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2019-08-14 16:23:41

Year of study in Geneva: information for foreign students

Year of study in Geneva: information for foreign students

To spend at least one year of study in Geneva is prestigious and very productive, because the best specialists teach here, schools and universities are equipped with modern technology, the campus has everything necessary for outdoor activities and creative activities. All this justifies the high cost of studying in schools and universities in Geneva for foreign students.

Geneva is a Swiss town on the lake, and in winter various winter sports are available for students - snowboarding, skiing, ice skating - and in summer, water sports on Lake Geneva are common among students.

Year of study at the universities of Geneva: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs

In Geneva, the following types of studies at universities for higher and postgraduate education are available:

The final cost of studying at the universities of Geneva for foreign students is formed depending on the university ranking and the type of program. Approximate prices:

  • Bachelor's degree - 8,500  / trimester
  • Master's degree - 9,000  / term
  • Doctor's degree —7,000 / trimester
  • MBA - 5,200  / trimester.

Top destinations in Swiss universities for foreign students:

  • hotel and tourism business;
  • management;
  • finance;
  • restaurant business.

A distinctive feature of the universities in Geneva is bilingual education: throughout Switzerland, higher education is received in English and French. Higher education can be combined with sports, travel, creative activities, research or studying English and other foreign languages.

Tuition at Geneva schools for foreign students: how to choose a school


In schools in Geneva for foreign students, there is a large selection of long-term educational programs: children from 5-6 years old go to primary school and continue their education until 18 years old. The cost of studying in prestigious and elite schools in Geneva for foreign students is from 41,500 / semester.

Many parents think about how to choose a school for their child, what criteria to pay attention to, which school is better and what to focus on when choosing an academic program. There is no definite answer here - when choosing an educational institution and course, it is important to focus on the child’s own interests, desired results and your capabilities.

Year of study of a foreign language for foreign students, language and summer camps of Geneva

Geneva rightfully takes one of the first places in the number of available foreign languages for study. A great advantage is the ability to practice the acquired knowledge on the streets of the city, because in Switzerland 4 languages are recognized as official immediately:

  • French;
  • Romanesque;
  • Deutsch;
  • Italian.

Local residents speak several languages well and behave very friendly towards foreign students. Students from all over the world come to language schools and summer camps - in this way an international environment is supported, allowing you to communicate with representatives of different nationalities and cultures.

Students have the opportunity to learn the following languages in Geneva:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Deutsch;
  • Italian.

For students who want to combine study and leisure, a summer program with a scientific bias is available (the cost of education for this program for foreign students is from 5,700 / 2 weeks). There are narrow-profile foreign language courses - for example, preparation for the DELF exam, which determines the level of knowledge of the French language (the cost of education for the program for foreign students is from 1,232  / week). Winter sports are also common in Switzerland, so even in winter this place is popular with students who want to take a short-term foreign language study program and combine the trip with outdoor activities.

Tuition fees in Geneva after graduating from grades 9,10,11

School programs in Geneva after grade 9.10:

After graduating from the 11th grade, foreign students can enter the International Foundation preparatory course before entering a foreign university for a bachelor's program: this program helps to obtain the necessary academic and linguistic knowledge, adapt to the foreign system of education and life abroad.

Leading Geneva schools and universities, tuition fees in Geneva for foreign students

  • College Du Leman is a prestigious private school with a bilingual education system and the possibility of placement in the full board system from 11 years old. Most graduates enter prestigious Swiss universities, affordable programs: primary and secondary classes, GCSE, A-Level, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, linguistic courses, a summer program with a scientific bias. The average cost of education in programs is from 5,700  / 2 weeks
  • Geneva Business School is a prestigious private university, where 90% of students are foreign students. Focused on business education that meets international standards. The education is in English, but doctoral students have the opportunity to take the program in English or French. Among long-term programs: undergraduate, graduate, doctoral programs; among short-term: Pre-Master, summer courses of international business. Tuition fees - from 7,000 / semester.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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