wetland in the world and a strip of swampy flora, glowing with an otherworldly red light. I am the bright red grass of a vast, alien landscape like nothing else.

Milky Sea (Arab Sea)

The largest bioluminescent zone in the world. This unusual phenomenon is so rare that for many years it was just a subject of folklore. It even appeared in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! The phenomenon is thought to be caused by the bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio harveyi. The glowing area is more than 15,400 sq. km . The lit area of the sea is so vast that the only way to experience the full effect is to see it from space.

Arctic Pole of Inaccessibility 

T points of the Arctic Ocean, most distant from the hard ground. Moving pole. I f someone is aimed at hiking route, will have to deal with melting ice caused by temperature jumps.

Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility

Located more than 804 km from the South Pole, the pole contains a bust of Vladimir Lenin. There is a small (and abandoned) Soviet research station here.

Point Nemo 

Perfect for those addicted to remote experiences but aren't ready to freeze to death. In return for warmer weather, you give up land. The area's most striking feature may be the surprising amount of marine debris (mostly in the form of plastic).

Vale do Javari (Brazil)

Vale do Javari is about the size of South Carolina in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. In 2011, a previously unknown tribe still lived here. There is no mobile network coverage in the area.

Saint Helena (Atlantic Ocean)

There is a reason why the enemies were not worried about Napoleon's escape when the exiled French emperor escaped the island of Elba. Saint Helena is located as much as 1931 km from the southwestern coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Urique in the Copper Canyon (Mexico)

Copper Canyon is a huge Mexican version of the Grand Canyon: Chihuahua has a network of gorges longer and deeper than the southwestern United States. Urike is a former mining village located at the bottom of a canyon. To get there, one has to go down a steep canyon 9 miles along a narrow road.

Coal mines (Tasmania)

England sent convicts here. A historical place of punishment for the "worst" class of convicts, hard labor for people with special cruelty.

Choquequirao (Peru)

Sublime ruins of the Incas. You can get to them via a grueling multi-day hike or a train / bus ride. Choquequirao is still at the stage of public transport development. If you want to get there, you have to climb the Andes like the Incas: the tallest permanent settlement in the world - at an altitude of almost 5 km above sea level.

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