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2022-04-01 01:59:08

TOP-10 Most Beautiful American Campuses

TOP-10 Most Beautiful American Campuses

The American campus is an incredible place. Here they study, scientific, social and creative work is conducted, and discoveries from advanced modern science get a start in life. The campus usually has everything necessary for a student to study and work without needing the word "at all".

Some campuses are modern, others are located in old buildings. Both of them can be very beautiful. Of course, we are not able to tell about all of them, but to tell about the ten most sympathetic, in my opinion - why not?

So, we offer you to get acquainted with the top ten American student campuses! We tried to be as objective and impartial as possible.

Pepperdine University — Malibu, Calif

Thousands of tourists visit the Catalina Islands every year for pacific species, and local students at Pepperdine University live there and enjoy them daily. Hostels here are considered the best in the country and are located on the Pacific coast - no worse than elite houses in the first line in Boston or other New England cities, with the only difference that malibu is also damn warm.

They also make movies and hold star photosets.

University of Hawaii in Manoa

Hawaii is an earthly paradise, and millions of tourists flock here. At the same time, there is also an ordinary life, in which there was a place for a cool North American university with a huge queue of applicants.

Students at the University of Hawaii in Manoa have access to views of Waikiki Beach and the Diamond Head volcanic peak. This is one of the most beautiful terrestrial locations - and why be surprised that the university campus is one of them? Students can work in the cultural center of Polynesia.

Lewis & Clark — Portland, Ore

The Pacific Northwest is a place damn rich in excellent institutions of higher learning. One of them, Lewis-Clark College in Oregon, was awarded the title of the most beautiful campus several times. It is located on the top of a hill and is immersed in greenery. And to whom this is not enough, there is a huge national park of Tryon Creek nearby.

In addition, the campus has a LEED certificate, which confirms that the buildings and structures have passed the necessary certification for compliance with all standards of modern ecology.

University of Virginia

The Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia is a very special place imbued with the spirit of politics and history: Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of North American statehood, opened and was responsible for the construction of this educational institution.

Nowadays, Thomas's idea can be traced in the greatness of Pallaydan architecture, in the elegant rotunda, the author of which was inspired by the best examples of antiquity. The latter, opened in 1826, was so successful that it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with two more examples of modern North American architecture.

Princeton University

Made of gray stone, the Princeton campus is located in the town of the same name with a population of about 30,000 people, which is less than the peak values for the campus. The total area is more than two square kilometers, and most of the buildings scattered on it were made in the century before last by the best masters of the USA and Europe in, for the most part, neo-Gothic style.

The pearl of the ensemble is the chapel of Princeton University - it is the fifth largest in the world. In addition, you can immediately look at the works of architects of the XX century, including Frank Geary and Raphael Vignoli.

Harvard University

It was erected in the 30s of the XVII century in half a dozen kilometers from Boston, is the oldest in the United States and occupies the highest lines in international rankings almost without exception. Reminiscent of the best British models. Red-brick architecture resembles London, Manchester or Leeds, but everything else here is blood from blood and flesh from the flesh of traditional university architecture of the Old World. There is an impressive temple, countless halls and structures so similar to those we see in the Harry Potter franchise. And there is an observatory with ancient and modern telescopes and a magnificent garden.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is located in Hyde Park on the waterfront of Lake Michigan. Along with a cool program and a great teaching staff, there is a magnificent campus, stunning imagination. The incredible combination of historical buildings in the neo-Gothic style and modern buildings makes all this incredibly dynamic and bright, memorable. Plus, all this is within the reach of one run from the official business center of the city!

Yale University

The last member of the Big Three north American high schools on our list is one of the most prestigious in the New World. It was opened only in 1701, but during walks guests get the impression that they are in the real High Middle Ages. There is even an urban legend according to which the buildings were specially aged through acid treatment, which, of course, is nothing more than a fairy tale. The campus combines the best works of masters of several eras and styles, the output creates a specific mix that does not know equal in beauty and harmony.

Columbia University

It is one of the most respected, old and well-known educational institutions in the United States. The university is located in Manhattan and is a city within a city - six huge blocks stuffed with grandeur and charming architectural masterpieces. Here, too, along with laboratories, a library and countless educational buildings, there is a student theater and an old church.

Stanford University

This university is relatively young: it was opened only in 1891 by the owner of the railway network and ex-governor of California Lyland Stanford and received a name in honor of his son who died at the age of fifteen from typhus.

It is located near the town of Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley. In architecture, you can easily recognize the motifs of the architecture of ancient Byzantium. Despite this, as befits a neighbor of the center of the world of crystals and chips, it is equipped with the latest technology, elegant, beautiful, and cultural life in its saturation can compete with the best club venues of the cities of old Europe, the centers of life in the United States - Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

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