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2018-07-30 11:56:51

Summer schools of hospitality, summer courses in restaurant and hotel business

Summer schools of hospitality, summer courses in restaurant and hotel business

For high school students who are planning to build a successful career in the restaurant, hotel business and master the hospitality industry, during the summer season, many useful profile courses are offered. The best schools are in USA , Great Britain , Spainand, of course, in Switzerland , the instructors at the courses are professional restaurateurs, hotel managers with rich experience. This is an excellent opportunity to see the whole "kitchen" of the industry from the inside, practice skills, improve the level of English and choose the most attractive profession for yourself. So, what are the opportunities available for summer courses?

Swiss Education Academy, Switzerland

In the prestigious Swiss school of Swiss Education Academy, students will become acquainted with the rules of operation of the largest Swiss hotels, will study a variety of technologies of hospitality and management, get acquainted with the peculiarities of different nationalities And cultures - and, of course, to practice English.

The duration of the course is 2 weeks: first the students are given a general introductory course, and closer to the end of the program they choose one of 3 available specializations:

  • Hotel management (negotiation, risk management , Organization and management of the team)
  • Arrangement of hotel business
  • Organization of mass events.

In the first half of the day students are invited to lecture and master classes on serving, the traditions of different peoples and cultures, the rules of communication With guests, hotel management and management, and even risk management. After lunch, an interesting, rich and varied program of leisure and excursions, entertainment, creative and sports activities is organized for students:

  • Lavaux vineyards (listed in the UNESCO heritage list)
  • Factory for the production of cheese (Gruyer variety)
  • Chocolate Factory, etc.

And students will be able not only to taste cheese and chocolate, but also to cook

The campus of the school is located directly in a prestigious hotel in Montreux, a famous resort on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva: you can practice water sports, learn skiing in the Alps, go with an excursion to other European cities.

  • The age of the students: 16-20 years
  • Course duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Dates: 2 July 15, July 16-26, July 30-August 12, August 13-26
  • Cost: 3500CHF / 2 weeks.

The course " Hospitality technology ": conducted jointly by the school Glion (Great Britain) and Les Roches (Switzerland)

The unique joint course of two prestigious schools will give an opportunity to review the hospitality industry and its features at once In several countries (Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom). This program is ideal for students who see themselves as a hotel manager, want to build a career in marketing, media and tourism, improve their self-presentation skills.

The first week of training is held in London, in the summer school Glion Summer Academy. In the mornings, students are expected to attend classes dedicated to organizing events, designing restaurants and hotel rooms, studying international etiquette, and after lunch, the knowledge gained is worked out during team practical assignments. For example, students will have the opportunity to visit the kitchen of the 5 * London hotel, learn how to properly organize a traditional English tea party, make tea and serve, learn the rules and principles of the cuisine of a large prestigious restaurant. In the evenings, students are waiting for sightseeing of London attractions, fascinating city tours: you can visit the West End, ride on the huge wheel of the London Eye, dine at the authentic Chinatown restaurant.

The second week is spent in Switzerland, in the famous and popular resort of Montreux. Students will organize events, visit factories for the production of chocolate and cheese, and at the big International Jazz Festival they will be able to assess the level of the organization and note successful scenario and organizational solutions for themselves.

  • Students age: 15 years and over
  • Course duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates: July 3-15
  • Price: 4000CHF / 2 weeks.

The course "Hotel Management and Hospitality Industry" (Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland)

One of the best specialized schools in the world - Les Roches International School of Hotel Management (Montreux, Switzerland) serves as a real forge of cadres for the international hotel and restaurant industry. In summer (usually in July), an exciting two-week course is held for schoolchildren from around the world, where teenagers are introduced to the hospitality industry (its history, traditions, modern trends), as well as the establishment of a restaurant business.

Theoretical classes are held in the first half of the day, after lunch pupils are waiting for a variety of team building, joint activities and team assignments. It is planned to visit one of the best hotels in Montreux, located right on the shores of the magnificent Lake Geneva - Montreux Palace.

Students can spend the second week either in Montreux or in the sunny and hospitable Marbella (Spain). Classes are held on marketing and new media. Entertainment in Spain is also abundant: you can learn surfing or paddle balls, go boating, go to explore the amazing Spanish markets.

  • The age of the students: 15-17 years
  • Course duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates: July 17-29
  • Price: 4550CHF / 2 weeks.

The culinary course Education Academy, Switzerland)

Summer program is held in the famous cozy resort of Le Bouvre (the coast of Lake Geneva) and is designed for 1 week. The program includes a variety of theoretical lectures, workshops and workshops on the main culinary directions:

  • The basics of classical cooking
  • Rules of behavior and work in the kitchen
  • National culinary specialties and traditions
  • Chocolate production
  • Variety of desserts, selection and serving rules
  • Restaurant marketing
  • Development and correction of menus

Classes Are held in the morning, and after lunch students can participate in a variety of activities, entertainment projects and excursions. Study groups leave for Vevey at the legendary Nestle factory and visit the local interactive Chocolate Museum, inspect the collection of chef Anton Mosimann - it contains amazing cookbooks and recipes (the oldest dates back to the 15th century!), Examples of various menus and unique photographs.

  • Students age: 16-20 years
  • Course duration: 1 week
  • Dates: July 16-22, July 30 - August 5, 13-19 August
  • Price: 1750CHF / week. You can combine with the course of hospitality in the Swiss Education Academy - the cost will be 5000CHF / 3 weeks.

The culinary course (Julian Krinsky Cooking School, based at Villanova University, Philadelphia, USA)

A two-week training at the famous Krinsky Cooking School will allow students not only to learn new Useful skills, but also to try life on the traditional American campus: the culinary school works on the basis of a large university Villanova University in Philadelphia.

The culinary skill program is quite intense: 2.5 hours in the morning and after lunch. The course includes classes on the basics of the culinary business, cooking various dishes, studying the national culinary traditions of the countries of the world. Students will learn to work with different knives, look for unusual flavor combinations and even make up their own cookbook, regularly presenting their own dishes to the court of teachers and other students.

But on the weekends the students rest in full: for them a variety of excursions to the famous American cities and places of interest are provided. This could be a Saturday trip to New York or Washington, walking around the neighborhood of Philadelphia and visiting local architectural monuments, visiting the huge campuses of University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University, watching important baseball games at city stadiums.

  • The age of the students: 14-18 years
  • Course duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates: July 9-22, July 23-August 5
  • The cost: 4265 $ / week.
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