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The Verdon Gorge - a miracle of French nature

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The Verdon Gorge - a miracle of French nature

Without further ado: if you are someone who loves breathtaking views, the Verdon Gorge should be your favorite place on earth! In some places, the depth of the gorge reaches 700 meters, and the height is 1500, which gives it the right to be considered one of the deepest places in the world. Every year, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, contemplators and people who desire to relax in nature come here. The authorities have developed 3 routes, taking into account the characteristics of the area and the needs of tourists. If you are looking for a place to relax - do not neglect the gorge, be sure to visit the canyon, recognized as the largest in Europe.

Everything you need to know about Verdon

Until the 18th century, no one was interested in the canyon, except perhaps as a place that interfered with the path. Cartographers hired by the king began to study Verdon in 1778, and managed to popularize it a century later - in the era of romanticism. Tourism developed slowly due to poor infrastructure - at the beginning of the 20th century, only single nature lovers could be found here.

Nowadays, the place has been refined, several hiking and cycling routes have been laid, hotels have appeared in the district. Another significant plus is the proximity to the famous lavender fields of Provence.

What to see?

  • Lake Sainte-Croix, artificially created in 1974 and serves as a reservoir. You can swim in the lake; there is a water transport rental office nearby. Above the lake is the Artyubi bridge, from which extreme people jump into the water.
  • The Verdon River, which is 176 kilometers long. The river begins in the Alps at an altitude of 2150 meters, the color of the water is azure. The current is calm, which allows mountain rafting here.
  • The Grand Verdon Canyon is a calcareous canyon formed by the erosion of deposits that arose during the Jurassic period.


For lovers of outdoor activities there is an opportunity:

  • Jump off the bridge into the water
  • Fly in a hot air balloon, paraglider or helicopter
  • Climbing the sheer cliffs
  • Carry out kayaking and canoeing.

Interesting Facts

  • The territory, which is called Provence today, was under water millions of years ago - hence the features of the landscape
  • The gorge is 250 million years old
  • The map of the gorge in 1905 was compiled by a group led by Edward Alfred Martel
  • In the middle of the 20th century, dams for power plants were actively built in the Verdon Gorge.

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