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TOP-10 most beautiful camps in England

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TOP-10 most beautiful camps in England

Language camps in the UK are the most popular for direction for studying English among foreign students from different countries around the world. Studying abroad is the best option for maximum immersion in the language and culture.

British language schools and centers annually attract a great deal of foreign students for several reasons:

  • Studying a language in an international environment. Such conditions are very important for the rapid acquisition of a foreign language.
  • Adaptation to studying abroad. Many people consider British language camps as a transitional stage for further education abroad - these few weeks provide an opportunity to get used to the new environment and understand how comfortable such conditions are for the student
  • Bright vacation abroad. In addition to studying, language camps always prepare a rich extracurricular program for their students, so children will have the opportunity to not only improve their language proficiency, but also spend their vacations brightly and interestingly.

The cost of studying in the most beautiful British camps for international students: tuition fees, list, ranking

TOP-10 camps that are rightfully considered the best and most beautiful in the UK:

  • Royal Holloway children's camp. This summer camp is based on one of the leading and popular Royal Holloway universities. The university campus is located in a suburb of London and accommodates up to 1000 foreign students aged 8 to 17 years
  • Regent Stowe School Summer Camp. The famous British school in the summer months accepts students of the Regent English Language summer camp on its territory. This is a major British educational network that has successfully organized educational courses for over 45 years.
  • Brighton College Summer Camp. Another language vacation camp is based at the prestigious Brighton College, located in the British city of the same name. The college campus is located in the very center of this resort town, just a few steps from the beautiful pier and local beaches.
  • Bell Bloxham Language School. This language school is located in the suburbs of the world-famous student city of Oxford - from the school's campus is only half an hour drive to the main street. As part of the summer program, students can receive academic, general language preparation, as well as actively relax
  • Downside School. The school is located in the British city of Bath and is one of the oldest in Britain. In the summer months, the educational institution offers foreign students several educational programs: general English, English + tennis, English + horse riding, etc.
  • Cobham Hall International Summer Camp. During summer holidays foreign students can take part in educational programs Emerald Culture Institute for children aged 11 to 17 years. Summer period starts from July 3 to August 11
  • OISE York Summer School operates at Queen Ethelburga's College, a prestigious British private school. The campus of the educational institution has a rather favourable location in the tourist city of York, thanks to which the school is very popular among foreign students
  • Bede's Lancing College Summer School. This summer school of an international format for adolescents and high school students 13-18 years old takes place every summer on the territory of Lancing College, and the educational center itself has been organizing educational programs for more than 20 years
  • Worth School. This educational institution is located in the British county of West Sussex and is recruiting children from 11 to 18 years - full-time or boarding. The campus is located in the small picturesque village of Turnes Hill, from where it is about an hour to London
  • St. Edmund's College Summer Camp. This summer camp takes place at a college that is a part of the University of Cambridge. At the language camp of St. Edmund's College, students aged 14-17 will be able to not only learn classic English, but also immerse in the real studying environment

As for cost issues, everything will depend on the particular school - on average, the cost of studying in the UK for one week will be from 400 to 1300 pounds. The indicated price includes the educational process, accommodation, meals and an extracurricular program, which is quite rich in foreign schools.

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