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Year of study in Los Angeles: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Los Angeles: information for foreign students

Maintaining a high-quality level of education at schools and universities in Los Angeles has proved to be a difficult task for the local administration of the second largest school district and students in the USA after New York. Public schools are crowded, so many parents prefer private institutions, which also need to be competed for. Foreign students are confronted with a wide selection of schools, colleges, universities for different wallet and level Therefore, today a year of study in Los Angeles is becoming available to more and more people.

University Year of Los Angeles - Bachelor and Master

Being the center of production of popular modern cinema, the best universities in Los Angeles accept admirers of this art form for education under the academic programs of undergraduate and graduate programs. Despite such a narrow specification, the range of programs covers the entire film production: management, filmmaking, producing, scripting, acting, camera work, photography, visual effects and animation, graphic design. In some specialties, 2-year practice-oriented education with an academic degree Associate degree is possible. Tuition at Los Angeles universities for foreign students starts at 11,684 $ per semester without accommodation. Master's degree programs are a little more expensive, but study takes not 3-4 years, but usually only a year of study in Los Angeles.

School fees in Los Angeles for international students

Not always a high price for studying in a private school will be an indicator of quality, therefore, it is advisable to ask the director to conduct a campus tour and ask interesting questions about what academic programs, electives exist, whether extracurricular activities are organized, what are the entrance requirements, whether there are quotas by nationality. A year of study in Los Angeles in high school costs from 26,750 $ per semester with living in the residence. In high school, you can go to bilingual schools, which offer several diplomas and academic study programs. At a minimum, the student will learn an additional foreign language, and at the maximum will receive an international diploma with the opportunity to enter the best universities in the world.

English Year in Los Angeles for foreign students

Los Angeles provides many opportunities for foreign students to learn English for the summer and year-round. Undoubtedly, a vacation in Los Angeles will be an adventure combination of relaxation and study for foreign students, and not only for lovers of Hollywood products! There are interesting museums, white sand beaches and shops for the sophisticated traveler. For students with low language skills, there are children's camps with learning English and US culture. Prestigious language centers conduct year-round recruitment for managers who want to improve their professional competencies in a foreign language - courses of various durations, including a year of study in Los Angeles, are available. At the university, a summer film academy opens for students of any age from abroad every summer.

Tuition fees in Los Angeles after grades 9, 10, 11

You can continue your studies in the City of Angels after graduating from a your local school. The United States makes it possible to enter universities in the country with any education, for this there are special programs for university preparation at a price of 460 $ per week. You regulate the period of study yourself (up to the year of study in Los Angeles), and the school provides all the necessary knowledge about the US culture, basic subjects and terms in English, shows the methodology for solving typical tasks in the SAT test and the TOEFL language exam. The volume of new knowledge necessary for effective preparation is quite large, so there is a more economical option for such courses: Undergraduate Preparation Program. Its duration is at least one semester, and the cost of the program starts at 8,460 $. And for future programmers, a separate program for learning English with IT is provided.

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